Wild Rift's mess with the Yordle Expedition: reviews and solutions

Wild Rift's mess with the Yordle Expedition: reviews and solutions

 The first hours of Wild Rift since the launch of Season 1 of the game with the rebooted rankeds and the goodbye to the beta opens up a world of possibilities towards a promising 2021 from various perspectives, but the first hours have been somewhat frustrating for many because of the Yordle Expedition problems .

The game's initial event featuring rewards including the five new mobile LoL champions, Tristana, Lulu, Teemo, Corki, and Kennen , was disabled in the first hours due to problems claiming the prizes after achieving objectives. , but you're back with some official fixes.

The first clarification given by the Riot Games development team is that those rewards received before the stoppage in the event will remain, a strange situation for some who have verified that their prizes do not appear despite having completed certain missions.

Another of the basic requirements is the achievement of champions, marked by specific objectives for which each yordle is unlocked as the regions of the event progress, a strategy that Riot Games is going to re-plan so that criticism is not repeated. of this Yordle Expedition.

In fact, one of those responsible for the action, Jenny Blees better known as Riot Jennisaur , has confirmed that they expected it to be more satisfactory for players to be able to unlock the yordles one by one instead of all at the same time. In fact, he confesses that they wanted to experiment with it at the time when everything was raised, before even preparing the KDA event months ago.

 In Jenny's words that frustration is also experienced by thousands of players, so from now on and after listening to the community they promise to give their best for the next events.

At the end of the day, we must not forget that this reflection of the League of Legends is a perfect opportunity to try new ways to hook players, to catch them with new mechanics when it comes to getting rewards and that test chest should not be a slab, much less now that the fight for the rankeds really begins.

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