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Very fun trick to make perfect snowmen in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Very fun trick to make perfect snowmen in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 Making perfect snowmen in Animal Crossing New Horizons is tough, but one user may have found the ultimate trick... and it's a lot of fun.

Ever since snow covered the town of Animal Crossing New Horizons , players of the Switch game have discovered how painful it can be to make a perfect snowman. It consists of making two snowballs, one a little bigger than the other, which acts as a body, and the other as a head. Here we show you an example to make it perfect, although the size does not matter: what matters is the proportion.

Making perfect snowmen is very important because only if we make it perfect will it give us an XL snowflake and a DIY project from the ice collection. We only get one chance a day to make a snowman, as there are only two snowballs per day. Fortunately, if we accidentally break one of the balls, then they come out again (get inside and take a turn to make them reappear).

On Reddit, a user has come across a very surprising trick: look at dung beetles. Many times we see that snowballs move by themselves, but what is happening is that they are being pushed by a dung beetle. The normal thing in these cases is to take out the net and hunt them or scare them, but if you leave them alone, it seems that it pushes the ball just to a specific size. Judging from this video, if another beetle pushes the other ball, it will leave it in the perfect size to complement it.

I deployed my minions to do my dirty work from r/AnimalCrossing

The truth is that this situation is difficult to occur. Luckily for this user it may have worked, but it might be a good idea to give it a try the next time you see a dung beetle. And if not, take a look at the sizes of these examples and try to replicate them.