These tools will help you get the most out of your character in WoW

These tools will help you get the most out of your character in WoW

 If you want to get the absolute maximum out of your character in World of Warcraft , you can hardly avoid various aids. OkayGotcha introduces you to two tools with which you can optimize your performance in raids and dungeons.

What kind of tools are these? Ask Mr. Robot and Simulationcraft / Raidbots are websites and addons that simulate your character. They will help you find the best gear to wear.

They show you which of the items in your bag are currently the best combination and where you can still find improvements in the game. They also give an estimate of how much DPS you can achieve with the equipment.

These are calculated simulations, i.e. a mathematical maximum. You will probably not be able to reach the numbers. However, the information will help you to see how you can improve. Ideal if you have little time and don't know where to get the best equipment.

What do I need for that? To prepare you need addons that you have to install. One of these is sufficient, as both tools do roughly the same thing. If you want to compare, install both:

Ask Mr. Robot to use it properly - Here's how

How to use Mr. Robot: As soon as you have installed the add-on, you can simply open it by clicking on the button on the minimap. A window will appear explaining how to initialize your current equipment.

Switch to each of your available specializations once and don the equipment that you usually wear there. Then go to the bank and open it for at least two seconds. The initialization should then be completed.

When you click on the minimap icon you will see a jumble of numbers and letters. Just copy it all over and visit Ask Mr. Robot's website. There you click on "optimize" and simply paste the copied jumble of characters.

Ask Mr. Robot to use it properly - Here's how

What functions does Mr. Robot offer? Once you have entered your character, you will be given several options:

  • "Best in Bags" shows you which items in your bags make the best combination
  • "Upgrade Finder" gives you a list of items that you can improve - starting with the highest DPS gain
  • “Worst in Bags” shows you which items you can easily destroy or sell
  • "Gear Check" checks your current equipment and gives short suggestions for improvement
  • "Best in Slot" shows you the optimal equipment for your character that you can currently wear

For some of the functions you need to have a paid premium account. However, a test in advance is free of charge. The "best in slot" option, which shows you where to get the best equipment, always works. You can manually change certain talents or your specialization to get more information.

These tools will help you get the most out of your character in WoW

How to read the data correctly: Ask Mr. Robot works more with percentages than with actual numbers. So you can see directly how much a certain item can improve you.

Be careful, however, that some items naturally fluctuate greatly, such as the pieces of jewelery “Macabre sheet music” or “Unfathomable quantum device”. The simulation always assumes the best possible results.

So don't blindly believe the numbers shown, but consider whether the suggested improvements actually help you.

Use simulationcraft and raidbots correctly - this is how it works

This is how you enter your data: Similar to Mr. Robot, you have to copy a long text from the game. Install the Simulation craft add-on and type in the command / simc. You will then receive a pre-marked text that you can simply copy.

Tip: If you have opened the bank or the Great Treasury while typing the command, the corresponding items will also be taken into account.

You then enter the copied text on the “Raidbots” website. Here you have to choose which function you want to use beforehand.

These tools will help you get the most out of your character in WoW

What functions does Raidbots offer? As with Mr. Robot, you have different options, but they work a little differently with Raidbots.

  • "Top Gear": selects the equipment to be calculated, the option shows you the best possible items that you can wear as well as talents, enchantments and base stones and calculates the possible DPS
  • "Droptimizer" calculates your best upgrades from dungeons, raids and other sources and
  • "Gear Compare" compares two sets of equipment directly with one another
  • "Talent Compare" compares two talent combinations directly with one another
  • "Quick Sim" checks your current performance and shows details
  • “Stat Weights” gives you an overview of your secondary values ​​and shows how much each of them improves you
  • "Advanced" offers a lot of options to simulate everything - you need this function almost exclusively to squeeze out the last hundredth of a percent

Raidbots can be set a little more precisely, so that you can filter, for example, from which sources you are looking for improvements (only PvP, only dungeons, only raids, etc.). In addition, talents and exceptions can be selected more easily in the simulations and settings can be made against how many opponents you want to simulate your damage or what special circumstances prevail.

Thousands of possibilities are simulated during the calculation to find the best combination. If you buy a premium account, you can simulate more combinations in one run.

These tools will help you get the most out of your character in WoW

This is how you read the data correctly: Raidbots shows you either specific DPS numbers or percentage improvements that you can achieve and lists exactly how much you can expect from other combinations. This gives you a little more overview of possible improvements.

As with Mr. Robot, however, the same applies here that the simulation always assumes the best possible results and does not include any errors. You also have to take into account that some boss fights have special requirements and you cannot always attack them.

Such settings can also be made and you will probably need some practice with the tool to be able to use it to its full extent.

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