With this Call of Duty Warzone weapon you will never use a submachine gun again


With this Call of Duty Warzone weapon you will never use a submachine gun again

If you are a player who is used to equipping submachine guns, you may want to take a look at this new weapon that has the advantages of this type, but that brings many other qualities.

The submachine gun is one of the main weapons within Call of Duty Warzone . This class allows for fast, medium and close range combat that favors skirmishes and frenzied encounters and ambushes. 

However, it also has some drawbacks that could be solved by carrying a good assault rifle. But what if we carried a rifle with the advantages of a submachine gun? Well that's what the following accessory configuration achieves with the FFAR 1 or FAMAS.

Better configuration to equip the FAMAS and that resembles a submachine gun

The best property of a submachine gun is its high rate of fire, its control and mobility. A good loadout with the FAMAS allows to reach levels very similar to those of this type of small arms . In addition, this, coupled with the considerable base damage and the precision and range that this FFAR 1 boasts, will mean that you never need to carry more submachine gun.

  • Agency muffler 
  • 19 '' barrel with heavy reinforcement 
  • Raider stock
  • Operator grip 
  • 50-round Salvo fast loader

With these accessories you will achieve statistics similar to those you can obtain with a submachine gun. Thus, as a secondary weapon you can opt for another assault rifle or a sniper rifle to dominate all the distances of Verdansk.

You can now raze in the battle royale.

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