With these 2 interesting mods, Among Us is even more fun

 With exciting modifications you can have even more fun in Among Us. New roles like the sheriff or the doctor spice up the game.

Among Us has been one of the big hits of the past few months and is still surfing the wave of success. Unsurprisingly, after all, it's great fun to sneakily kill your own friends as an imposter or to puzzle together who the traitor is. But if you have been playing the game for months, the games could use a little more variety - in the form of mods.

In the meantime, modders have brought many innovations into the game that provide more variety and more exciting games.

With these 2 interesting mods, Among Us is even more fun

What modifications are there? Quite a few now. These mods either add new skins or even entire roles. These roles are then assigned to random crew members and give them new tasks or skills. Some of the most popular mods include those that add a doctor or sheriff:

The Sheriff mod for Among Us

One of the most popular modifications is the addition of a new role in the form of the sheriff. The sheriff is basically a normal crewmate, so, like his colleagues, he has to do the tasks on the ship in order to advance the progress.

However, the sheriff can do more, because he is not defenseless. He is not dependent on throwing the imposter out of the ship in the vote, but can take fate into his own hands.

The sheriff, like the imposter, can take out another player and kill him directly. This should of course be done to the best of your knowledge and catch an imposter in order to take him out of the game immediately and thus get one step closer to victory.

If the sheriff votes correctly, the imposter have a problem. If the sheriff chooses wrongly and meets an innocent team member, he will be killed immediately, making the task easier for the imposter.

The YouTuber jacksepticeye plays a few rounds with the Sheriff Mod in this video:

The sheriff is an interesting but dangerous role at the same time. The imposter want to kill the sheriff as quickly as possible so as not to be able to receive any resistance. Accordingly, it can be unwise to identify yourself directly as the sheriff.

You can download the Sheriff Mod here: Link to download on GitHub

The doctor mod for Among Us

A “doctor” mod, which is sometimes also called a “healer” mod, is currently equally popular.

The doctor is also basically a normal crew member who has to perform tasks in order to repair the ship or the space station.

However, the Doctor has the ability to bring dead crew members back to life if he finds them before another player reports the body. This creates a new dynamic in the reporting of corpses, but also requires new arrangements so that the resuscitated person does not reveal the identity of the imposter.

The doctor is the primary goal of the imposter so that he cannot heal and revive other players. At the same time, it may force the imposter to report killed players themselves immediately so that the corpses disappear and cannot be resuscitated.

This video shows how this works with the doctor:

Install Mods for Among Us - Here's how

How do you install the mods? Mods only work on the PC version of Among Us as you have to swap game files. We take the Sheriff mod as an example, but the installation is similar for all mods.

  1. Download the sheriff mod from the mod developer and make sure that the mod and game are the same version.
  2. Open your game folder, which is in the Steam directory. Then navigate to: Steamlibrary → Steamapps → common → Among Us
  3. Then create the folder “Among Us Sheriff Mod” in the “common” directory.
  4. Extract the downloaded file into the newly created folder.
  5. If you've done everything right, you can now start the mod using Among Us.exe in the “Among Us Sheriff Mod” folder.
Note that all players must have the mod installed in order for it to work. It is also necessary that all players start the mod.

Are the mods worthwhile for Among Us?

Who are the mods for? If you are fed up with the standard roles and want to bring a little more oomph, you should try out the various mods. Veterans in particular, who already know all the tricks and tricks, can bring a little more action to the rounds.

Who should avoid such mods? Basically, the mods with the additional roles are only recommended if you play in larger groups (i.e. 8 players or more). Otherwise, the additional roles can cause a lot of chaos and end laps particularly quickly. If you are only 5 players, the sheriff could almost immediately end the game with a wrong shot. Additional roles are only worthwhile for games in large groups.

Since the mods can currently only be used on the PC version, they are therefore out of the question for mobile gamers.

Have you already tried some mods for Among Us? Or do you just continue to play with the standard roles?

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