Walkthrough Braindom 2 - All Levels Answers

Walkthrough Braindom 2 - All Levels Answers

 We offer a detailed guide to all levels of the Braindom 2 logic puzzle game. This is a direct sequel to the original mobile game Braindom. Before jumping into the passage, do not forget that you can earn special points to unlock new hints.

Level 1. Who is Adrian's girlfriend?  - There is a clue on the tree “A + M, his girlfriend Mary. Click on the inscription on the tree and on the letter "B". Oh, what a romantic guy.

Level 2. Who is the father?  - Select the photo on the wall and see the child's father, this is the man on the right. Why do these men claim paternity? Maybe you should ask your mother?

Level 3. Which one is married? —Click on the tickets in the hands of the men and see family discount tickets. Select option "B". I also need a vacation with my family.

Level 4. Who is the winner? - Click on the black TV screen and see who crossed the finish line first. The rider under the letter "A". Who was the second, no one remembers, but you came first, you will always be remembered.

Level 5. How much do you rate me? Thanks for your support!  - Click on the number 5. I, Brian, want to thank you! Read these messages carefully, they may come in handy later.

Level 6. Who is cheating?  - Click on the girl's ring and see the year of graduation. The man is cheating. Is there such a thing as a graduation ring? I have never heard about that!

Level 7. Help her make a choice  - Look what is in the phones of men, and choose a man with pizza. It's rare to find a man who doesn't have a dating app installed on his phone.

Level 8. Who can run the fastest?  - Open the lion's cage by swiping it to the right with your finger.

Level 9. Who is cheating?  - Take a magnifying glass and point it at the leaves of the tree, there you will find apples. The guy is cheating, lemons do not grow on an apple tree.

Level 10. What cat is her?  - Click on the empty window and on the wall of the room you will notice a photo of a cat. Answer option "B". See how much wool falls out!

Level 11. What is his favorite lesson?  - Click on the boy's briefcase several times and you will see the grades by subjects. His favorite subject is History. "D +" is such a high mark.

Level 12. Who is the father?  —Click on the girl's watch and call dad, choose option "A". The father does not hold his daughter by the hand for long, but she is forever in his heart.

Level 13. Who's Poor  - Click on the pocket of the guy on the far right and you will see a voucher. Money is not enough for happiness.

Level 14. Which one is a married couple?  - Brush off lovers' outerwear and discover loving hearts. What a great couple.

Level 15. Who is the father?  - Remove the yellow glove and you will see the inscription on the father's hand, click on it and choose the correct answer. Each son quotes his father in word and deed, but not all fathers get tattoos with the name of their sons.

Level 16. Who is the real doctor?  - Click on the cigarette in the hands of the phony doctor and select the doctor on the right. Say what you do or do what you say doctor.

Level 17. Who is cheating? - Click on the computer screen and see the deception, the answer is "B". It is impossible to deceive a rogue. Sometimes I can be cunning, but not a deceiver.

Level 18. Which one is Spiderman? - Hold the spider on the wall and aim at the central guy. I always hoped that a beetle would bite me and give me special powers.

Level 19. Choose the fastest taxi  - The car on the right has a flat tire, click on it and select the taxi on the left.

Level 20. Who is their child?  - Click on the rosy cheeks of the parents and select the baby on the far right. You have amazing eyesight!

Level 21. Which one is not a statue?  - Take a camera and point at the statues, the person will definitely be photographed for you. I always dreamed of becoming a street artist.

Level 22. Make the snake come out of the box  - There is a pipe sticking out under the rug, put it in the man's hands. Music is a universal language, but everyone has their own unique taste!

Level 23. Who cheats on the exam?  - Open the window and see a cheat sheet. Cheating is a form of theft. Taking someone's work and calling it yours is stealing. Don't cheat, you will get what you deserve.

Level 24. Which one is mom?  - Hit the egg and see whose baby. All her geese are swans.

Level 25. Who is cheating?  - Click on the boys' hands and see who they are dirty from the stone. Cheating is worse than a broken window.

Level 26. Who is cheating?  - Click on the picture on the wall and you will see a family photo. The correct answer is "A". I lie to myself all the time. But I never believed myself.

Level 27. Who's cheating?  - Place the croissant on the board and cut it with a knife. Chocolate croissant always makes me hungry.

Level 28. Which toilet is faulty?  - Click on the video camera and see what happens behind the doors. Defective toilet, under the letter "B".

Level 29. Find the pear  - Pear in the upper right, among the yellow apples.

Level 30. Who is her husband?  - Select the pendant on the girl's neck and on the tattoo on the man's shoulder, left. You found him, I think he's in jail.

Level 31. Who is mom?  - Shake your phone and mom under the letter "B" will run to the child. Life is not received with instructions, it is given to us from our mother.

Level 32. Who is the king? - Click on the masks and you will see the virus under the letter "B" of the guy. I dream of a world without masks.

Level 33. Which family is poor?  - The boy on the right has a mobile phone in his hand, click on it. Poor family on the left, but is happiness in the phone? Every child has the right to be happy.

Level 34. Find the groom  - Shake your device and the apple will fall right on the groom's head and he will appear from the bushes. You shouldn't upset the bride on her wedding day.

Level 35. Complete the battle between the werewolf and the vampire  - Cover the moon with a cloud, and from under the tree, take out the protruding garlic and aim it at the vampire. Who will win the fight between the vampire and the werewolf? Obviously, we will never know.

Level 36. Who is pregnant?  - Wipe the mirror with your finger and see the test results behind the girl's back, click on the sheet and then on the girl. She is expecting a baby, congratulations!

Level 37. Who's cheating?  - Swipe the newspaper in the man's hands and you will see scissors, select them and click on the letter "A". Newspapers hide lies.

Level 38. Which one is Cinderella?  - Raise the hem for the girls and try on the shoe. Be kind, courageous and always believe in magic.

Level 39. Who is the real artist?  - Bring a magnifying glass to the lower right corner and you will see the name of the author of the painting.

Level 40. Which one is the longest?  - Clamp the table and lower it down. The fact is that tall people sleep longer in bed.

Level 41. Who is his wife?  - Click on the pink photo, and select the letter "C". Look at them, I thought ideal couples only exist in books and movies.

Level 42. Put the wallet in the bag  - Reduce the size of the blue wallet and it will fall into the bag. There is no money in my wallet! But I'm happy you're still here.

Level 43. Which one is married?  - Take a cocktail next to the man and bring it to the girls, a married girl will not be happy with the offer to drink. Loyalty is more than just a word; it is a way of life.

Level 44. Who is dating him?  - Remove the scarf from the man's neck and you will see a trace of lipstick on the white collar of hair. The correct answer is "B".

Level 45. Who is the time traveler?  - A man with a package in his hands. Some people find it difficult to part with their bags.

Level 46. Who is the killer?  - Click on the man's index finger on the floor and the honeycomb on the wall. From the letters you need to collect the name "Liam" and press the letter "C". Fine! You've found the killer.

Level 47. Who's cheating?  - Swipe the blue jumper off the guy and you will see the shirt stained with paint. I have not seen any traces of paint, you have a keen eye.

Level 48. Whose car?  - In the pocket of his trousers stick out the keys to the car, click on them, then on the keys in the hands of another man. Now select the white car. In a few years, the keys will disappear. I guess I will not lose them, because I always forget where I put my keys.

Level 49. Who is cheating?  - Click on the lane from the wheel left on the ground and see whose car left a trail. Select the man at the bottom of the screen.

Level 50. What's the name of Brian's mother?  - Click on the red personal diary and cover the page, the name will be written at the bottom: Brianna. A notebook from my mother, he can help find her years later.

Level 51. Who is cheating?  - Click on the scooter frame and you will see the footprint of the shoes, then the shoes of the young people. The trail will match the young man's sneakers. You did it again, Sherlock.

Level 52. Don't know honey  - Move aside the sofa and find a box, look in it and find slippers. Ah, children. They love to play hide and seek.

Level 53. Which one is married?  - Look at the mobile phones of each of the girls and select the girl under the letter "C". The mother gives you life, and the mother-in-law gives you her life.

Level 54. From which country should he start looking for his mother?  - Click on the photo from the notebook and you will see the Eiffel Tower, select Paris on the map. The adventure begins.

Level 55. Who is cheating?  - Click on the monitor screen and see a man's fingerprint, circle his palm and press "A". You need Watson, then you can solve all the riddles.

Level 56. Who is her favorite person?  - Take the spotlight over the head of the men and point it at the young man, under the letter "B". True love can wake up your soul like hers.

Level 57. Find the box - The box  is painted on the white sheet in the left corner of the bed. I hope you didn't wake her up! This is a sleeping beauty, her name is Ada! By the way, have you seen Caramel in the room?

Level 58. Solve the puzzle  - Aim the pieces of the map on the field and they will fix themselves in the right place. Then we will head to Egypt.

Level 59. Who's cheating?  - Brush the ears off the guy above and click on the deceiver.

Level 60. Who is the nanny?  - The girl on the left has a spot on her shoulder, click on it and then, select this girl.

Level 61. This kingdom needs a king!  - Take the pieces of the crown from the top of the castle roof and point at the knight's head, the central piece in the grass. Long live the king!

Level 62. Find the treasure chest  - Zoom in on the map and look at the mark on the map, take a shovel and start digging. I found a chest. I wonder what's in it?

Level 63. Help him to throw the ball into the basket  - Behind a red sports bag, you will find milk, give it to your child to drink. Press the button and the ball is in the basket. Heroes come and go, but legends remain forever! Hopefully he will be as successful as Kobe Bryant!

Level 64. Who has a dog?  - Move the purse off the girl's shoulder and you will find a bone, click on it. The world has become the best place to live with dogs and cats. I miss my cat Caramel.

Level 65. Save Snow White!  - Divide the apple with a knife and give half to each of the girls. I asked the magic mirror on the wall: Who is the nicest in the world? And it answered: the one who plays with Brian!

Level 66. Create a rainbow  - Open the valve with purple, then dark blue, then blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Let's go to Istanbul. I feel like I'm getting closer to my mom.

Level 67. Try to get the cheese out of the mousetrap  - Hold the bottom wire on the mousetrap and pull out the cheese with your other finger. Whoever digs a hole under people gets there himself.

Level 68. Which one is pregnant? - Click on the belly of the central girl, there is a pillow. Now, you need to mark the cigarette in the hands of the smoking girl. Pregnant girl in a pink dress, she can't even tie her laces, mark the laces in the circle and choose a girl.

Level 69. Find the bone!  - Bone on the floor, among the balls of yarn.

Level 70. Choose the correct chest  - Move the white jug to the left chest and then move the key over it. China is very far from Istanbul, but I cannot stop there.

Level 71. Who is to blame for the accident  - There is a machine hanging from the policeman's belt, bring it to the drivers to measure the level of alcohol in the blood. If you drink, don't drive.

Level 72. Who is his wife?  - Open the box with shoes in his hands and bring the red shoe to the girl on the left. Happiness starts with your sole, especially if it's high heels!

Level 73. Who is the grandfather?  - Click on the grandfather on the right, he and his grandson have the same blush on their face.

Level 74. One statue is different. Find her  - Shake your device and unstable statues fall apart, leaving alone. Things are getting dangerous, but I'm not afraid.

Level 75. Print the text in green  - Insert in the left side of the printer, blue and yellow ink, then start a piece of paper. It turned out very nicely.

Level 76. Who is divorced? - Click on the girls' hands and select option "B". You seem to be as big a Lord of the Rings fan as I am.

Level 77. What is your cat's favorite food? - Open the cabinet under the sink, and you will see stocks of your favorite canned food. Fish is also my favorite food.

Level 78. Deal with the lock mechanism  - Select a pass, and you will see the numbers 1.9.87. Enter them on the gray device. So I have to fly to America.

Level 79. Help the prince find his princess  - Take the crown in the bushes at the bottom left of the screen and put it on her head.

Level 80. Who is the illusionist?  - Click on the handkerchiefs sticking out from the characters. Illusionist under the letter "A".

Level 81. Which tree is cherry?  - Take a spatula and dig holes under the grains, then pour water from a watering can. You are sweet as cherry.

Level 82. Get to the chest  - Remove the right side bolt, then the left one from under the man's feet. Next, take the bottom bolt and guide the man towards the chest. Wait for me in the United Kingdom. I've always wanted to see Big Ben.

Level 83. Who is the real samurai? - Drag the samurai to the plants starting from the top. Your mind is the best weapon.

Level 84. Who is the double agent?  - Click on the pockets of the agents, the man in the red jumper has two passports - select him.

Level 85. Who is his first love  - Turn the phone over and shake it, the girl under the letter "B". That's what love does, always someone gets upset.

Level 86. Make Big Ben work again  - Purple part is up, and blue is in the center. Wow, what an old ring.

Level 87. Who's cheating?  - Swipe down on the green pot and see a family photo, click on it and select "A".

Level 88. Who is cheating? - Click on the red backpack and you will see a black cloak from the toy. Lying, child under the letter "B". I've always shared toys when I was little, except for one, only I can touch my teddy bear.

Level 89. Who is the real teacher?  - Point out a mistake in the alphabet, mark "F and E", the girl is a real teacher.

Level 90. Who is Brian's mother?  - Bring the baby to the women and the baby will smile, next to the mother. It was pleasant to plunge into memories. Wait for me, mom, I'll find you.

Level 91. Find a suitable wardrobe  - Look at the chain around the guy's neck and you will see the key, the correct answer is "B". I never lock the closet at school. Not losing the key is a serious responsibility for me.

Level 92. Who is the real artist?  - Swipe down on the canvases and drawings will appear. Girl, real talent.

Level 93. What sports team does he play for? - Open the locker, under the number 4. Select the option, basketball. I would play basketball if the ring was bigger.

Level 94. There is a clue inside the tomb. Find her  - Wipe the dirt from the tomb and see the eyes, click on them. A kitten will appear, click on its collar. We are heading to Japan.

Level 95. Find the bully  - The boy has a shard in his hand in the center, click on his hand and look. Answer: "B".

Level 96. What's his favorite food?  - Bring food to the guy's face and he will smile at the steak. Does he like steak? What a special kid.

Level 97. What are his shoes  - Click on the slippers and you will see foot size 43, then on the shoes above the options. Answer: "S".

Level 98. Get to the chest  - Draw a line so that the stone falls on the lava, blocking its passage.

Level 99. Who is telling the truth? Click on their names!  - The man's phone is sticking out of his jacket, look what it says. Both girls are telling the truth, click on their names at the same time.

Level 100. What instrument can he play?  - Pay attention, the guy has long nails. Click on the fingers of the guy's left hand so that a circle appears, highlighting the hand. Next, select the guitar under the letter "A".

Level 101. Who is cheating?  “Look, the girl in the pink sweater has the baby’s ID in her jeans pocket. Click on the certificate and select option "B".

Level 102. Brians journey episode 14. We are in a terrifying sandy sea in the middle of the Gobi Desert. Brian found a hideout, the entrance to which was blocked. He must enter this hideout to find his mother. Open the door.  - You just need to rotate your device 90 degrees to the right for the stone to roll away from the entrance. This hideout looks creepy, but I have to move on.

Level 103. Which student is good at math?  - Bring the numbers on the board so that you get "2 + 2 =". The girl under the letter "A" will correctly answer with number 4. What ?! How?! Isn't it 22?

Level 104. Who is the vampire?  - There is garlic on the table, bring it to the guy's face. The guy's eyes will turn red and he will change his face. Obviously, the guy is the vampire. You think he deceived her by saying, “Honey! You are already in my veins! ”?

Level 105. Help him lift the barbell?  - Hold the barbell with two fingers on the sides and lift it up above the athlete. You are awesome!

Level 106. Brians journey episode 15. After breaking the rock, Brian finally entered the secret hideout. The orphanage is obviously empty, but surely his mom left him a note. Find a clue.  - You need to click on the blue bottle, then turn your device over and a note will drop out of the bottle. Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But I'm not a tourist.

Level 107. Who is the father?  - Press several times on the outerwear of all the man and the guy. The son and father will have the same inscription on the T-shirts: "DADDY'S SUPER HERO". The apple never falls far from the tree.

Level 108. How many people live here? Find the evidence!  - Pay attention to the combs in the room. The first is on a shelf hanging on the wall. The second comb is on the nightstand. The correct answer is “2”. You got it so quickly! I am impressed.

Level 109. How many people live here?  - Count the number of people living on the toothbrushes. The first is on the washing machine, the second is in an orange glass on the sink, the third is on the sink on the right, and the fourth is hiding behind a blue curtain in the bathroom. Select all toothbrushes and click on the "4" answer.

Level 110. Brians journey episode 16. The Taj Mahal is a symbol of deep love, but now Brian is followed by a person devoid of love in his soul. He has to get rid of the bad guys. Find the bad guy.  - In the back pocket of his trousers is the same man named BARRY BAD. Choose the person who is closest to the Taj Mahal. Did he see me? I can hide in the Taj Mahal.

Level 111. Who is his wife?  - squeeze the bouquet from the bride and pull it up so that the bouquet will fly to the girls. The girl in the red dress did not raise her hands to catch the bouquet. She is already married, she does not need to catch a bouquet!

Level 112. Help the captain improve visibility  - Move the clouds to the sides so that the sun appears and illuminates the path. You sparkle like the sun!

Level 113. Who is the kidnapper?  - Click on the red-haired girl's beige bag. It contains a lot of sweets, which means she is a kidnapper. I would go after her if she offered me so many sweets.

Level 114. Find the hidden inscription.  - From the window light falls on the inscription. Close the window by swiping your finger on it and the inscription will appear. Athens? Great place for a summer vacation, but again, I'm not a tourist.

Level 115. What gender is the child?  - Click on the blue ball above the girls' heads. The balloon will burst and an inscription will appear that it is a boy! Select the answer "A".

Level 116. Who is greedy?  - Take the bill on the table and bring it to grandfather, his expression will change, which means he is greedy. Should be fun in the rich world.

Level 117. Who is a bore?  - Pay attention to the red light on the air conditioner. Click on it and cool air will blow. A girl in a blue cape will be a bore. It looks like someone is not very happy.

Level 118. There should be a secret room, find it.  - Press in turn on the green, red and burgundy books and the secret door will open. This is an American Indian totem. Let's see what I find in America.

Level 119. Who is her child?  - Look at the baby on the right, he has the same curls as his mother. Choose mom's curls on the head and baby with curls.

Level 120. Which one is pregnant?  - Pinch each girl with your finger and pull your finger up. The girl's tummy will be visible under the letter "B". She's obviously pregnant!

Level 121. Who is her soul mate?  - Click on the table you take the gun. The girl will see several ghosts, one of them will be with a red heart, which means the correct option is "C". Don't wait until you die to find your soul mate.

Level 122. Fix the totem.  - Collect the totem as shown in the picture below. These are the coordinates of some place. Time to use my GPS.

Level 123. Who won the lottery?  - There is a mirror to the right of the TV. Take a mirror and hold it in front of the faces of people, in the reflection you will see that the person under the letter "B" won the lottery. The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Level 124. Who broke the window?  - There are newspapers under the bushes by the left and right broken windows. So the guy on the bike broke the window under the letter "C". Looks like the postman missed the mailbox.

Level 125. Who's cheating?  - Click on the paper airplane in the teacher's hands and the name Alex will be written on it. Select the boy under the letter "A". If I made this plane, it would fly to the moon and not to the teachers' heads.

Level 126. Grab the golden egg?  - Sketch the bird's head with your finger and click on the golden egg. Look what I find in the egg. I've always wanted to meet with the President of the United States.

Level 127. Which one is a joker?  - Remove the masks from each clown and you will see that under the letter "B" the clown has another mask. The mask tells us more than the face.

Level 128. Which of these is toxic?  - Mix all bottles into one and select a full bottle. If mixed, they are as dangerous as fire and gunpowder.

Level 129. Which one is greedy?  - Don't you think that this level has already been? Perhaps the developers were wrong. Bring the green bill to your grandfather's face and you will realize that he is greedy.

Level 130. Find a clue.  - Click on the drawer in the wooden table. Scroll the left and right parts and move the sliders. At the end, twist the piece in the middle to open the drawer. I'm really good at gambling. Wait for me casino.

Level 131. Who is the werewolf?  - Take a piece of paper with the number 1 in the calendar and pull it down so that a werewolf appears. Professor Lupine, is that you?

Level 132. Where is the cake?  - Take a knife on a plate and bring it to each piece of cake. All pieces will burst except for the real piece of cake. Never skip homemade Red Velvet cake.

Level 133. Who is cheating?  - Lift up the blinds and you will see a sign similar to the business card of the guy in the coat. Select option "B". If you cheat once, then everything that you say after will raise doubts.

Level 134. Win prizes.  - Select the toy machine and move the tentacles to the toy with the blue hat. Cemetery! No! Mum! I need to hurry.

Level 135. Who's cheating?  - Click on the cabinet door to see the tattoo of the guy in the green T-shirt in the reflection. The correct answer is "B". I always thought I had a talent for ball games, but I don't understand why my high school coach directed me to wrestling.

Level 136. Which one is human?  - Move your finger quickly over people and you will understand who is a robot and who is a person. The correct answer is "C". How do robots eat guacamole? With micro chips!

Level 137. Who's cheating?  - Click on the drivers on the left and right and you will see that one of them has a train in front of them. So the driver is lying under the letter "A". How did the locomotive do its job so well? Preparation…

Level 138. Find the secret entrance.  - Click on the tombstone with numbers and rotate your device so that the infinity sign appears. I feel like I've come to an end. All for my mother.

Level 139. Who's cheating?  - Click on the cars and images with the gearbox will appear. The right car will be in reverse gear, which means the person on the right is lying.

Level 140. Who's cheating?  - Use two fingers to enlarge the plane and you will see a poison sticker on the plane. The person under the letter "B" is deceiving. You did it again, Sherlock.

Level 141. Who is cheating?  - Click on the burning store and select the surveillance camera. The camera will show a man in a brown coat, which means the answer is "A". What a pity!

Level 142. Save your mom.  - Select the phone in the guy's pocket and move the phone to the QR code on stage and take a picture. I'm good at riddles. Let's play some game.

Level 143. Help the hungry mouse.  - Zoom in on the moon and see a piece of cheese in the center. Pass a piece of cheese to the mouse to feed it. Two cheese lovers, rats and me.

Level 144. Who is really angry?  - Tap each guy several times to make him angry. The most evil will be the guy under the letter "C". What do you call the battered Hulk? Bruised banner.

Level 145. Which flower is not real?  - Water the flowers with an orange watering can. Next, select the clock on the wall to make the flowers grow. The flower under the letter "C" did not grow, which means it is not a real flower. I can never tell at a glance whether the plant is real or fake.

Level 146. Which one is innocent?  - Turn the phone upside down so that different things fly out of the bags. For some reason, the grandmother under the letter "A" became innocent. Write in the comments why? Never be fooled by looks!

Level 147. Who's cheating?  - You need to turn your device upside down so that the $ 20 bill falls out of the piggy bank. Cheating guy under the letter "A". Money doesn't change people, it exposes them.

Level 148. Who is the cheater?  - There is a stand on the wall under the clock. Click on it and you will see hints for the solution. The person under the letter "A" is deceiving. The best teaching method is to always prepare a cheat sheet.

Level 149. Who is cheating?  - Open the drawer under the green box and select the guy, as he is a cheat.

Level 150. Prevent theft  - Tap the guy with the brown bag many times to make him turn around. You saved the day and brought old friends together.

Level 151. Have you found the baby?  - Point to the neck of the girl who is sitting on the couch. Select option "B". Adam's apple!

Level 152. What is real?  - Take a knife with a black handle and cut the fruit on the table. I always sharpen knives that don't cut.

Level 153. Who is the bully?  - Click on the bag, the boy in the center, balls filled with water will fall out of it. If people try to bring you down, you are above them. Be kind, don't be rude.

Level 154. Who is lonely?  - Remove the clouds from the sun and see a lonely man. I like being lonely. I am always there when I need it.

Level 155. Who's cheating?  - There is a ring on the man's finger, click on it and you will see the name of his wife. The wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger because it is the only finger with a vein that connects to the heart. It's true?

Level 156. Which one is the fake Michael Jackson?  - Rotate your device, the real one will not fall. Annie, are you okay?

Level 157. Which one is the interviewer?  - Click on the pocket of the guy in the orange T-shirt. I think I know him very well!

Level 158. Who is his mom?  - Get the groceries from the girls' packages and choose the mom with the baguette. I'm hungry, I want a baguette sandwich.

Level 159. Who is cheating?  - Zoom in on their masks and choose option "A".

Level 160. Who is the beloved?  - There are chamomile pots on the tables, click on the flowers to tell fortunes. Robots are not afraid of tickling, I am not afraid either, maybe I am a robot?

Level 161. Who is the robot?  - Take a pen from the picture and tickle the heels of the guys, the guy under the letter "B" does not react to his legs.

Level 162. Who is really in love?  - Pinch the heart, on the chest of the young man with flowers and pull the shirt to the right, there will be a tattoo under it. Everyone at least once had the thought of getting a tattoo.

Level 163. What's his best toy?  - Bear cub under the letter "A", mark the bear cotton wool on the floor. A fun way to show love for a toy.

Level 164. Who is the hero?  - Clamp the stroller and carry it across the road, the young man under the letter "A" will save the baby. It's a bird!

Level 165. Who is the hero?  - Take a branch with flowers and bring it to the men, the central one will react. I once had to pretend to be dead and it saved my life, but I'm not going to talk about it.

Level 166. Which one is alive?  - Click on the lion and select option "A". I call you "Lionheart" because of your superior courage.

Level 167. Cheer her up! - Take the bowl from the table and bring it to the TV antenna, then connect to the rug on the floor. There is nothing more beautiful than a child's smile.

Level 168. Which one is the dragon egg?  - Light the fire with your finger and bring the eggs from the nests to the flame.

Level 169. Which one is bald?  - Turn the phone over and shake it.

Level 170. Which one is without a beard?  - Draw on the wire, from the hair dryer to the outlet. Choose a man without a beard. I wonder if a beard will suit me.

Level 171. Who is cheating?  - Take a shovel and dig out a green bush, bring flowers to people's noses. The woman is cheating. I think I'm allergic to the morning, no doubt I'm a night person.

Level 172. Who is a professional skater?  - Tilt your device to the sides, only one girl will stay on her feet. Icy day!

Level 173. Find the needle in the haystack ! - Spin the mill with your finger.

Level 174. Who is cheating?  - Turn the phone over and the delivery address will fall out of the courier's pocket. I'm hungry again.

Level 175. Who's cheating?  - Swipe the sun to the left of the screen. Timing is everything.

Level 176. Save the world! - Enlarge the moon and block the sun with it. Saving the world has become a habit for you.

Level 177. Which of them "monitors" the account?  - Click on the guys' phones and select the letter "A".

Level 178. Which car is more expensive?  - Brush the covers off the cars and see a red expensive car.

Level 179. What is her problem?  - Note that there is little milk left in the bottle and press the "A" button.

Level 180. Who is the real sumo wrestler?  - Take the arrow from the gong and bring it to the fighters. I wonder if I can lose weight this way?

Level 181. Who is the real detective?  - Take a magnifying glass and aim at the folder with a photo, press "B".

Level 182. Which of these sunflowers is real?  - Swipe the sun to the right of the screen and a real sunflower turns towards the sun. Face the sunlight and you won't see a shadow.

Level 183. Which pirates will win?  - Shake your device a few times and see the winners, option "A".

Level 184. Which egg is boiled?  - Raise the eggs into the air and throw them down, the boiled egg will not break. Do you like boiled eggs or scrambled eggs?

Level 185. Which one is the fake Napoleon?  - Shake your phone and they will turn around, deceiver under the letter "A". "If you want something to be done well, do it yourself." - Napoleon Bonaparte.

Level 186. Who's cheating?  - Lift the shirt on the boy and click on the belt - the shorts will fall off. When I was little, my favorite thing was to go shopping for clothes.

Level 187. Who started the war?  - Swipe up the ground under the sign and you will see a mine, click on it. Peace at home - peace on Earth!

Level 188. Who will run away?  - Brush off the pillow on the bench and you will see a file, then remove the poster on the wall to the side, and click on the bald man. I think I'm just too lazy to dig this hole for years.

Level 189. Who is cheating?  - Open the refrigerator, squeeze the acid and hover over the brown plate. Look at the guys' plates and the blond will be the cheater.

Level 190. Who will survive?  - On the table, among the test tubes is a mask, put it on a balding man and select him.

Level 191. Who has more concentration?  - Open the door to the auditorium. I have never had good concentration. Every time I start to study, after a minute I find myself scratching a notebook.

Level 192. Who is fake?  - Click on notebooks with notes and you will find a bummer. Good music has no expiration date.

Level 193. Who will win?  - Increase the size of the glove for a small boxer. Don't be fooled by the look, even if the salt looks like sugar.

Level 194. Who is hiding?  - Knock on the toilet door, then on the pear and you will see who is hiding.

Level 195. Who is cheating?  - Look at the CCTV camera and find that both pilots are cheating. Press the answer options at the same time.

Level 196. Who is telling the truth?  - Swipe your hand behind the man's back and you will see a knife. He loves a girl in a blue dress. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

Level 197. Who is the best trained?  - Hold the stick and throw it forward, transfer the stick to the road and the dog will come running to it, give the dog a stick in the teeth and she will bring it to the owner.

Level 198. Who will win?  - Click on the judge's chest and a flare will appear, shoot. I was always the last one in the school races.

Level 199. Who is the king of the forest?  - Take a shovel and aim it at an empty piece of ground, you will find the remains of a dinosaur.

Level 200. Who is the thinnest?  - Brush all the things off the men and click on the guy in the blue jersey. Wonderful! You did it again.

Level 201. Who is the killer?  - Take a closer look at the keys people have. The man with the dumbbells has the key to the first locker. The girl has a third locker, but a skeleton is found in her locker! You never know who to trust.

Level 202. Who is the fastest?  - Lift the shell of the turtle and you will see a rocket under the shell! This story seems familiar to me.

Level 203. Which suitcase belongs to her?  - Click on the girl first and see where she is flying. Next, click on each suitcase and you will understand that the correct answer is "D". Traveling has always made me happy. I love to be on the road.

Level 204. Which of them is a smuggler of historical artifacts.  - Enlarge each counter to get a closer look at the artifacts. The "A" counter sells historical artifacts illegally. What is the difference between a pirate and a smuggler? If you are a famous smuggler, you are doing it wrong.

Level 205. Which one is the wolf?  - Move the sheep to the sides to see the paws of the wolf. Some people are not who they say they are.

Level 206. Clean the river!  - Swipe your finger to the side to see debris. Collect trash every time you brush it away to clear the river. Clean water is important for both animals and humans.

Level 207. Who is the real blonde?  - Please note that the girls are holding phones. Touch each of them and see their childhood photos. The correct answer is "B". I want to dye my hair. Oh, I noticed that I have no hair to dye. Well, with or without hair, I'm still handsome.

Level 208. Who is cheating?  - Click on the box near the house and rip off the tape to see the logo of the delivery service. Cheating courier under the letter "B". I am waiting for my package. I hope she comes soon.

Level 209. Help the unfortunate bird!  - Remove the blue feather under the clock and transfer it to the bird so that it is happy and flees away.

Level 210. Help the child!  - Take a book with the title "OPEN" and transfer it a little lower closer to the boy. A secret door will open and the boy will be saved. I've always wanted a secret room in my house.

Level 211. Find a table with the weakest legs?  - It is enough to shake your device and the table with the weakest legs will fall apart. The answer is "C". These days, it looks like furniture is made of cardboard.

Level 212. Who is the crook?  - Move the guy with the bottle aside and you will see the girl with the guy holding hands. The correct answer is "A". Don't expect kindness from people who can't even be honest with you.

Level 213. Which farmer is the richest?  - To the left of the lower farmer there is a small piece of plowed land. Swipe it several times and you will find a chest with gold. The greatest treasures are treasures that are invisible to the eye, but found in the heart.

Level 214. Help him get out.  - Press the large stone with your finger and move it aside. A fountain of water will go from under the stone, fill the pits and the person will be saved. He's as happy as Archimedes.

Level 215. Who is the newbie?  - Tap several times on each guy with the tool. The experience of the masters and the enthusiasm of the beginners make it possible to create great music.

Level 216. Who has Covid-19?  - Take the temperature measuring device in the hands of the doctor and check the temperature of each. The guy under the letter "B" has a high fever. The greatest wealth is health.

Level 217. Who's cheating?  - Check each player, with the left player pinch the sleeve with your finger. He hides the cards, the answer is "A". Which is Worse: Gambling or Cheating in Gambling?

Level 218. Who is cheating?  - Move the luggage to the side and press on the legs of the employee. He stood on the scales! I don't understand how people stuff 50 kg of luggage. Even hand luggage is enough for me.

Level 219. Whose life is in danger?  - Move the grass just to the left of the guy in the blue jacket and you will see a hole. Pick this guy.

Level 220. Which one is hungry?  - There is food behind the guy on the table. Fill a bowl with food and see who is hungry. I wonder if my cat is hungry Caramel?

Level 221. Who is the best fisherman?  - Click on the fishing rod of the right fisherman to make the line go under the water. Then pull the line out of the water of the right fisherman and he will get the fish. Fishing is definitely not for me, because I am very impatient.

Level 222. Which one is cheating?  - Pinch each duck with your finger and pull down to dip them. Choose a white duck. What time does the duck wake up? At dawn!

Level 223. Which one is a robot?  - Enlarge the sun in size with two fingers. The robot will not sweat, select it by pressing the letter "C".

Level 224. Who is rich?  - Shake the phone and the girls will drop out their wallets. One will have discount coupons, and the other will have a lot of money. Select the answer "B". It has an extreme coupon that everyone knows about.

Level 225. Which one is stowaway?  - Check each passenger's ticket. The conductor has August 27. The guy under the letter "C" has 28 August, he has no ticket. Wonderful! Sherlock.

Level 226. Who farted?  - Bring the green lighter on the table to each guest. Let's have a party tonight.

Level 227. Calm the child.  - Swipe the blue bird to the tree with your finger and an object will fall from the tree. You gave the child what he wanted.

Level 228. Who's cheating?  - Open the books of each boy in the backpack and click on the red bookmarks. One did not finish first and this is the boy on the left. The teacher takes his hand, opens his mind and touches the heart.

Level 229. Who's cheating?  - There is a picture hanging at the top left, move it with two fingers and see who is lying.

Level 230. Who's cheating?  - Click on the boots of each climber and you will see boot prints in the snow. The best view is after the most difficult climb.

Level 231. Who is cheating?  - Pinch the driver of the car and move it closer to the inspection officer. A seat belt will save lives.

Level 232. Who's cheating?  - Pinch each car and swipe up to see the speed of each car. The answer is "C". The best drivers know they need to be careful.

Level 233. Who is the tough guy?  - Remove the knife from the wall and chop the onion. The guy on the right is not paid, so he is cool! This bow also made me cry.

Level 234. Who's cheating?  - click on each pocket and you will see one has an empty wallet, and the other has a blue pack. Swipe up on the blue bundle and see the money. The guy on the right is cheating! The thief believes that everyone is stealing.

Level 235. Which of the babies is cheating?  - Put the phone face down and look again. The name "Hanna" will be written on the bear. Look at the children's hands for names. The boy on the right is cheating! When I was little I wrote my name on some things.

Level 236. Which one is a fireman?  - For development, we all know that it is correct to say a  firefighter , because a firefighter can only be a beetle. RELATED: Knock over BBQ and fire will appear. The guy on the right will take a bucket and put out the fire. Don't try this at home.

Level 237. Who is the librarian?  - It is necessary to take a glass with handles on the girl's table and toss it down. The librarian will come out. Do you remember the last time you went to the library?

Level 238. Who's cheating?  - Enlarge the movie poster, the guy with the ticket is lying. To watch some valuable films, you can tell a bit of a lie.

Level 239. What's the hottest?  - Click on the man in the red T-shirt.

Level 240. Who's cheating?  - Grasp the pencil and pull up to remove it from the glass. The correct answer is "A". The truth is not always what it seems.

Level 241. Who is the real witch?  - It is necessary to turn your device upside down and then you will understand that the witch is under the letter "A".

Level 242. Who is crazy?  - Click on the pockets of each doctor and see who is who. The answer is "B". Yesterday I was treated by Dr. Noah, it looks like I need to get back to the hospital.

Level 243. Who's cheating?  - Drag the lamp shade to the side so that the room becomes bright. Thief under the letter "A". Remember to wear a mask, but not these masks.

Level 244. Who's cheating?  - Click on the jaws of each person and you will see that the man under the letter "A" is not a vegetarian. Veganism is not a diet.

Level 245. Which one is the fake door?  - Open each door and try to take the drawing inside Above the letter "B" a door with a picture. The door to happiness opens from the inside. Look how happy I am.

Level 246. Who got sick?  - Open the window behind and you will see that the girl is sick. We don't value health until we get sick. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

Level 247. Who should sit first?  - Click several times on the seated passengers. Done without a hitch.

Level 248. Who is cheating?  - Transfer each person to the car and you will see that the girl is lying above the letter "A". Does technology make life easier or more difficult?

Level 249. Who is cheating?  - Select the flags on the building, UK is left-hand traffic, so the correct answer is "A".

Level 250. Which one is really in love?  - It is necessary to add salt to the visitors' cups several times. The correct answer is "B". Did you know that the groom should drink salty coffee during a Turkish wedding?

Level 251. Which one is pregnant?  - Shake your device to see the mustache girl. Never trust a man with a fancy mustache.

Level 252. Who is the thief?  - On the right you can see the tail of a monkey, pull it to the left and you will see a thief. Animals love shiny objects.

Level 253. Who planned the crime?  - Move the shirt away from the man on the right. He has a property map. Is Scofield you?

Level 254. Who is the real mechanic?  - Press many times on the red clock on the left. Even a broken clock is accurate twice a day.

Level 255. Who's cheating?  - Draw a circle in front of the girl so that the face appears. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the nicest in the world?

Level 256. Who is the real waitress?  - Plates are on the table between the girls. Pass the plates to each girl and see who copes with them better. This is a very hard and responsible job, be nice to the waitress.

Level 257. Who will die?  - Pull the rope from the top of the stage to close the curtains. Then open the curtains in different directions and you will see that the correct answer is "A" and "B" (pinch the two answers with your fingers). I haven't been to the theater for a long time. Would you like to join me for a theatrical evening?

Level 258. Help him determine who is phony here?  - Enlarge the mirror in size and the correct answer is "C". Have you ever had a dream in which you were awake? What if you couldn't wake up from this dream?

Level 259. Help him determine who is phony here?  - Click on the phone lying on the table. The guy on the left is phony.

Level 260. Who is using the filter?  - Rub your finger on each screen of the phone, the girl on the left uses the filter. You should value yourself more, you shouldn't use fake filters.

Level 261. Which one is the man?  - Pull back the curtains from each booth and select the man on the right, he looks a lot like a Scotsman. I want to try to play the bagpipes. I can become a talented piper.

Level 262. Which way is safe?  - Just shake your device and you will see which path is safe. I would like to walk along a beautiful forest road with my soul mate.

Level 263. Who is cheating?  - Have the man on the left click on the pocket and find out that he is a secret agent! The man on the right is cheating! I love movies about secret agents, so many adventures!

Level 264. Freeze melted ice cream  - Draw a line from the refrigerator cable to the outlet. Open the bottom compartment of the refrigerator and place the ice cream there. This made me want to eat ice cream. What is your favorite ice cream?

Level 265. Which one is an undercover police officer?  - Tap the balls several times and one of them will burst. The policeman will immediately reveal himself, taking out a pistol. You have to be alert like a cowboy.

Level 266. Where is the invisible man?  - Take the yellow bottle from the shelf on the left and run it around the room. Our new maiden is to eat, splash and love.

Level 267. Who is cheating?  - Click on the matryoshka. Then open each matryoshka until you find a diamond. I want to get one nesting doll to decorate my bookshelf.

Level 268. Which of them has obsessive-compulsive disorder?  - turn your device in different directions to see the person in the middle with the disorder. I don’t like to be sloppy, but it’s very important not to worry about such little things.

Level 269. Who is cheating?  - Ants are crawling to the left of the bushes. Zoom in on them to see what they're dragging. Select the man on the left.

Level 270. Who's cheating?  - Click on each camera and you will see that the man on the left is lying. I love to record family videos. Precious records for the whole family to watch and remember the good old days as the years passed.

Level 271. Who is cheating?  “Take a closer look at the sky. In it, you will see a drone-like aircraft. Bring the drone down the road from the garage. I remember how excited I was, waiting for my dad to come home from work. It was fun to play with him wherever he was.

Level 272. Which one is an alien?  - In the center there is a column with a red button, tap on it and water will flow. What to give an alien? Little space!

Level 273. Get him out of the cave  - Click on the wood in the fire and a flame will light up, chests with gold and a lamp will appear, rub it and a genie will appear. Your desire is my law.

Level 274. Who's cheating?  - Click on the girl's hand on the left, then select her, she is cheating. Never give up chocolate cake.

Level 275. Who is the real ghost?  - Lift the sheets up. Why did the ghost cross the road? To come from the other side, there is a drive.

Level 276. Where is his music album?  - Click on the top left shelf with books. It would be a nightmare if I lost my record collection. I can not live without music!

Level 277. Who is infringing on copyright?  - Click on the flashlight in the hands of the guard and you will see the intruder. Say no to stealing.

Level 278. Who is cheating?  - Take the glowing wires, and put it in the hand of the man on the left, then click on option "A". Well done keep it up!

Level 279. Who can't fly?  - Swipe the men's parachutes up with your thumb and they will fly. Answer: "S".

Level 280. Who's cheating?  - Loosen the screw on the car with your finger. The correct answer is "B". If you are telling the truth, you do not need to remember anything.

Level 281. Who is the best?  - Turn your finger towards yourself, click on it several times. Someone should have said you are the best.

Level 282. Who is cheating?  - The level is not working properly, we are waiting for the game update. Click skip level and play further.

Level 283. Which of them "monitors" the account?  - Click on the men's trouser pockets and look at the checks on the rings, select the guy on the left. A person's worth should not be measured by the thickness of their wallet.

Level 284. Who is the time traveler?  - Swipe the mask from the central character and you will see the medical mask of our time. I don't want to see more masks.

Level 285. Who is the captain?  - Place the parrot on the center boy's shoulder. The parrot chooses the captain.

Level 286. Who is the water mage?  - Click on the buckets of water and see who remains wet, option "B" will be correct. When I am in the pool, I parade the water mages.

Level 287. Who painted the wall?  - Click on the tattoo on the shoulder of the extreme man, and press "A". So you noticed the tattoo.

Level 288. Which one is the prince?  - Bring the frogs to the princess. Sometimes, in order to find a prince, you need to kiss several frogs.

Level 289. Which one is a shoplifter?  - Take the scanner from the seller's hands and point it at the girls.

Level 290. Which one is the clown fish?  - Transfer the fish to the surface of the water, and one of them will not change its color. Don't get lost again, Nemo.

Level 291. Who's cheating?  - Click on the number in the visitor's hand, then on the cloakroom attendant. Impressive!

Level 292. Who is cheating?  - Aim the magnifying glass at the characters and you will see the deception, the central man was not in the bathroom, his hands are dirty. You are constantly improving, great job.

Level 293. Who is cheating?  - Swipe the tablet from the man on the left to the right and you will see forbidden literature. Someone seems to be distracted.

Level 294. Who is telling the truth?  - Click on the tickets in the hands of passengers, then on the plane and you will see that the man on the right is lying. You are awesome!

Level 295. Which one is a cheese factory?  - Bring an empty bucket to a cow and get milk, then send milk to factories and see where the cheese is produced. Everything is done better with cheese.

Level 296. Which one is Excalibur sword?  - Draw out two swords, and the one that stays in place is the Excalibur sword. The sword is still waiting for its king.

Level 297. Which milk is not expired?  - Move the milk bottles to the bowls, the cats will run up to the fresh milk. This is good!

Level 298. Which honey is delicious?  - Remove part of the rock, opening the passage for the bear, he will take delicious honey. Another common trait with bears.

Level 299. Which ball shows the future?  - Open each ball with two fingers to see the future. The future of the masked people is the middle ball.

Level 300. Find the secret entrance  - Move the carpet to the right to reveal a door.

Level 301. Who has superpowers?  - Shake your device and select the man under the letter "B". I want this superpower. I am afraid of unkempt pots, especially in windy conditions.

Level 302. Who is right?  - Click on the girl's mobile phone and see the correspondence, dad is right! I am always honest, I highly recommend living an easy life.

Level 303. Who's lying?  - Click on the rags of women, and you will see who has a dirty rag. She must pay twice the employee.

Level 304. Who's lying?  - Increase the trash can and you will see the check for the chicken, dad is cheating. Your mind is your best weapon.

Level 305. Who is the killer?  - Zoom in on your TV screen and see the weather forecast. The gardener is deceiving, the truth is not always what it seems.

Level 306. Who is claustrophobic?  - Close the elevator door with two fingers and it will open, the girl in the center is afraid. If you hate elevators, why don't you try stairs then?

Level 307. Who has hay fever?  - Shake your device and pollen will appear, the girl is allergic. Admit it, this question has taken you very much.

Level 308. Who is right?  - Pinch the dog with your finger and move it to the man in the wheelchair and he will run away. It's true, I saw it on the news.

Level 309. Who is jealous?  - Transfer the man in black to the girls and leave for a few seconds near each. The man under the letter "A" is jealous.

Level 310. Who's lying? - Click on the hand, girls in black. Option "A" is correct. You can never hide the true age of your hands. This is the truth of life.

Level 311. Whose child is more successful? - Look at the notes on the stand and see the boys' ratings. It's time to accept the truth mom, numbers never lie. So make him work hard.

Level 312. Who is right? - Swipe the man's jacket to the side and you will see a mark of lipstick on the collar of the shirt - click on it, then select the girl.

Level 313. Who's lying? - Bring the phone to the faces of men and the screen will unlock, the guy in red pants is lying. I love this technology, but it doesn't work with masks.

Level 314. Who's lying? - There are passes in the pockets of men, bring them to the turnstile and select the man on the left, he is cheating. Maybe his card has a broken magnet. Who knows?

Level 315. Wake up Brian! - Take the orange ball and bring it to the man's face, the cat will jump on him and wake him up. I wish I woke up like this every day.

Level 316. Caramel's eyes are hard to see. Help her see the fish  - Tear off a sheet from the notebook and the cat will react to the fish more. Who will believe that there is no soul behind these shining eyes!

Level 317. Help Caramel get home! - Click on the collar of the cat, then click on the yellow arrow and you will see a yellow door - knock on it. She went for a little walk and came back.

Level 318. Make Caramel happy! - Hold the computer mouse and move it across the table. Now she is happy!

Level 319. It is very prone to gaining weight. Feed him balanced  - Bring a bag of feed to a measuring cup, then a glass to a bowl, then repeat. Nome for a cat two glasses.

Level 320. Make sure Caramel drinks a lot of water! - Take the bones from the bowl and make a path to the bowl of water.

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