The Medium - The tanks and the fight with The Maw

 Here is a complete guide on how to solve puzzles and face the battle with The Maw!

At the base of The Medium , a horror-tinged title by Bloober Team and intended for Microsoft Windows PCs and Xbox Series X / S consoles , right from the very first sequences it shows a nature made up of puzzles to solve, whose complexity tends to gradually grow up to reach the climax in the final part. A part of the latter is a phase in particular which, set in a pumping station, is full of puzzles complex enough to be able to put the players in difficulty. So here are some tips, designed to not get stuck in front of these sequences!

The Medium - The tanks and the fight with The Maw

The puzzle of the control room of the pumping station

The only really complex part of the sequence set inside the pumping station is that concerning the control room. The main panel of the room places the players in front of five raised roundabouts, each representing a water tank: the latter can be full, half full or empty. The quantity of water present inside the tanks can be adjusted using the buttons located next to each of the rods with, at the beginning, the possibility of adjusting only the upper tanks.

Once the flow is directed to the tanks above, both on the right and in the center, you will have to exit the control room and go down the stairs which, thanks to the opening of the tanks, will no longer be submerged by the water. In doing so, pay attention to the moths, from which you will have to protect the protagonist of The Medium using the energy shield, then reach the end and turn the crank that you will find in front of you, so as to open that tank too. Immediately after, all you have to do is turn off the electricity, using the same switch used before starting the puzzle.

The Medium - The tanks and the fight with The Maw

As soon as you return to the control room you will have to direct all the water to the tanks at the top left and top center, then go back to the right, go down the stairs until you reach a new crank: to find the latter you will have to open a locker placed a little further on, go back and mount it in its place.

Return to the main hall, empty the top center and top right tanks, then move the water from center left and top right. Once this is done, exit the room and go back to the right, proceed along the same path you did previously and open the door beyond the locker where, previously, you found the missing crank.

Tackling The Maw

After the pumping station puzzle, unfortunately, the difficulties will not be over: Marianne, protagonist of paranormal horror, will find herself in front of The Maw , in a room with no way out!


How to deal with this enemy? To do this you will have to use the ability of the main character to get out of his body: in spirit form you run through the door on the opposite side of the room, and then continue to escape down the corridor. At the end of the latter you will see a button appear (it will be the "B" on Xbox), through which you will return the real form to Marianne. In this form, run to the back of the room, reach the electrical panel and reactivate it: this will electrify the floor and give The Maw a big shock, defeating him.

The Medium - The tanks and the fight with The Maw

Once this sequence is finished you can proceed with your adventure inside The Medium, horror signed Bloober Team and recently released on PC and Xbox console !

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