Techland Confirms Dying Light 2 Lead Writer Has Quit, But Says "Exciting News"

Techland Confirms Dying Light 2 Lead Writer Has Quit, But Says "Exciting News"

 Earlier this week it became known that the lead writer of Dying Light 2 Pavel Selinger left the Techland development studio . The studio today released a statement confirming that Selinger had indeed left the company, but clarified that another developer in the studio had taken over as narrative designer a couple of months before he left.

“Pavel Selinger, who has been a storytelling designer for the past two years, decided to end his partnership with Techland at the end of 2020 and pursue his career elsewhere,” a studio spokesman said. “Pavel has spent most of his professional life at Techland and is, among other things, responsible for the success of the Call of Juarez series. He left most of himself with Dying Light 2 as he worked on the project from the beginning. Petr Szymanek took over his duties as a narrative designer in October 2020. ”

Techland also said that despite some reports, the game's art director hasn't left the company. The confusion about this is likely due to Selinger's LinkedIn profile, which lists him as the studio's art director from 2007 to February 2009.

“We would like to assure all fans of the upcoming Dying Light 2 that the post of art director is not in jeopardy, and since November 2019 it will be occupied by Eric Cauchonneau. Since then, Eric has taken care of all aspects of the upcoming production and the team under his leadership is doing everything possible to offer players the best game, ”said the representative. 

So, the good news is that it doesn't look like Salinger's departure will seriously derail the development of Dying Light 2, but the bad news is that one year after the port, we have no idea what the actual state of the game is, which still has no release date yet. However, that may soon change: a spokesperson added that Techland “ will be sharing exciting news about Dying Light 2 soon! " 

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