WoW: Hidden Quest gives you more anima, you can get it every day

 Anima is a tiresome topic in World of Warcraft . Many players would like more of it or complain that there is not enough of it. With a daily quest you can at least farm a little more of the important stuff. But you have to unlock it first.

What kind of quest is that? "Bet on Yourself" is a daily quest in Maldraxxus (not a world quest). For this you have to defeat a certain boss in the theater of pain - the outside area, not the instance.

You accept the quest right in front of the theater and then find the corresponding boss directly in the arena. There are a total of four different opponents rotating there. So you may have to get a few other bosses out of the way first.

WoW: Hidden Quest Map

The quest is designed for five players. If you have difficulties, it is best to look for other players in the group tool or open a group yourself. Even with only three or four players, the quest should work fine as long as you have a tank.

"Bet on Yourself" grants you 105 anima and reputation with the Immortal Army. However, you must first complete a series of quests before you can access the daily quest.

Complete the daily quest for Anima

This is how you unlock it: In order to unlock "Bet on Yourself", you have to do some more quests beforehand. You can accept the starter quest “I could be a fighter” from Anzio the Infallible. It's about at coordinates 50/51 in Maldraxxus. Then follow the quest series and the follow-up quests:

  • 1. "I could be a fighter"
  • 2. "The last one" and "With your head through the wall"
  • 3. "Team spirit" and "Something for everyone"
  • 4. "Aptitude test"
  • 5. "Our cause"
  • 6. "A small loan"
  • 7. "Work for the living"
  • 8. "A safe bet"
  • 9. "The ladder"

It can happen that you do not get access to the daily quest "Bet Yourself" immediately after completing "The Ladder". In this case, wait until the next weekly reset on Wednesdays. You should then be able to complete the quest every day.

What do I need Anima for? With the quest you get 105 anima every day for a few minutes - or 735 anima per week. That's almost as much as for the weekly event that rarely shows up.

You need Anima to upgrade the sanctum of your pact or to buy cosmetics and even legendary effects. This is where the criticism comes from: there is too little of the resource to buy everything you would like to have.

Completing a mythical keystone dungeon, for example, only grants 35 anima. Mainly you get anima in world quests and there also rather little and not always.

However, at least historically, the scarcity makes sense. After all, the story of Shadowlands is precisely about the problem that anima is hardly available. With the hidden quest you at least counteract this.

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