Where are the Meat Leader, Priest and Test Doll in Fortnite season 5 (locations)

 Get to know the location of Meat Chieftain, Priest and Test Dummy in Fortnite season 5 to complete one of the Jungle Hunter challenges, the mission that will unlock the Predator skin in a few weeks.

With Fortnite update 15.20, the jungle hunter challenges   have arrived  in Fortnite season 5. We have already told you how to complete the first one, find the mysterious capsule  and now touch the second one: talk to Meat Chieftain, Priest and Doll of Test , three characters that are on the game map.

Therefore, here we leave you the guide so you know where it is, Meat Leader, Priest and Test Doll in Fortnite season 5 and you can complete the second challenge to unlock the mysterious skin, which is none other than the Predator.

Where are Meat Leader, Priest and Test Doll in Fortnite season 5

Predator comes to Fortnite with season 5 in the form of new jungle hunter missions,  and it will be the hidden skin that we get for performing all these new missions. So far today 3 have been activated, although in the coming weeks more will be activated. However, let's get to the important point, where to find Meat Leader, Priest and Test Doll ?

Meat Chieftain, Priest, and Trial Dummy can be found near Sneaky Fiefdom. We say "can" because their appearance is random, and in each game they can appear  in two different places. If it appears in one, it will not be in the other, and vice versa. That is why, if you cannot find them at the points indicated, try your luck in another game. We leave you the location of Caudillo C├írnico, Priest and Doll of Trial.

Where are Meat Leader, Priest and Test Doll in Fortnite season 5


To complete the challenge, it is not enough to get closer: you must talk to them. Something that at the moment can be very close (and the normal thing is that there are duels of spikes around these characters). We show you where you can find each one.

Meat leader

Of the three points that we have marked, it is the middle one, the one that is further north. It is in a small elevated area, and is usually always very close around a food truck. If it is not there, the other point where it can appear is the Durr Burger in the northwest of Sticky Swamp.

Test Doll

From the previous one, it is the point that is further west. You will see it in a small field with rocks. Again it may appear... or appear at another point. Our advice is that if you don't see it here and you only need this character, restart the game.


It is the point furthest east. It is at the top of a small elevation, inside a little house. If it was not there, you can try your luck at Sandy Cliffs, going further east, and you will find it also inside a building. Give time to arrive in a game from the other possible location, in case you want to give it a try.

The mysterious reward for completing this challenge is a gesture with the iconic Predator plasma cannon reticle . We recommend that to meet this challenge you land on any of the three points and move quickly to the others. If someone charges the character, you won't be able to talk to him, so try to be quick.

With this you already know how to complete the talk with the Meat Leader, Priest and Test Doll in Fortnite season 5. 

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