WoW: How to find the NPC Laurent for the Venthyr campaign

 The NPC Laurent in WoW: Shadowlands causes trouble - because he prevents the players from completing their pact campaign. We'll tell you where you can find Laurent.

The pact campaign has been fully playable in WoW: Shadowlands for around a week. The ninth chapter of all four pacts is accessible once the previous missions have been completed and the pact's reputation is high enough. But the Pact campaign causes some problems for Venthyr players - because it may not go on. We'll tell you how to fix the problem and find the NPC Laurent.

What is the problem? Venthyr players who have completed their campaign by step 8 of 9 will suddenly be unable to continue playing. In the quest log there is only a short addition that "you should save Laurent from the glowing district" - but no precise information on how and where this is done.

Who is Laurent? Laurent is one of the Venthyr exiled to the Ember District. For the main story he is basically irrelevant, because he only has one side quest series that you can do for him. Exactly this series of quests is necessary, however, to persuade Laurent to dwell in the Fall and thus initiate the final chapter of the Venthyr campaign.

WoW Guide: Save Laurent in the glowing district - Here's how

Where can you find Laurent? By default, Laurent is not shown as a quest hub on the map. He and his missions are one of the side quests in Revendreth that you have to look for and find. However, Laurent is not particularly hidden. If you haven't done any tasks for him yet, you can find Laurent at coordinates 26/49 in Revendreth.

Alternatively, you can see his position on this map:

WoW Guide: Save Laurent in the glowing district  Map

What do you have to do? Laurent's quest line is relatively simple. You escort him and collect fragments of mirrors that will be used later. Then you free Venthyr from torture tools and ultimately collect splinters to create a new mirror. Defend Laurent and his girlfriend in the final battle and you will gain access to a new mirror.

Have you done all the tasks for Laurent, then he can be found in the fall of sin in the future and the final chapter of the pact campaign can be completed. In the end, this even rewards you with a weapon at item level 187 and is therefore particularly worthwhile for twinks.

Have you already completed the pact campaign? How did you like the final at the Venthyr?

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