Star Wars Battlefront 2: best cards for ships and vehicles

 These are the best cards for each of the ships and vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Dominate the battlefield with our help and that of the war machines.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: best cards for ships and vehicles

In the vehicles and ships of Star Wars Battlefront II , unlike what happens with the cards for the infantry, the issue of identifying which are the best cards is a little different since these types of units have much fewer cards than the classes conventional vehicles and these can also be better or worse depending on the specific vehicle we choose, for example both the ATT of the separatists and the AT - ST of the empire are armored vehicles but with totally different abilities and the same happens with the ships, so some cards might be better for one unit and worse for the other.

Therefore, as it is a real pain to be continually changing cards depending on the type of vehicle or ship in the game, next we are going to show you which are the best cards for each type of vehicle and ship in general terms, that is, , which can perfectly apply to any type of unit within the same class:

Best cards for ships

Better cards for the fighter

The fighter is a multirole ship, it will be the most balanced and easy to handle for most players, its objective is to do as much damage as it can to both targets and other ships with intermediate air combat maneuverability. The best cards for the fighter are:

  • Fighter weapon system: improves the damage of the core skill, the most destructive.
  • Reinforced Helmet: Increase your total health.
  • Calibrated Lasers - Increases primary weapon damage.

Better cards for the interceptor

The interceptor is a small and agile ship that is unrivaled when it comes to air-to-air combat (dogfight), it does less damage than the fighter but is more difficult to shoot down and control . The best cards for the interceptor are:

  • Elite Pilot: Allows you to make quicker turns and direction changes making you a much harder target to hit.
  • Advanced Capacitors: Improves the resistance to overheating of weapons, so you can keep fire on the enemy longer.
  • Fire control: increases the rate of fire of the weapon. This card in combination with the previous one is destructive.


The bomber is a ship that does a lot of damage and endures a lot but is very slow , its function is to destroy mission objectives and ground targets. The best cards for the bomber are:

  • Reinforced Helmet: Increases total health.
  • Defensive upgrade : upgrade your defensive skill (left).
  • Calibrated lasers (if you want to attack ships) , increase the damage of the main weapon, or advanced torpedoes (in case of going after the targets) : increase the damage of the torpedoes.

Best Vehicle Cards


The armored is a vehicle with great firepower but it will also be a walking target , so the best cards in general terms will be those that increase the survivability of your vehicle. The best cards for armored vehicles are:

  • Repair systems: Automatic repair is faster.
  • Improved Weapon System: Improves the damage of the core skill. Regardless of the type of armor you choose, this ability is usually the most destructive of all models.
  • Reinforced Helmet: Increases total health to take more damage.


The function of the Speeder is basically to quickly go around the battlefield and perform actions to kill one or two enemies and flee (or leave the vehicle), with the exception of the air Speeder which is more of a ship. The best cards overall for the Speeder are:

  • Reinforced Helmet: Increases health.
  • Speeder Systems Upgrade: Increases core skill damage.
  • Speeder Offensive Enhancement: Increases heat dissipation ability.

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