TFT Guide: Cheat Sheet for Set 4.5 “Festival of the Beasts” and all new champions

 In LoL Auto Chess  Teamfight Tactics  , set 4.5 starts on January 20th with the name "Fate - The Festival of Beasts". We have selected an overview of the new Champs and current cheat sheets for you.

What changed with Season 4.5? Right in the middle of Set 4, Riot Games has released a major update with Patch 11.2. This removed 20 champions and 6 attributes from the game and introduced 21 new champions and 7 attributes in return.

Anyone who is specifically interested in the changes can find an overview of the adjustments to Set 4.5 here .

So that you don't get lost in the jungle of all the innovations, we have collected some good overviews for you. This includes cheat sheets for champions and items.

Cheat Sheets for Set 4.5

What are cheat sheets? Cheat sheets should help you to get an overview of the current situation in the game. They show you which champions have a certain origin or class, which synergies these attributes bring or how items are combined.

Cheat Sheet for the Champions : The Cheat Sheet from Riot Games itself offers a good overview of the champions, origins and classes. Here you will find the most important things at a glance.

Cheat Sheets for Set 4.5

Items from Set 4.5

Cheat sheet for the items:  Compared to set 4, only one small thing has changed with the items. Instead of the spatula item for twilight, the combination with the oversized staff now creates an additional character with the origin Dragon Soul.

If you still want a rough overview of which items can currently be created and what they look like, you can also use the TheGameHaus cheat sheet:

Items from Set 4.5

Cheat sheet as in-game overlay: At the beginning of 2020, we already introduced you to  various tools where you can see the Cheat Cheets in-game.

Although the tools will sometimes need a little to update, we recommend using TFTactics or again this time.

TFT is planning a lot of innovations for 2021

Riot Games is planning the upcoming Set 5 for TFT for March 2021. With this, a turbo mode should also appear, in which the matches are significantly shorter.

A Set 5.5 and the upcoming Set 6 are also planned for 2021, which will be released in autumn. There should also be new tournaments.

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