Solve mermaid puzzle on Ginger Island | Stardew Valley

 With the update 1.5 for Stardew Valley , among other things, the riddle of the mermaid that you have to solve on the ginger island has been added. If you come to the solution of the riddle, you will receive five golden walnuts. The golden walnuts unlock new areas and content in Stardew Valley. In our guide, we'll tell you how to solve the mermaid's riddle and get the golden walnuts!

Solve mermaid puzzle on Ginger Island | Stardew Valley

As soon as you have built the beach resort, you will be given access to the area where the mermaid and her puzzle are located. To do this, go to the southeastern area of ​​Ginger Island . You can recognize the destination by the fact that a mermaid is sitting on the bottom right edge of a rock if you visit it on a rainy day. On the beach you will see a small pond, which is located in a paved area made of stones that was created in a star shape. Below you will find a music block with several piles of stones next to it. Here you start the riddle of the mermaid.

So you solve the riddle of the mermaid

Before you move on to the mermaid puzzle on the ginger island, you have to make sure that you visit the beach on a rainy day . Only then will the mermaid sit on the rock in the sea. In order for it to reward you with five golden walnuts, you have to place a flute stone on each pile of rocks that is next to the music stone. The stones indicate how often you have to click on the respective flute stone so that it is correctly tuned. A large rock stands for the number five, while the small rock stands for a one. Now you add the number of rocks together.

The result is:

First flute stone

Click twice

Second flute stone

11 × click

Third flute stone

Click 9 ×

Fourth flute stone

Click 5 ×

Fifth flute stone

7 × click


If all the flute stones are correctly tuned, you run along them from left to right to play the composed song. If you did everything right, you will receive the five golden walnuts from the mermaid while she waves to you happily.

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