The best free games for iPhone

The best free games for iPhone

Advantages and disadvantages of free games for iPhone

It seems that the fashion of paying for games on the iPhone has passed, now we see how the App Store is flooded with free games, or so it seems . These games are installed for free and later there will come a time when you will have to pay, directly or indirectly. In this guide, we are going to talk about the best games for iPhone taking into account these advantages or disadvantages that today's free games provide us .

When we open the App Store we have exclusively a section dedicated to games, in it we can see the selection that they offer us with a series of Top in each type of games where they will show us, naturally, the most downloaded , this does not mean that they are the best . In addition, if we look at each of these games, we can see how the price icon has changed in most of them for one that says to obtain since if no price appears it indicates that this game is free , at least when installing.

If you look better under these games that puts obtain we can see a small text purchases within the app , with this means that, although the game have installed for free, you may have to pay to continue playing. This is where we find variety when it comes to facing the truth of these free games that are everywhere in the world of mobile games.

Games with integrated micropayments

It is possible that the game is actually free, although it is quite rare, but the normal thing is that within the game we can obtain certain improvements or some extra option that will make us improve or advance more quickly. This is known as micropayments, where for a small amount of money we obtain some rewards or improvements that will make certain situations easier or allow us to accelerate some situations to reach a better level more quickly.

For example, if we play Pokemon Go , we simply go down the street looking for some pokemon to catch, we have stops where to collect pokeballs, potions and other objects, but these are not infinite and they are over, we can well wait to go through a new poke stop to collect just 3 or 4 pokeballs or we can use these micropayments to buy Pokecoins that we can exchange for objects in the game, among others, the pokeballs necessary to catch pokemons. These purchases are made within the game and they will be charged to us associated with our Apple ID and the payment that we have associated with it.

I have to say that, in most cases, it is possible to subsist in these types of games without spending a penny , you can wait to collect more items in pokemon go without paying, but if the rush runs through your veins and not you can wait, you will have to resort to micropayments to advance more quickly in the game.

Financed by advertising

Other equally free games allow us to install them and do not have the option to purchase within the App, or if ... , in this case the game can be free and financed with advertising, most of the time it is very annoying to see a banner in a screen of this size. You can also get power-ups and other improvements based on advertising, in the application itself we can watch videos to unlock the equivalent of a new level, infinite lives for a while, or some objects.

This is the example of Gardenscapes, a puzzle game in which you will have to decorate and arrange the garden of a mansion, the puzzles are of a different type in which you will have to achieve a series of objectives, otherwise you will be left without a life , these lives are recharged from 30 in 30 minutes with a maximum of 5, but sometimes we can have a recharge of 5 lives in exchange for watching an advertising video in the application.

On other occasions, by paying a small amount of money, we can stop seeing that annoying advertising, it is like buying the application, but in an indirect way, at least they give us the option to play for free if we are able to endure this constant publicity in the screen.

Incomplete games

Other times we will have a part of the game available , we can download this game and install it and sometimes play some screens having to buy the full version to continue with the game, or only play a part of the game where the rest is blocked for the full version. So we can test the game and if we like to continue with the full version , but without the possibility of financing for free.

We are talking about the famous Super Mario Run , in which they offer us the possibility of playing the first screens at no cost, we also have available within the game and for free, some of the modes that it has in addition to the main one. Once these screens are passed, it will ask us to buy the rest of the game if we want to continue playing . In addition, with the purchase of the game we will receive some extra objects for the different game modes.

Ranking of the best free games for iPhone

We are going to offer you a ranking with the 10 best games for iPhone , ordered from last to best, with a brief description of what each one consists of, we will also tell you if you have micropayments, advertising or if it is an incomplete game , that you have to buy if you want to complete it.

10. Candy Crush Saga

This puzzle game has been flooding the tops of the game lists of all platforms for years, simple but addictive. We have to combine pieces of different colors forming 3 or more, managing to finish the screen with the 3 stars as the objective and a minimum of points, if we form more than 3 colors, objects that explode when combined with the same color will appear and they will eliminate more colors as pump around or by rows or columns.

In Candy Crush Saga we have limited lives that when we spend we have two options, we can wait for the time for the lives to recharge or we can buy ingots in their store that we can exchange for lives and other power-ups, this is where we can pay to acquire game advantages.

9. Stack

In this game we will have to fit squares that appear from the sides by pressing on the screen at the right moment that we think fits with the one below, everything that is outside the previous square will be lost and each time it will get smaller . In the event that you have a streak hitting the square below, it will get bigger to get a small advantage.

A fast and addictive game in which to play is free and that, to win a continuation by losing, we can see an advertising video . It also offers us the possibility of eliminating all the ads that are the advertising ads at the beginning of the game by paying for it, since between game and game you still have to see a 30-second ad.

8. 2048

A simple game in which we have to add two by two until we reach 2048 , numbers two appear to add with others of the same figure, sliding left, right, up or down we can move all the numbers on the screen to that address and combine them with others of the same number . When we get 2048 we will have won.

This simple game has a small advertising banner while we play, it is a way to support its development and updates at the cost of advertising revenue , we can also pay for the game without any advertising as an in-app purchase.

7. Subway Surfers

In this fun game you are a graffiti artist who is almost hit by the subway guard, then the chase begins. By sliding our fingers across the screen we can move left, right, jump or crouch to skip the obstacles that we will encounter , fences, moving trains, etc. If we stumble we can be reached by the watchman and the game will end.

This game is also financed by advertising , if we want to continue the game we can see an advertising video, we can also get objects by watching advertising videos. But if we want to ensure good loot, we can buy coins in his store to exchange them for different objects.

6. Gardenscapes

Another of the puzzle games that have been around for a long time and that have been able to renew themselves so as not to fall into oblivion. Here we have to clean the garden by performing missions paid with stars , we get these stars by finishing the screens in a similar way to Candy Crush Saga, gathering 3 fruits of the same color, getting more we will get explosive devices that will eliminate those around them . By achieving the objective we can obtain stars that we will exchange for missions.

We have 5 lives to pass the screens, when they are exhausted we will have to wait a while to be able to recharge the lives and continue playing. We can also make use of micropayments to buy coins in your store and exchange them for these lives or for power-ups to make the screens easier.

5. Rayman Adventure Run

In this game of the famous Rayman, we will have to go through the screen in search of the little shiny beings and get them all , or the maximum possible. Tapping on the screen and sliding we can jump, bump or even change direction, anything to do with everyone , as we advance through the screens we will learn some skills.

Every time you start a screen you have to feed the green monster to start, if this food runs out we will have to watch advertising videos to get gems and exchange them for this food. We also have the possibility to pay for gems that we can exchange for food to continue playing.

4. Brawl Stars

In this SuperCell game in teams of 3, we will have to defeat the enemy in addition to getting a greater number of gems than the opposing team , the gems appear in the center of the screen, but when you finish with one of your rivals you can collect all the gems he had, if at the end of time we have more gems than the opposing team we will have won the game , we will earn coins to get improvements to the character.

These coins are also available in the in-game store , where we can buy coin packages and improvements through our Apple account to advance more quickly in the game.

3. Pokemon Go

Niantic offers us the possibility in Pokemon Go to be a Pokemon trainer and collect different Pokemons wherever we go, the game that literally spreads all over the world, has Poke stops where you can refuel and get objects and Pokeballs to catch the Pokemons . We have a Pokedex where all the pokemon we have captured are stored and we will have to complete it.

The resources in this game, although they are generous , are not unlimited , in order to get more objects and more quickly, we can opt for in-app purchases , the pokecoins that we buy can be exchanged for different objects, such as incubators, pokeballs and others.

2. Super Mario Run

The most famous plumber of all time is the protagonist of this adventure specially adapted for mobile phones , in which we only have to jump by tapping on the screen. Super Mario Run has 6 worlds with 3 screens and a final boss in each one in its full version, we also have 5 coins of different colors that we will have to take with increasing difficulty.

When downloading the game we will only see the first world , having to pay for the complete game, in this case we can only play part of the game, if we want the rest of the levels we will have to pay for the complete game.

1. Among Us

It is the fashion game now, we have a complete guide that tells us tricks and strategies about this game . Here you will have to discover the impostor or impostors, or if you are an impostor try to kill the rest of the players or prevent them from carrying out the assigned tasks . When you discover a murder you have the option of talking to the rest to accuse the impostor and discard them, once all the impostors have been discarded you will win the game, or if you are the impostor you must kill the rest or prevent them from fulfilling the assigned tasks.


Although there are gaming mobile phones on the market such as the Asus Rog Phone 3, many of these entertaining games do not need this powerful hardware, and most are short games, although there is everything. If we are somewhere waiting for a queue, why not, in the toilet or we have some dead time available, we can play games like Candy Crush, Gardenscapes, Subway Surfers, 2048 or Stack , they are very fast games in which we can easily manage In order not to pay to play, if you don't want to wait you will have to go to the cashier.

Something more competitive are the games Super Mario Run, Rayman Adventure Run and Brawl Stars , the latter being also cooperative online, here we can play these games in a longer period of time, like a public transport in a big city, or before going to sleep we can have a few games. In the case of Super Mario, there will be no choice but to pay to pass it completely , once completed with all the coins, we have other faster, but no less exciting game modes. In this type of game, the ideal is to play until complete, if you want help you will have to make use of micropayments.

The king of the party is Among Us , for 10 players we can create a local game and play friends for hours having a good time , with the help of a voice client to be in communication with everyone , we will have to guess the imposter or impostors before that they finish us off.

There are free games for all tastes , even with micropayments or advertising they become very bearable to play without paying absolutely anything as long as you are not in a hurry to advance, you can choose several and when the lives of one are exhausted, you play another while the others recharge lives.

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