The Go ahead / Necrotic Week is now running in WoW - The best Mythic + and tips

 The mythical keystone dungeons ("Mythic +") are among the toughest PvE challenges in World of Warcraft . This week, the inciting and necrotic affixes are waiting for you - a particularly nasty combination. OkayGotcha gives you tips about the affixes and shows you which dungeons work best.

Which affixes are active this week? Each keystone that you receive can have up to four affixes that always apply to the entire dungeon. The following affixes are active this week:

  • Tyrannical (Level 2+) - Bosses have 40% more health and they and their servants inflict up to 15% more damage.
  • Goat (Level 4+) - Normal enemies, upon death, reinforce their nearby allies and increase their maximum health and damage by 20% (stackable)
  • Necrotic (Level 7+) - Melee attacks from enemies inflict stacking “Contagion” on players, dealing damage over time and reducing healing received
  • Pride (Level 10+) - As soon as you have defeated 20% of the opposing forces, a manifestation of pride appears which you have to defeat.

How long is the affix week? Going On / Necrotic Week starts on Wednesday January 27th and ends on Wednesday February 3rd.

If you are not used to the affixes or are not familiar with them, you might be surprised by them. This week's affixes are considered particularly tough. Many players only do the bare minimum and don't even try to get their stones up. We'll give you tips on how to play each affix properly and in which dungeons you will have it a little easier this week.

The best dungeons this week

Where can I get through (reasonably) easily? First of all, goad and necrotic are considered one of the most difficult combinations in Mythic +. So no dungeon will be really “easy”. However, if you absolutely want a high stone for your Great Treasury , you should try visiting the Mists of Tirna Scithe or the Halls of Atonement.

The two dungeons are generally considered to be relatively easy. They both offer plenty of space to play the affixes properly. Just be careful not to play groups of opponents that are too large at once. Tyrannical makes the bosses a bit more demanding, but all of them are still easy to manage.

Alternatively, the peaks of the climb are a great option this week. There the groups of opponents are rather small anyway and you don't even have to take bigger risks. Just play through the dungeon as normal.

Only the second boss Ventunax could cause you difficulties, as he can easily knock your DPS players down with Tyrannical. Melee fighters in particular have to watch out for their skills on the ground. Tip: The bird's eye view gives a better overview.

These dungeons are more difficult: The Bloody Depths and The Other Side are particularly annoying this week. The depths are considered the hardest dungeon anyway and with Tyrannical the already strong bosses are almost unfair. Only run the dungeon if you absolutely have to.

The other side is harder this week because your time for the dungeon is already tight. By spurring you cannot pull together larger groups and so it is particularly hard to complete the dungeon within the time.

The necrotic lane is also rather difficult this week , despite a big nerf . Here, too, angering throws a spanner in the works, whereby the second boss Amarth with Tyrannical can also represent a high hurdle. That is a problem even in reinforced weeks.

The Go ahead / Necrotic Week is now running in WoW - The best Mythic + and tips

Tyrannical and Pride - This is what you need to watch out for.

What kind of affixes are these? These two are a bit out of line. Increased weekly alternates with tyrannical. The two affixes either strengthen normal enemies or bosses.

Proud, on the other hand, is the seasonal affix. For the entire first season of Shadowlands, this affix will be active from level 10.

This is the best way to handle the affixes: Reinforced and Tyrannical have no special mechanics. All you should do is try to have a manifestation of pride for each boss and have your cooldowns ready for it.

However, you have to be able to handle pride properly. Defeating the manifestation grants you a damage buff for one minute, which is best used for particularly difficult opponents.

Try to hit a 20% mark before a tough fight, then defeat the manifestation before moving on to the next fight. Make sure that the manifestation does not appear in the middle of a fight. Addons such as Mythic Dungeon Tools show you what percentage an opponent is worth and even let you plan routes.

The Go ahead / Necrotic Week is now running in WoW - The best Mythic + and tips

Goat and Necrotic - This is what you need to watch out for

Here's the best way to handle the affixes: Spike and Necrotic are the two special affixes for this week. They are especially difficult in combination and are not particularly forgiving for new players.

Going on will buff nearby opponents if one of them dies. In large groups, this can quickly lead to a "trash mob" suddenly having as many life points as a boss. It is helpful here to kill all opponents more or less equally so that no one dies clearly before everything else.

Necrotic, on the other hand, is primarily a problem for the tank and the healer. You have to make sure that the ability doesn't stack too high, or you won't get any more healing and die with the group.

Trying to pull the opponents much in circles, so-called "kiting". Use skills that slow down your opponents and also ask your DPS players for help, because teamwork is required here. Druids with the Force of Nature ability and Blood Death Knights with Clasp the Dead are especially helpful.

In general, be careful not to move into large groups. Better to play the stone slowly and confidently than to take unnecessary risks.

Which classes have it easier? The affixes are roughly the same or easy for each class. However, damage classes generally have to pay attention to less. It is therefore particularly easy:

  • Ranged fighters with crowd control or area skills
  • mobile melee fighters such as villains and demon hunters
  • mobile tanks that make it easier to escape opponents

Which classes have it harder? The week is particularly strenuous for tanks and healers, who are probably the greatest burden. Damage makers should assist them wherever they can. It is particularly difficult for:

  • all healers, especially those who are weak on individual goals
  • Tanks, especially slow ones like paladins
  • slow melee fighters like paladins and death knights

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