Walkthrough The Medium - game guide

 Solve all puzzles, find important items, collect collectibles, including scrapbooks, postcards, photographs, and more

Walkthrough The Medium - game guide

After watching the introductory video, you will find yourself in the house of Jack - the man who once adopted Marianne. Take a look around the room. You can take a look at the day planner on the table to view Jack's to-do list. Exit the room and head down the hallway to the right. The door on the left leads to the exit, so don't rush to use it. The nearest door on the right leads to the kitchen. Go there and examine the cat bowl. There is a newspaper on the table on the right, and a passage on the left leads to a room for developing photographs.

You can pick up the cat food on the table to the left and pour it into a bowl. You will unlock a secret achievement.

Read the instructions carefully to understand how to develop and print photos. The instruction itself hangs on the wall in front. There are three trays of different liquids under you. You will need to dip the photo into each bath sequentially, from right to left. But first, take the undeveloped photo itself (the stack of paper on the right) and place it under the device to the left. Turn on the light and wait 5 seconds. After that, take the paper and place it in the nearest tray. Wait 3 seconds, pick up and place in the next one. And so on, for each of the three baths.

Return to the corridor. The far door on the right leads to a bathroom with a book that can be studied. Go back down the hallway and into the depths. Enter Jack's room on the left side. There is a photo of Jack and Marianne on the table. Examine the medals hanging on the wall on the left. Also, look into the small box next to the same wall, on the shelf next to the clock. There should be Jack's tie clip inside. But the box is empty. Here you will learn about Marianne's first skill - intuition. Hold Left CTRL to see the silhouette of the clip. Move the table clock and take the item. You can also examine the icon hanging on the wall to the right.

It remains to look into the back room where Marianne lived. There are butterflies on the wall to the left, on the table there is a photograph from the shelter. On the sideboard with a mirror to the right is a note from the headmaster, who invites Jack to talk about Marianne's bad behavior. And in the box to the right there is a piece of paper with Marianna's diagnosis (who was three years old with burns and 25% skin lesions).

Leave the house and the only way to get to the funeral home. Open the door with the key from your inventory and go inside. Access to the morgue on the left is closed. I need a key. Enter Jack's office, inspect his desk, where there is a framed photo, burial report and a key to the morgue. Open the morgue door and go down to the basement. Open the far freezer to reveal Jack's corpse. There is a tie on a stool nearby. Take it and combine it with the clip in your inventory. Secure the thing to Jack's corpse. The lights will suddenly go out. Climb up to Jack's office and go right. Examine the broken vase, after which the cut-scene will start. You will see the unique mechanics of the game, but you will not be able to use them yet. And then the bell will ring.

Party rest house "Niva"

Upon arrival, explore the locked main gate. Go to the hut on the left and look into the suitcase lying on the floor. Inside it will be a postcard "Greetings from the Niva" ( postcards of the caretaker ). Each postcard has a message from Francis, the caretaker of the holiday home. You can look through the window at the back of the room, and then go outside and walk to the left along the gatehouse. Climb onto the container, and from it - onto the fence.

Use the Shift key to move faster along the road. Jump off the edge of the road, even lower and go to the concrete slab to start the cut-scene. Before going right, move left to find the burial place of soldiers who died in World War II. Walk right. The CTRL key will highlight the tracks. This path will lead you to an object that you can walk inside. Squeeze through the narrow wall. Finally, a break will occur and you will find yourself in two worlds. In this state, you move with both characters at once! Walk forward and climb the ledge on the right. There will be a closed door in front, a little closer - a shield that needs to be charged. If you go to the right of the shield, then behind the stones you can find the drawing "New acquaintance" (creepy drawings). Such drawings can only be found by Marianne from the other world! Now run to the left, press against the wall and make your way to the light source. Hold RMB to energize, then return to the dashboard. Hold and after 3-4 seconds release the "Space" so that Marianne from the otherworldly world splashes out energy. This will charge the shield in the real world, and you will be able to go through the door in front. When you go outside, everything will return to normal.

Run along the path through the forest. At the fork, go right to examine the deer corpse. At the next fork, you can turn right again to find an altar with a toy monkey with plates in hand. An explicit reference to Layers of Fear! Go back and take the left path. Eventually, you will discover a huge hotel complex. Before going inside, inspect the entire area to collect collectibles.

Go left and look for New Horizons magazine on one of the benches. A little higher there will be a parking lot with a red car. Inside it, look for the "Honest Work" postcard ( caretaker's postcards ). You can also open the hood using the lever to the left of the steering wheel. Look under the hood to find a screwdriver. Go right, read the inscription on the stele near the building. There is a telephone near the stairs. Interact with him. After removing the tube, hold down the left CTRL and look for a rift. Study it to hear the voice of a man from the past. By collecting all such echoes of Henry (that is the name of the man), you will unlock a secret achievement. If you go to the right, you can study the image on the pavement. This game is called "Classics".

Go to the main door, which will be closed. Open the door on the right and pull out the trash can. Use it to climb onto the building's visor and get inside through the broken window. Immediately at the entrance, examine the shoes on the left. Use your intuition to listen to the echo. Go a little to the left and find a magazine on the chair on the right. You can explore different posters. The children's magazine is on the table to the left. There, on the wall, is the hotel map. Go to the front desk and study the magazine. Continue past the elevators. Turn right and take the "Promotion" postcard ([b] caretaker postcards [/ b) from the stand. Approach the grate in front, behind which you can see a flashlight. You will hear a sound. After the cut-scene, return to the counter and interact with the bell. You will meet a girl named Sadness.

After a lengthy video, go to the elevator and go to the second floor ("1" on the panel). The elevator will get stuck. In the real world, you cannot leave it, but you can do it in the other world. Hold the F key to make Marianne detach from the body. You will be in control of the spirit. This can be done, but not for long. Gradually, the spirit will begin to dissolve, so you will need to hold F again to return to the body.

Outside the elevator, you will find a flap that needs recharging. Go down the stairs to the first floor. Run deeper into the screen past the elevators into the corridor where there is a locked grate. On the curbstone to the right there will be a drawing "Friends forever" (creepy drawings). Now go the other way. Surely by this time the spirit will weaken, so you will have to return to the body and again break out of it. There will be a light source on the opposite side. Get energized and head back to the elevator. Recharge the shield. By the way, if you return to the elevator by returning to the body, the energy will still not go anywhere. So this method is preferred. You can get out of the elevator and examine the poster, and then return and go to the third floor (key "2" on the panel).

Walk forward along the third floor corridor. A door will appear on the right, requiring a key. Then insects will appear. Defend against them by holding down the mouse wheel. Walk forward a little to find an open passage on the left. But only for the other world. Therefore, separate from the body and enter the room on the left. Inside it you will find a strange key. If you go to the end of the corridor, you will find skin. Now you cannot cut it, but in the future it will not be an obstacle.

Go back and open the door on the right with a strange key. Go inside, go "on yourself" and look through the hole in the wall on the right. Return to the front door and follow the right through the bathroom. Enter the back room and pick up the phone. Find the gap with your intuition. You won't be able to get out onto the balcony, so go downstairs through the hole in the floor. Exit to the main room. In the other world, there will be an energy source on the right, but it is weak, so it will not work to recharge. And in the real world, there is also a vase. Therefore, something needs to be placed here.

In addition, please note that any interactions in the real world are carried out through LMB, and in the other world - RMB.

Opposite there is a curbstone with a magazine on it. Interact with him, after which you can find a point of memory. To do this, move the mouse to the right or left on the mat. As soon as the silhouettes start glowing, stop. Wait 3-4 seconds to trigger the flashback. You will see Richard Tarkovsky and his nurse Ursula. And on the table to the left there will be a note with a list of medicines for Richard. You can look into the bathroom to find a medicine bottle and "Apology" (the mentor's diaries ), in which Richard admits that he has no feelings for Ursula. And there is a gap on the medicine bottle, which you can detect with your intuition. Finally, go out into the corridor and look for the "Sad Nurse" drawing (creepy drawings) in the other world. Continue playing The Medium.

Go out to the balcony, separate from the body and, as a spirit, move to the right. Press against the wall to cross the chasm. There will be a memory inside the room, but you cannot activate it right now. Look through the hole on the bathroom door. After the screamer, go inside, drain the blood from the bath and take the razor. It is used to cut the skin! Return to the body and then interact with the skin on the balcony. Use a razor and drag your mouse down the mat until you cut to the very end.

Once in the room, go downstairs and into the bathroom on the right. In the real world, examine the mirror and find the rift to listen to the echo. Remove the sunflower from the pot in the back room. Also examine the bowl a little to the right so that the game will allow you to find the memory point. Return to the previous apartment and insert the sunflower into the vase. Get energized in the other world, go out into the corridor and hold down the mouse wheel to walk forward past insects.

Exit to the landing and go up one floor. Move the cart, open the door and go out into the corridor, which you have already visited. But this time there is a razor, so cut the skin in front. Recharge your energy and use the shield to pass through the insects. Enter the room on the left and examine the newspaper on the curbstone. A little to the right, there is a basket on the floor, in which there is a note "Quiet Place" ( notes of a worried person ). And in the other world, there is also a drawing "The Old Man" (terrible drawings). Examine the door leading to Thomas's study. Watch the cut-scene.

Enter the study and look at the large clock on the left. You need a key to open them. Go around the table and examine the phone lying on top, as well as traces of ash on its right side. Read the "To Do List" note ( notes from a concerned person) in the drawer on the right. There is another drawer on the floor. Pick up the lantern and the key underneath. Use the key on the clock, hold A to rewind time. Stop at the moment when you see the secret passage behind the clock. In addition, different silhouettes of Thomas will appear at different times. You can interact with them in the underworld to listen to Thomas' words and thoughts. Separate from the body and go to the secret room. There you will find a shield that needs recharging. Rewind time to the very beginning to find the source of the energy. Recharge, return to the moment when the passage is open, and go inside, having previously separated from the body. Create a powerful explosion near the visor. Now in the real world, go to the cabinet behind which there is a secret passage. Open it, study the photo, and then activate your intuition. With its help, you will find a secret lever. Move the picture and press the button.

Go to the secret room, examine the projector that will not work. To the right, there is a book in a cardboard box. Another one is located a little further. Take a look at the symbol on the floor and pick up the Forces New Note ( Notes of a Concerned Person). In the left corner there is a table for developing photos. Click on the white switch on the wall to turn on the light. You can view all instructions. You need to act as usual, only there are no liquids. With the light on, examine the two empty trays and one spot under the third tray. Move away from the table. Take the retainer off the chair on the right. A little further behind the projector there is a box with a tray. There is a cabinet in the background and there is a developer on the shelf. The final liquid, the stop solution, is in the sink to the left of where you want to develop the photo. Go back, set the tray to an empty spot, pour the liquids into three trays, and take the paper. Place it under a light, turn it on and wait 5 seconds. Then place in different liquids, holding in each for 3 seconds. The sequence is simple: developer, stop solution, fixative. The result should be a photo of Marianne. Watch the video to get to know the Maw for the first time.

Run away from the Maw until you find yourself near a light  source. Get energized and go to the next room. Here you need to hide from the Maw behind various barricades. Remember to press C to duck. Take your time. At some point, the Maw will move closer to you. When she leaves, go ahead. Keep driving. Do not forget that you can defend yourself with a spiritual shield from the Maw if there is energy. Pick up the moment and run into the passage ahead, to a new source of light. Energized, turn on your spiritual shield and walk forward. Move along the wall until you fall down.

Richard Tarkovsky

Watch the cut-scene, go to the radio, standing at the reception desk, and interact with it. You will hear a hint from Sorrow. He asks to go to the rest room. Go to the main entrance and turn right where the door is now open. Examine the wooden door ahead that leads to the recreation room. Then the light on the right will start flashing. Go to the glass door and see the grate open. On the way through the lattice, pick up the note "Hot delirium" ( notes of a worried person ), follow into the screen and go to the right along the upper bridge. Jump down, go left, examining various trails around the pool. This is a trail of blood on the wall at the very beginning, the barrier of the police on top and the barrier in the pool. And on both gates you need to apply intuition.

Go to the back and go to the shower room. Take advantage of the hole in the wall, and then examine the bloody clothes lying on the floor opposite this hole. Use your intuition to listen to the echo. Go to the right side of this room and find a box near one of the baths. It will contain a postcard "Once" ([b] postcards of the caretaker [/ b). Exit into the corridor and head forward along the steps. Once in the larger hallway from above, you will see flickering light in the distance. But go to the front of the screen to find the note "Old Man Frank" in the corner on the right ( notes of a worried person). Run forward along the corridor. The door to the landing on the right does not open. A little further to the right there will be a mirror. Examine it. Go to the very end and take a look at the bolt cutter sticking out from above. And on the left there will be a door with a chain. As you can imagine, she needs a bolt cutter.

Walk back and find a reflection of Sorrow in the mirror. Talk to her. Hold CTRL to activate intuition. Sadness will tell you where to go. Open the door opposite the mirror (on the left), go to the right along the balcony and examine the whirligig on the chair. Use your intuition to unlock echoes. Then go down the bridge and find the stuffed dog in the pool. Do the same with your intuition. Climb to the port side of the pool and find the teddy bear to listen to the next echo. Jump into the pool and go to the shower room at the back of the screen. Move the cart if you haven't already and find a toy tank on the floor. Use your intuition to find the rift to listen to the echo. Make your way through the hole in the wall, open the cabinet on the left and pick up the white cat figurine. Other ).
Having in your hands a figurine of a white cat, run back upstairs to the mirror. Interact with her to find yourself in the other world. You can't get out of here. Run up the stairs and then head left along the corridor. Examine the strange figure. This is the boy from Lily's memory, Bernard. You need to apply something. Run to the right along the corridor. Examine the right wall. To see many masks. Go to the room on the right to find the well of spirits. Stock up on energy, leave the room and look into the abyss at the back of the screen. You will see the silhouette of the bolt cutter. Cut through the skin on the passage to the left, move through the insects using your spirit shield, and remove Bernard's mask from the pillar. Run to Bernard himself and put on a mask on him. The path is clear! You will find a niche with a black cat figurine. As you understand, a white cat allows you to move from reality to the looking glass,

As soon as the mouth appears, run in the opposite direction, into the room with the well of souls, and use the mirror to return to reality. Make your way through the crack in the wall and run to the end of the room. Hide behind the curbstone and hold your breath while holding down the ALT key. The mouth will knock out the door on the right. Go through the corridor to the observation room, use the phone on the wall and find Henry's echo. The door on the left is locked, but there is a mirror to the side of it. Move through the looking glass. Take your time! Move to the front of the screen to find the Bad Nurse drawing (creepy drawings). Go out into the corridor and find two people at once! You need to restore their identities and find the mask of each.

Enter the room on the left and look for the "Dark" drawing (creepy drawings) in the back. Climb up the steps. Climb onto the ledges and remove the mask hanging on the right. It belongs to a man. A passage will open. Walk to the right and enter the mirror at the back of the room. In reality, there is a desk with a telephone on the left side of this room. Find an echo on it. Go into the corridor, go deeper and look into the conference room on the left. Read the note on the table. Here is a list of all people who attended the conference. Go to the front and look for the ashtray on the table. Use your intellect to find echoes. You will learn that the deceased man was put in front of Boris. Review the list of participants again and click Boris (ninth). You will find out that he sat in ninth place. Take a look at the back chair in the left row. Boris was sitting here. Now examine the chair opposite number 04. A dead man was sitting here. Take a look at the list and click on the man's name under the fourth number. We learned how to call a man. Go back and place the mask on the man's remains.

Now you need to deal with the woman. Enter the room with the mirror on the right. Use your intuition to see butterflies pointing to a curbstone in the background. Marianne has to say that "there is nothing here, at least in the dark world." Return to reality through the mirror and examine the opening between the cabinet and the trash can. You will find the key. Use it to open the door on the left.

After passing through the door, run to the left to find a trash can with a postcard "Wonderful Landscape" ([b] postcards of the caretaker [/ b). Run to the right and enter the mirror, into the dark world. In the dark world, go right, hug the wall and go around the corner with an abyss. There will be another mirror at the end of the corridor, allowing you to return to reality. Having done this, go to the room on the left. Use your intuition to see the Maw. Hold your breath, move slowly. The mouth walks clockwise, follow also to the far left corner. Make your way under the furniture to see the Mouth again. Again, the monster walks clockwise. Follow him, but do not try to go around the furniture so that you will immediately reach the door. Will not work! Instead, look to the left for a safe place to wait for the Maw to circle. After getting out into the corridor, run forward,

Examine the clothes on the bed. Then take a look at the table next to it. Find the echo on Vivienne's postcard. Examine the business card, then examine the two large posters and the hole in the wall between them. Go to the mirror, enter the ballerina's room and go to the bathroom behind the mirror in the dark world. There you will find a woman's mask. Enter the mirror inside the ballerina's apartment; examine the notebook on the left bedside table. Part of the page is torn off. Examine the bracelet on the table to the left. There are two names on it - Ellie and Tory. Use your intuition to locate the portion of the page lying on the floor by the bed. Place it in your notebook. You will see four numbers. You are interested in the lower one, but you can call each one to listen to the messages.

Exit into the hallway from the room and use the mirror on the right wall. Go deeper into the corridor, again press against the wall and go around the pit. Enter the mirror, in the real world, run to the left and use the mirror inside the examination room, with the phone on the wall. Place the mask on the woman's remains as you now know her name. The silhouette of a bolt cutter appears behind the disappeared wall. Enter the room on the right and use the mirror.

In reality, on the curbstone on the left there is a note "Tikhonya" ( Other ). Exit into the corridor and pick up the bolt cutter. Return to the room and go through the hole in the wall. Explore the wheelchair using your intuition. Examine the couch on the right to find the note "Blank Look" ( Miscellaneous ). Go to the front of the corridor. There is an object on the left, and on the right there will be a door with a chain. Use a bolt cutter to cut the chain. You need to simultaneously press on LMB and RMB. Go downstairs and cut the chain on the other door. Exit into the corridor, go forward past the familiar mirror and get rid of the chains on the door on the left.

This path leads back to the hall. Before removing the chains from the break room doors, return to the reception desk and approach the grate with the chain in front. You haven't forgotten about her, have you? Cut the chain and look behind the bars for the note "Ashes and death" ( notes of a worried person ).

Now go to the break room after getting rid of the chain Talk to Sorrow, cut the skin in front and enter the main room.

Examine the things against the wall on the left. An echo can be found on the drawings of the horses, and to the left of it lies the note "Refusal of Greatness" ( mentor's diaries ). Continue along the left wall and find on the couch the note "Special Boy" ( mentor's diaries ). A little further there will be an entrance to the room. Ignore it and look for the first part of the notes on the chair on the right. Interact with the drip stand next to where the torn memory is shown in the dark world. Rebuild it. You cannot go to the landing on the right - you need energy for a spiritual shield and protection from insects. Continue to the other corner of the room. There will be a doorway on the side, and to the right of it is a chair with a note "Source of Inspiration" ( mentor's diaries). In the near right corner from the entrance to the room, on the table is the second part of the notes. Now examine the door in the far right corner. Key required. However, you can pass here in the dark world. Separate the soul from the body and enter the room. Find the hoop (equator) on the pedestal. There is a broken memory here, but a body is required. Return to the body and go to the room in the far left. On the table immediately at the entrance is a note "Sequence in Madness" ( mentor's diaries ). Next, apply the hoop to the globe. In the world of shadows, rotate the hoops so that there are eyes at the top, nose and mouth below.

You will be able to rotate the globe by changing the room. As it was with the clock. Turn so that you can go to the balcony on the left. Apparently, a creepy drawing is hidden just to the right of the balcony, but I did not find it. Exit to the balcony and go to the adjacent apartment. There will be a well of souls, but the spark is too weak. Examine the pieces of wood on the table on the right and restore the memory. On the table near the passage to the right is the key to the office 7. Cut the skin, run to the door in the far right corner and open it with the key you found. In this room there is a pen case with an echo on the table. Use your intuition. There are glasses on another table. Use them to find a memory point. Also on this table you can find a note "Distance" (the diaries of the mentor) and the third part of the notes. If you've collected all three, combine them in your inventory to get a complete note. Run to the previous room, where the well of souls is located, and play the piano using the sheet of music. Get energized and walk across the insect landing using your Spirit Shield.

Once at the bottom, go right and interact with the painting. Recover the memory. To the right there is a table in the corner on which there is a note "New House" (the diaries of the mentor ). Press CTRL to follow the trail and use the doll to view a new memory. Go left and use the bow lying on the table with a white tablecloth. Finally, examine the wheelchair in the middle of the room. Watch a lengthy cut-scene.

In Richard's head

We will now control the spirit of Thomas. Run forward along the path and use the mouse wheel to defend against the tentacles. Enter the house, take the father's knife from the table on the left and go through the door on the right. Move forward along the corridor until you can go through the door. In the room, examine the desk, examine the smoking pipe and open the drawer to reveal a drawing of a woman. Take a look at the medal above the fireplace on the right. In the same place, look at the photograph of a man and a woman, Richard's parents. After that, you can get a note from the fireplace, which says about the death of Richard's father. Recharge with energy from the coffin and create an explosion at the vines on the left. You will be drawn into the picture.

Run forward through the garden, you can turn left and find the girl's drawing on the bench. Continue to the other side, turn left and find a clearing with a bench and food on a shawl. Now run to the right of the food bench to see the gazebo. Move closer to her until the memory ends.

Go down the hall and climb the stairs to the second floor of the house. Open the door and go to the chair. Interact with him. The stepfather will ask you to bring him something. None of the items in this room fit. Give him any three, he'll get angry. Approach the tentacle and wait for it to swing. Use the spiritual shield three times to destroy it. The next room will have an energy source - a pillow. Charge up, go through the door and head down the corridor, reflecting the attacks of the tentacles. Open the far door and use the Spirit Blast on the painting.

Walk forward through the garden and find a bench with a girl's drawing. Continue driving, turn right at the crossroads and go left. Pick up a badge from the stone. Go further (to the left of the stone with the sign) and approach the gazebo. The memory will end again.

Climb up the corridor and examine various objects in the attic. When you have studied everything you need, a loop will appear. Recharge with her energy and make an explosion at the picture. Move through the garden, reflecting the attacks of the tentacles, until you find a rose bush. As soon as it withers (needs to be examined), go back and reflect the tentacles. Find an exit to the gazebo (you can study other objects along the way) and look for flowers inside it. Energize from the door in the mansion, run forward and explode the marked item.

Finding the Red House

Go outside and walk forward past the flower beds. At the fork, turn left to find a bench with a Chatting and Chatting Postcard  Caretaker Postcards. There is a telephone set slightly to the left. Use it to listen to Henry's echo. Continue down to the observation deck. You can examine different stands and look through a telescope. This will allow you to see the Blair Witch figurine hanging from the tree. To the right of the telescope is a postcard "Poor thing" ( postcards of the caretaker).

Move deeper into the forest. You will see signs shortly. Both paths lead to the same place, but only on the path to the left there is a collector's item - on the bench there is a postcard "More difficult" ( postcards of the caretaker. Eventually, you will reach a wooden bridge. You need to go under it, and along the way you can examine two corpses of deer. Eventually the cut-scene will start. A dog will appear. Another nod to Blair Witch! Don't rush to follow her. Instead, follow the sign to the right and look under the trees for a Whisper in the Dark Postcard ( Caretaker Postcards ). Climb up the mountain following the dog. You will find some kind of awning. There is food for the dog under the canopy. Pick it up and pour it into a bowl from the bottom. You can examine the items drying on the left. Get to the tent, watch the video, and then examine the contents of the tent.photos ) and the corpse itself. The video will start again.

Run away from the monster until you find yourself in ruins. Climb up and down other parts. Walk over the wooden plank and see a Jack figure. Go behind bars and take a look at the tie. Use your intuition to see the tracks. Follow them to the right, move the rack and make your way through the hole in the wall. Go down to the catacombs and open the grate. There is a photograph on the barrel to the left. In the end, you will need to run from the monster. Run away from it, and then move the concrete mixer back to fill up the passage. Move it all the way so that you can go to the grate on the right. Cut the chain with a bolt cutter and get out where you need to cut another chain.

Examine the generator ahead. Try to start, and then unscrew the plug from above. Not enough fuel. There is a fence in front and a panel for a lever on the right. But the handle itself is missing. Go into the passage on the left and pick up the fuel can. You can immediately pour it into the generator and even start it. And then go back where the canister was, and climb up the ledges. Cut the chain to push the bridge forward. Climb up, move along the thin boards until you find yourself in a clearing with a monster. So, first, go forward, but carefully - in the middle of the location, birds will fly up. Walk to the right and hold your breath as Mouth will run at you. When the Maw returns to the depths, follow the trail and cut the rope on the mount on the left. On the right, a load will fall, thanks to which you will distract the Maw and be able to make your way further.

Follow the top, go along the walls and on the other side you will find a lever. Go downstairs, cut the chain and refuel the generator. Use the lever on the wall panel to open the gate. Push the charged and running generator forward to toast the Mouth. Move on and open the door to return to the forest. Continue playing The Medium.

Walk forward until you find Sadness. Walk forward to the house and see a weak energy source. On the bench in the real world the doll is missing. Enter the house and examine the wooden horse on the table to the left. Use your intuition to listen to the echo. Enter the garage and find the doll on the table on the right. Place the doll on a bench at the entrance to the building and recharge. You cannot open the garage door as you need a jack lever. To the right of the garage door is a suitcase with a rift that can be seen with intuition. You can also pick up a cassette player off the floor and listen to another echo. You can study the motorcycle. Then stand at the garage door, break out of the body and go outside in spirit. Climb to the ledge on the right and even higher to the attic, where there will be a shield. Make a spiritual explosion to temporarily charge it, and then return to the body with the F key. Quickly run up to the remote and activate it to raise the motor. Please note that you need to do this really quickly, as the shield will soon be discharged. In the hole, pick up the lever and use it on the jack. To the left of the house (from the side of the main entrance with dolls and a well of showers) you can find a wheel from a wheelchair and a pack of cigarettes. Both items contain echoes.

Raise the garage door with the jack and go to the burned down house. Examine the item on the crate on the left to find a memory point. Use your intuition to find the next item to the left of the house. Finally, pick up the lighter in front of the house. A flashback with Thomas and Henry will start.

In Henry's head

You will control the spirit of Thomas. Go forward and remove items from the path. You need to hold down the mouse wheel and one of the direction keys, which is appropriate in a particular case (that is, direct objects in the direction in which they can fly away). If the correct key is selected, items will shake. Just wait. Go further and find yourself in the interrogation room. Look through the glass, then study the boy on the monitor, and then the table. There is a reel of audio recording on the table. Install it on the player on the right and run. There is also a case. After that, the door on the left will open.

Go the only way, on the table on the left in the corridor you can study food coupons. Ahead will be a passage that requires a spiritual explosion. Walk to the right, hiding from the lantern light. The first time you need to wait for the light to disappear and run forward. The second time, you need to quickly dodge to the right as soon as you see the light, and then run to the hole on the left, through which you can get to the table under the carcasses. Continue moving, avoiding light, press the button of the suspended remote control and climb up the ledges. This way get to the cache on top. Examine the knife and notebook on the left. A well of souls will appear. Get energized and come back. Use a spiritual explosion to destroy the slime on the door and move on. Open the far door to return to the interrogation room.

Look through the glass on the left. Examine the documents and newspaper lying on the table. Go to the turntable, use your intuition and find another reel under the table on the left. Listen to the recording on the player. Keep going the only way. Interact with the filing cabinets when needed. Session records can be found along the way. eventually you will reach the door of the house. Examine the drawing to the left of the door and go through it. Move from subject to subject by studying them. Finally, you will find a cage with a boy. Watch the cut-scene.

Red house

Go inside the house and look around. There is a dollhouse, a board with two butterflies (remember their colors) and a fireplace. There is one photograph above the fireplace. Take her. Pick up the photo from the floor to the right, to the left of the mirror. Find one more to the left. You have all three photos. And in the back room you can find the note "Demons" ( notes of a worried person ). Return to the fireplace and set the photos from left to right as follows:

  • Rectangular vertical
  • Round
  • Rectangular horizontal

Go to the mirror and move behind it. You will find a fireplace with a mask of joy (assuming the photos are placed correctly). There is a leather case on the side. Cut it open to get a red butterfly. Go back using the mirror. The dollhouse will open. Examine it, take the mirror and place it in the upper right room. Go through the mirror, examine the chest by the bed and find that you need to install butterflies on it. Cut the leather case to the left of the bed to get a yellow bow tie. And on the left there is a cradle with a mobile. One toy is missing.

Return through the mirror, move it to the upper left room and again move through the looking glass. On the left on the curbstone is a figurine of a fish. There is a leather case a little further. Cut and take the blue butterfly. Move the pillow off the bed and take the mask of tranquility. Return to the room with the mobile through the mirrors and replace the fish figurine. You will find a white butterfly. Go to the chest by the bed and arrange the butterflies as follows:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Blue

There will be a mask of surprise inside. Follow to the upper left room of the house and place three masks randomly on the dolls behind the skin to the right of the bed. Made? As soon as the memory ends, insects will appear. Run back quickly through the mirror. It will break, but the path to the basement will open.

Go down to the basement, go to the left and pick up the note "The missing piece" ( notes of the concerned person ). And in the room on the right there is a note "Found a way" ( notes of a worried person ). Continue exploring the main room. Here you can find children's shoes on a chair, and use your intuition to listen to the echo. In another room there is a wardrobe, and on the table is a note with the year - 1976. Cut the chain on the wardrobe and examine the case from under the pocket watch. It states that this is a gift for a decade. In the main room, find a teddy bear with an echo and the same syringe lying on the shelf under the windows. To the right is a note "Another disease" ( notes of a worried person). Finally, squeeze through the hole in the wall on the right and see a door with a combination lock. You need to enter the girls' year of birth - 1966 (from the year 1976, when the pocket watch was made, we subtract 10 years). Go down to the bunker and run away from the monster.


As soon as you hide behind the door, look around the room and pick up the "Separation" note ( notes of the concerned person ). On the right is an electrical panel that needs to be recharged. Run to the left, deep into the bunker, cut the skin and exit into the blue hall (blue stripes on the walls). Move deeper through the passage. You will be able to look over the railing to see the exit, but the area is flooded. Go to the room on the right, find the well of souls and recharge your batteries in the dark world. Continue deeper through the tanks, turn off the electricity with the panel on the right to avoid hitting the electrified floor. This will take you to the control room. There is a diagram on the wall to the right. There is an instruction on the remote control. There you can also find a note "Artifact of the past" ( notes of a worried person ).

Exit through the door on the left and charge the electrical shield with a Spirit Blast. Having done this, return to the room with the control panel. There are three tanks - blue, yellow and red. You need to get to the valves in the blue and red tanks. To do this, pump water so that one of them is empty. For example, I started with red, so I filled in blue and yellow.

Go to the red tank and go down the stairs. Look for the pipe below with the missing valve. Go deeper into the basement, cut the chain on the cabinet and take out the valve. Return to the pipe and place the valve on it to activate the first tank. Go back and pump water into the red and yellow tanks. Go downstairs in the blue tank, use the spiritual shield to run past the flies, and turn the valve. Made? Charge from the nearest well of souls and run back. Now pump the water into two additional tanks, and then into the blue one. That is, yellow and red must be completely empty.

Go down to the red tank and go through the door to the yellow one. Take your time as the Maw will appear. You need to run up to her, but not too close, and then run into the corridor to the left. The mouth will chase the spirit of Marianne. At the very dead end, return to the body by holding F. And then quickly run to the shield to the left of the far door to activate it and fry the monster. This will take you to the bunker.

Walk forward and into the room on the left. Examine the shield and try to switch the levers. The cork will fly out. We need to find a new fuse. In the same room, on the shelf, there is a note "Fine Line" ( notes of a worried person ), a book about butterflies, and a box with medicines hangs on the wall.

Go deeper into the bunker along the corridor, examine the broken door and the shield on the left. Unscrew the plug, but do not rush. Go to the room ahead, examine the drawings on the table to the left. There will be a note "Loneliness" ( notes of a worried person ). Also examine the walls in salt, the dropper, dolls and books on the right. Go back to the shield, insert the fuses and lower the first, second and fourth levers.

Enter the room opposite. Examine the broken mirror. The first part of the mirror lies on the kitchen table against the far wall. There is moldy food on the table itself. Walk forward and turn into the room on the left. This is the shower room. Pick up the second part of the mirror from the floor, and then examine the radio. With it, you can turn on the music in the bunker. Move on, enter another room on the left and examine the books on the curbstone on the left. Nearby lies the note "Keeping Distance" (from the note of the concerned person ). You can examine the "Business Card" ( notes of the concerned person ) and pick up the third shard of the mirror from the table. Deeper on the wall, Thomas gathered information. There is a note under the board "Hypothesis" ( notes of a worried person). Go back and install all the mirror pieces. As soon as you do this, the cut-scene will start. It remains to go through the forest and watch the final video.

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