STALKER 2 developers told about the game

STALKER 2 developers told about the game

 On the official Xbox blog, GSC Game World spoke about STALKER 2.

About teaser

  • Skif is the new protagonist
  • Skif's story will open a new chapter in the history of the entire Zone
  • The teaser shows a destroyed school located on the outskirts of the city of Pripyat
  • This school is a very dangerous place that everyone tries to avoid.
  • The teaser shows a powerful blowout from which Skif tries to hide in a nearby building

About development

  • Compared to July, the development of the game has advanced significantly
  • There were no problems during development
  • Ray tracing will be on both Xbox Series models
  • 4K resolution will only be on Xbox Series X
  • The developers are trying to make the game as high quality as possible on all platforms
  • Game Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Release

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