Star Wars Battlefront II: How To Get Darth Maul's Tough Rey And Old Master Skins Faster

 We offer you the best procedures so that you can get the most wanted Star Wars Battlefront II skins such as Rey's Resistant and Darth Maul's Old Master.

Thanks to the Epic Games store, many users have been able to try the game for free and have brought the Star Wars license back to life, and although many of the elements and skins are already unlocked, both Rey's Resistant skin and that of the Darth Maul's Old Master aren't exactly there, and they're not easy to start with.

Although to get the Old Master skin is quite mechanical and you will have to invest preferably an entire afternoon (or two) to get it, to get the Resistant Rey skin it is obtained in practically 20 minutes but as long as you know what you should do at all times.

Don't worry, because we have already obtained both the Resistant King skin and the Old Master skin of Darth Maul , and we give you the fastest procedures for each of them.

Star Wars Battlefront II: How To Get Darth Maul's Tough Rey And Old Master Skins Faster

Getting the Resilient Rey skin

To obtain this skin we are going to have to overcome a few puzzles and follow some steps that we are going to detail below:

Resilient Rey skin

  • In order to obtain it, you must play in cooperative mode or in assault mode on the Maz Castle map in Takidana, preferably from the Resistance side
  • As soon as you have entered the mode, go to the castle, to the first floor and enter the room where the painting of the pirate Hondo Ohnaka is. Shoot the square to make it drop a coin.
  • Exit the room, go left, then go to the end of the hall, turn right and go straight until you reach the boba fett ship
  • Look to the right of the ship to see three containers that you can activate and they should be in the right, left and center order. If you have done well you will have to hear a noise like a coin as soon as you have collected the objects.
  • Now we must return to the castle and go to the area where there are a few flags where we must locate exactly the one of the soldier of the empire that you have to the left of the wall entering through the main door.
  • Now we must climb on top of this flag and from there activate as a kind of switch that is at the end of the flag itself until we hear a noise from a wall that is opening.
  • We only have to go to the basement of the Castle and locate a door that lies closed with a kind of panel that you must activate in order to access the interior and discover a treasure and get the Resistant Rey skin.

Getting Darth Maul's Old Master skin

Getting Darth Maul's Old Master skin

It is a more mechanical procedure since basically what we must do is obtain 5000 kills with this hero to complete a milestone linked to the character. That works in both regular multiplayer and co-op.

  • Preferably go to cooperative mode in "separatist alliance" and obviously choose this character.
  • With the game underway, choose the officer class so that we get a bonus of passive points. Dedicate yourself to killing and killing everything that moves.
  • When you have reached the necessary points you can restart the game at any time and choose the character again, but you must be quite fast because the rest of the users will also be trying to do the same to unlock this skin. Now it is easier because we are no longer talking about a novelty in the market, but you can go for a couple of afternoons at least.

Now you know what are the best methods to get Rey's Resistant skins and also Darth Maul's Old Master in Star Wars Battlefront II. 

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