When Does Fortnite Season 6 Start? End Date Season 5 Chapter 2

When Does Fortnite Season 6 Start? End Date Season 5 Chapter 2

 Fans are eagerly awaiting Fortnite Season 6, and we have everything you need to know about the next update, including the release date and biggest rumors.

Season 5 of Fortnite was released on December 2, 2021 and introduced a host of changes to the Island, including an open zero point, crossovers with the Mandalorian and The Walking Dead, a new currency called Gold Bars, and a series of exotic weapons.

While the update has been well received by existing fans and has brought many former players back into the game, attention is now slowly shifting to the upcoming Season 6 update, which will no doubt bring a whole host of interesting features to the game.

We've scoured the internet for all the rumors, leaks, and theories about Fortnite Season 6, including potential themes and when fans can expect them to hit their consoles.

When does Fortnite Season 5 end?

According to the  official Fortnite website, players will need to complete the current season's Battle Pass by  March 15, 2021,  which means Season 5 should also end on that day - or at least the same week.

The exact end date for Season 5 is hard to predict as some of the recent seasons have been extended several weeks after their original end date to give Epic more time to finalize its next update.
Following the lead of previous seasons, we also expect a big event at the end of the season. It might have something to do with the hunters Agent Jonesy was collecting.

When does Fortnite Season 6 begin?

The most obvious answer is that Season 6 will start right after the end of Season 5. If we're following this train of thought, Season 6 should begin  on March 15, 2021  . If not on that day, then at some point during the week.

However, there is no complete guarantee that this will happen. Epic Games left fans confused when they introduced  the Black Hole loading screen  at the end of Chapter 1. That meant several days of downtime when fans couldn't play the game.

It's unlikely that this will happen again - although it happened overnight between seasons 4 and 5 - but if it does, the expected release date could be pushed back a few days. We will keep you informed.

What's the theme for Fortnite Season 6?

Epic Games
Some fans believe that Kevin Cube will return for season six.

We won't know the theme of Chapter 2 Season 6 until it launches, but fans already have a lot of predictions and theories about what could happen in the new Fortnite Season.

One of the biggest rumors is that Chapter 2 Season 6 will reimagine the Darkness theme from Chapter 1 Season 6. This will likely mark the return of Kevin's Cube, the mysterious purple object that once caused havoc on the Island.

This theory is supported by the popular  YouTuber Ali-A  , who pointed out that each season in Chapter 2 mimics the corresponding season in Chapter 1. For example, Season 4 of Chapter 1 was about superheroes, and Season 4 of Chapter 2 was about Marvel. superheroes and villains.

It is also likely that we will finally get an explanation about the Imaginary Order, a mysterious group of antagonistic soldiers who continue to rise from the ground and attack players in Season 5.

What new weapons and skins will Fortnite Season 6 have?

As with any Fortnite season, Chapter 2 Season 6 will bring with it a new Battle Pass that will offer players a range of skins, backpacks, gliders, and wraps to unlock as they progress.

We don't know what they will be yet, but given the loud nature of recent skins, with superheroes like The Mandalorian and Marvel / DC emerging, we expect at least one major crossover to launch the season.

In Season 5, a new series of In- Game Legends skins was introduced , in which the Master Chief Halo and Kratos from God of War joined the battle. We keep our fingers crossed to get more in Season 6.

As far as weapons go, we'll have to wait and see if Exotic DLCs like  Shadow Tracker Pistol  and  The Dub , which were recently introduced in Season 5, are carried over to Season 6, or if there is a whole new selection for them. ... 

Is there a Fortnite Season 6 trailer?

There is no trailer for Fortnite Season 6 yet, as Epic Games has yet to release any details about the new update.

However, based on the release models from previous seasons, it is likely that we will start receiving teasers closer to the launch date, with the full trailer available to watch on release day.

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