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The Medium: How to Develop Photos - Solution

The Medium: How to Develop Photos - Solution

 In the horror title The Medium , early in the game you get to the point where the protagonist Marianne has to develop a photo that is very important to her in her father's apartment. While this first puzzle in the game is not particularly complicated, there are still a few little things that you can do wrong.

This is how you develop photos in The Medium

When you arrive in the darkroom, you should definitely read the short instructions for use, which explain the process of developing photos in detail. The instructions are attached to the tiles with adhesive tape opposite the three different liquids.

The Medium: How to Develop Photos - Solution

How to develop photos:

  • Expose photo for 5 seconds
  • Immerse in multigrade for 3 seconds
  • Immerse in stop bath for 3 seconds
  • Immerse in fixative for 3 seconds

First take the photo paper in your possession. Now you dedicate yourself to the exposure . To do this, place the photo paper under the red light lamp and switch it on for exactly five seconds . Then you pack the paper back into your inventory. Next up are the three fluids.

The Medium: How to Develop Photos - Solution

First, place the exposed photo paper for exactly three seconds in the multigrade development liquid , which is on the far right. Then it is the turn of the stop bath in the middle, also for exactly three seconds. Finally, you have to dip the photo paper into the fixative on the left - here again for three seconds. If you have followed the sequence exactly as the given times, the photo should have been developed successfully.

Note: A little later in the game you have to develop a photo again. To do this, all liquids and a container for one of them must first be found. But since all objects are in the same room, you shouldn't have any major problems with this puzzle. Marianne automatically places the bottles in front of the appropriately filled container so that you can hardly get confused. Otherwise this process does not differ from the process that we explained above.