Yaga - Walkthrough

Yaga - Walkthrough

 In Yaga, you play the role of Ivan. He is an ordinary blacksmith who wants to lead an honest and hardworking life, but because of his failure, his life changes dramatically. In this guide, we will give you helpful tips to help you play.

The beginning of the game is quite simple, in the role of Ivan you have nothing behind your shoulders except a hammer and an anvil, but later you gradually find new weapons, talismans and objects.

Take training

Trivial advice, but useful. After completing the tutorial, you will understand the basic mechanics of the game - how and what works.

Yes, you can start the game without training, but you can miss out on some mechanics that will later affect the gameplay.

How the battle takes place

In Yaga, battles take place in real time, so it's vital on the move. When you first start the game, Ivan is relatively weak and has an almost empty inventory - a hammer and grandfather's wheel (shield).

At the beginning of the game, it is better to actively use the hammer throwing ability - it is activated by holding down the right mouse button. The blacksmith hammer deals a lot of damage and becomes the enemy, but his attacks are very slow, which can lead to missing hits. When you get copper ore, then immediately go to the anvil. There, make the "Hammer of Rapid Crushing". Although it breaks quickly, its attack speed is several times higher than a normal hammer.

Health and endurance

Ivan has two stats to watch out for: willpower (red bar) and stamina (yellow bar) . Every time Ivan uses a roll or a weapon, stamina is spent, and when taking damage - health (willpower). If Ivan has run out of stamina, then you will not be able to use a weapon (shield, pitchfork with a chain) and roll.

Stamina automatically recovers after a while and it doesn't matter if you fight or run or stand still.

Willpower is health, and it is restored only with the help of special items (bread, lard, etc.) or by returning back to the village.

  • Note: It takes time to use bread or other health-restoring item. Ivan does not immediately replenish HP when activating the healing, you need to wait a few seconds. Therefore, try not to bring your health to a critical level, since at the moment of a battle it is very easy not to notice or to be surrounded by the enemy, where they will not let you stand calmly for a couple of seconds.

Use the roll

To activate the roll, stamina is spent - 25 units . It's not a big waste to get out of a mess when your enemies are trapped in a circle. There is also information that during the roll , Ivan becomes invulnerable and the animation of strikes is canceled.

Crafting and forging

Crafting (if I may say so) works in a simple way, Ivan uses one of his original items as a blueprint , and then creates an improved version of this item.

Just select a blueprint and add ore. Each type of ore affects the base item differently, so experiment and see what you like. For example, using copper ore increases attack speed, and bronze ore increases throw range.

Alternatively, you can endow items with specific enchantments for additional effects , but you must upgrade the anvil first. Anvil Weapon Use Case: Upgrade, Disposal and Runes.

  • Upgrades allow Ivan to use additional materials to add special effects to his equipment. Obtaining all upgrades allows you to use up to three items. Each item has a different effect, and not all items can be used on every piece of equipment.
  • Recycling gives Ivan a better chance of recovering upgrade materials whenever he collects old gear. The latest update significantly increases its chances.
  • Upgrading Rune Carving gives you a chance to receive a Blessing from God whenever you craft an item of equipment. God's blessings are powerful, but beware of the passive generation of failures.

Good luck and bad luck

Ivan is known for being constantly pursued by good luck wherever he goes. The Tsar knows about this and tries to use Ivan's failure against him. This is not just a myth: Dashing constantly pursues Ivan because of his bad luck.

Performing certain actions increases the failure rate. The purple bar under the two main bars (health and stamina) shows his luck. There are several ways that bad luck can increase:

  • Aggressive or malicious response during dialogue.
  • Choosing a line that is the opposite of Ivan's main personality.
  • The use of magic items, including restorative items such as bread.
  • Receiving a blessing that gradually increases bad luck.

As Ivan is unlucky, Dashing will be getting closer and closer. At this point, the game will warn you. When bad luck reaches a critical level, then Likho will appear in spiritual form behind Ivan and perform several actions:

  • Take your pennies (money).
  • Destroys one of your crafted weapons.
  • Destroys all talismans.
The advent of Dashing can leave you without everything, especially if you've just crafted a really powerful weapon. To reduce bad luck, use certain magical items such as five leaf clovers and talismans. Be sure to keep some spare item with you to avoid Leaky spawning.

  • Note: If you know that your failure bar is about to fill up and you have no way of getting rid of it, then you can try to mitigate the damage. Just break the crafted weapons to save materials. Sell ​​talismans for a penny and spend all the money on materials, since Leaky cannot take them away from you.

Leveling up and experience

The white bar under the bad luck bar is the experience bar. Ivan gains experience every time he completes a task or destroys monsters and enemies. When his experience bar is full, Ivan can choose a permanent perk from destinies that increases his effectiveness. The choice of perks appears only when you move from one location to another, while sleeping.

The perks that you can choose for Ivan are different, from situational to permanent, for example: situational - increased damage to undead, permanent - increased health or armor.

The choice of perks directly depends on your personality type, so depending on whether you were righteous or selfish, your skills will change accordingly. Simply put, the more often you choose the replica "Righteous", thus the perks associated with this personality type will drop out on the choice of skills and vice versa.

Personality types and consequences

You will not only help Ivan in his search, but in fact become him, since you can influence how he interacts with the world and its inhabitants. The dialogue options will show the change in Ivan's portrait, and this option will affect his personal growth.

  • Yellow portrait: Righteous.
  • Blue portrait: Silly.
  • Green Portrait: Selfish.
  • Red portrait: Aggressive.

The game will keep a constant count of how many times you have chosen a particular personality option. The type with the most choice is considered your main trait and Ivan's whole personality.

As we mentioned earlier, this affects your choice of perks, but also changes the course of quests and plots. Righteous Ivan can help a lot and bring joy to others, but he is often deceived. Selfish Ivan can easily make a fortune, and you can buy whatever you want, but in the future people will not want to help him.

  • Note: You can choose any replica option, but be prepared for the consequences. Villagers, humans, and other NPCs will react to your choices, and in some cases this can put you in a bad situation.
Once you have chosen your personality type, then try to stick to it. Because when choosing a replica from a different personality type, you are not lucky, for example: righteous Ivan will suddenly become an egoist. History will change too.

General Tips

Feed the crow. As a rule, a raven needs to be given 3 loaves of bread so that she begins to help you and give you various advice. There are benefits from her, since you can ask her to bring various items, both for money and for body parts.

Sell ​​surplus items. In Yaga, it is difficult to get a penny, except for the sale of magical items, for example: a monk's bread and compote - 10 kopecks. Or become Selfish. You will need money to pump the anvil and purchase materials.

NEVER attack the magic stove. They can be used to quickly travel around the current location, but if you break them, they will not appear in the following locations. And in fact, you have to explore the location on foot, which is sometimes very tiring.

Don't forget to use the card. The levels in Yaga are very confusing and maze-like. The card can be activated with the "M" button. It is located in the upper right corner of the screen. On the first press, the map will unfold in the center of the screen, on the second it will disappear, and on the third press the map will appear in its standard position.

Try to combine punches. You will often find yourself in a situation when a crowd of enemies attacks you and it will be a problem to deal with each one individually, so the best option is to find a combination of attacks with the ability to dodge.

Each enemy requires a specific approach. On your journey you will meet many enemies, from swamp monsters to robbers. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses, for example: robbers can block your attacks, bears restore health, etc. Find an approach to them, for example: you can remove a block of robbers by rolling behind it, but it will be more difficult with a bear - first kill small enemies and then concentrate on it.

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