The Elder Scrolls Online Starts The Oblivion Gateway Adventure


The Elder Scrolls Online Starts The Oblivion Gateway Adventure

Bethesda, as promised, has presented the Oblivion Gateway adventure for the multiplayer The Elder Scrolls Online with a cinematic trailer.

The expansion takes place 800 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and users have to figure out what Mehrunes Dagon is up to.

Oblivion Gate exit plan:

  1. Expansion Fire of Ambition (March 8 on PC and March 16 on consoles);
  2. Chapter "Black Forest" (June 1 on PC and June 8 on consoles);
  3. Q3 dungeon expansion (unknown release date)
  4. Quarter IV dungeon expansion (unknown release date).

First of all, "Fire of Ambition" will add a couple of new dungeons and invite users to attack the sanctuary of the Prince of Destruction and try to find the mysterious book before it turns to ash.

Starting this summer, the Black Forest chapter will offer over 30 hours of gameplay and "the opportunity to explore a region of Tamriel that combines the multifaceted culture of the Argonians and the ambition of the Imperials."

In the Black Forest, sandwiched between the Argonian homeland and the imperial province of Cyrodiil, the influence of the Daedra is growing, and the inhabitants of the region are forced to fight for life, in addition to oppressors, but also with the evil spawn of Oblivion.

In addition to the new region and history, a new satellite system, a test for 12 users, additional events, as well as new lairs, open dungeons, world bosses and separate tasks and various updates and improvements to the game are expected.

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