Valorant, episode 2, act 1: Yoru, our guide to the new agent

 Today marks the end of the first episode of Valorant , and therefore inevitably, the beginning of the second! For the occasion, Riot Games invites us to discover a new agent who comes straight from Japan, Yoru. Let's see what awaits us.


Feint: By activating this ability, you equip yourself with an echo that will mimic your footsteps. This echo, you can either launch it directly by clicking on the fire button, or put it down to reactivate it later by clicking on the secondary fire.

Surprise Visit: By activating this ability, this time you equip yourself with a dimensional beacon. Just like the echo, you will then have the choice of throwing it in front of you with the primary shot or putting it at your feet with the secondary shot. When you go to reactivate it, you will be able to teleport to it.

Blind Spot: With this ability, you will equip yourself with a dimensional shard which is basically a flash. The only constraint is that it will have to touch a hard surface to be able to activate.

Dimensional transfer: with his ultimate Yoru equips himself with a mask that allows him to see between dimensions. With the fire key you can step into a new dimension. Enemies that are outside the area cannot see or target Yoru!

Valorant, episode 2, act 1: Yoru, our guide to the new agent


Looking at the kit, there is no doubt that Yoru is a duelist and he possesses a range of abilities that allow him to fulfill this role to perfection . For example, we will give you a combination of abilities to storm an enemy position.

Use Feint to point them to the wrong spot, being careful they don't know you're around. Launch a Surprise Visit at your feet and attack the point with a Blind Spot to blind your enemies. After this short skirmish, reactivate Surprise Visit and leave .

In the idea, the gameplay seems to be close to what you can see on a Tracer in Overwatch for example, with short skirmishes where you bet on surprise to do big damage before you extricate yourself from the situation once the effect of surprise passed.

However, this type of gameplay requires two things: first, getting familiar with Yoru before you can perform perfectly, but above all, knowing the cards very well to be able to place your abilities perfectly ! Finally, it is still important to specify that with Feint and Blind Spot, it can also be very useful for playing as a team and helping teammates to take a point.

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