TheGrefg map code in Fortnite: rules and how to participate in the tournament and win cosmetics from the skin


TheGrefg map code in Fortnite: rules and how to participate in the tournament and win cosmetics from the skin

We offer you all the details so that you can participate in the The Ground is Lava tournament to get cosmetics from TheGrefg skin in Fortnite.

After having broken all the records in simultaneous users on Twitch, TheGrefg finally has its own skin in Fortnite, and you will not only be able to get it thanks to the store, but also by participating in the new tournament of The Floor is Lava.

A few days ago we told you all the ways that existed to get the skin of TheGrefg in Fortnite , and one of them was to participate in the new tournament "the ground is lava" aimed at squads and solo users. The tournament is live and you must put on your best outfit to participate.

So we give you all the rules to participate in the tournament and thus win cosmetics from TheGrefg skin totally free, and at the same time we are going to give you a code of the creative map inspired by the character.

TheGrefg map code in Fortnite: rules and how to participate in the tournament and win free skin cosmetics

Epic Games has already published all the rules of the tournament The floor is Lava to try to get the skin and its different cosmetics. Note that just by participating you will not get the cosmetics, since you must be classified among the first according to the continent you are on.

So that you see the interesting thing about it, this is all that the set of TheGrefg can offer you:

  • Suit by TheGrefg 
  • The baton peak, inspired by a command 
  • The Spheres of Power backpack accessory, composed of orbs
  • The Control Gang gesture 

The Ground is Lava Tournament by TheGrefg

If yesterday Thursday the 14th the tournament was focused on squads to obtain the skin, today Friday the 15th it is focused on the solo mode and we tell you what you should do in this mode.

Basically the modality of The Floor is Lava invites us to go up before the lava catches us since it will begin to rise gradually. What you must do is stay on high ground while avoiding the rise of the lava fighting at the same time with the rest of the opponents who also try to save their lives.

While you are defeating the opponents you will also absorb their counterpart health, so it is very interesting that you try to eliminate them in your climb up.

Note that traditional weapons have been replaced by an infinite harpoon weapon and explosives as well. The infinite harpoon weapon deals 1 damage to enemies, but 150 damage to buildings. If you equip yourself with the pick, you will be able to run faster and thus avoid lava more easily.

You can consult all the legal details regarding the rules of this tournament on the official page, but we are going to focus on telling you about the structure of the event.

Regarding the individual modality that is the one that is active, they affirm that each session will last approximately three hours and that users will be able to participate in a maximum of 12 games during a session. Realize that the players are going to win according to their corresponding scoring system.

Specifically, the scoring system according to the classification is as follows:

  • Masterful victory: 60 points
  • 2nd: 54 points
  • 3rd: 51 points
  • 4th: 49 points
  • 5th: 47 points
  • 6th: 45 points
  • 7th: 44 points
  • 8th: 43 points
  • 9th: 42 points
  • 10th: 41 points
  • 11th: 40 points
  • 12th: 39 points
  • 13th: 38 points
  • 14th: 37 points
  • 15.ΒΊ: 36 points
  • 16th: 35 points
  • 17th: 34 points
  • 18th: 33 points
  • 19th: 32 points
  • 20th: 31 points
  • 21st: 30 points
  • 22nd: 29 points
  • 23rd: 28 points
  • 24th: 27 points
  • 25th: 26 points
  • 26th: 25 points
  • 27th: 24 points
  • 28th: ​​23 points
  • 29th: 22 points
  • 30th: 21 points
  • 31st: 20 points
  • 32nd: 19 points
  • 33rd: 18 points
  • 34th: 17 points
  • 35th: 16 points
  • 36th: 15 points
  • 37th: 14 points
  • 38th: 13 points
  • 39th: 12 points
  • 40th: 11 points
  • 41st: 10 points
  • 42nd: 9 points
  • 43rd: 8 points
  • 44th: 7 points
  • 45th: 6 points
  • 46th: 5 points
  • 47th: 4 points
  • 48th: 3 points
  • 49th: 2 points
  • 50th: 1 point

Each elimination: 3 points

But what really interests you are the prizes, and depending on the server / continent there will be more or less options.

For example, with regard to the event prizes in Europe, those who finish in position between 1 and 3200 will really get the rewards that interest us such as the Peak and gesture of "TheGrefg" for the game .

We reiterate that you can consult all the tournament rules in the official link that we have explained a little above in case you are in a continent other than Europe.

Creative Code of the World by TheGrefg

You can also visit a world inspired by TheGrefg, which has been made through the creative mode of Fortnite.

This world has been created by the members of the Iscariot and Hooshen community and it involves a series of levels that are becoming increasingly complicated.

To access the world of TheGrefg, simply enter the code 2778-6047-0254 as soon as you have created a server within creative mode, and after having approached a crack in one of the highlighted islands to enter the code that we have exposed to you in these lines .

Now you know how to participate in the TheGrefg tournament to get his skin and cosmetics (depending on the modality) , and also the creative code to enjoy a world inspired by this character.  

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