"Yoru" is the new Valorant Agent. Draining All Abilities 14 Agent

"Yoru" is the new Valorant Agent. Draining All Abilities 14 Agent

 Yoru, the new character for Valorant (currently codenamed "Stealth" in the game files). All of his abilities have become known to us, including a particularly crazy ultimate that makes him "invisible" and "invulnerable" when activated.

The Valorant fandom has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next agent  known as Agent 14 , and now a powerful drain has revealed important details, including all four abilities and a possible name.

A leak,  first posted on Reddit on January 2 , reveals that the soon-to-be-released second episode agent is using his powers in Valorant's training hall. Abilities are mostly based on trickery, and one of them is "surprise" attack.

The leak also appears to reveal Agent 14's official name: Yoru.

At the end of the video, you can see how a new agent ⁠ - "Yoru" ⁠ opens a hole in space. He then grabs Hanni's mask and enters another dimension. According to the translated ability details, this ultimate makes Agent 14 "invisible" and may even make him "invulnerable" to attacks.

This can work similarly to the "Into the Void" Wraith tactic in Apex Legends.


Here are the in-game descriptions of each of Agent 14's leaked abilities, including the "invisible" ultimate.

All Yoru abilities (Agent 14)

Z ⁠— Bait: Selects an echo that, when activated, simulates the sound of footsteps. Press the FIRE button to send the echo forward. Place the echo with the ALT button. FIRE. Press “F” to send an inactive echo forward.
X ⁠— Daze... Press the skill button to rip out an unstable piece of reality. Press the FIRE button to throw the fragment. After the collision of the fragment with a solid surface, a blinding flash occurs.
C ⁠— Uninvited guest... Press the skill button to bind the portal thread. Press the FIRE button to send the thread forward. Secure the other end of the thread with the ALT button. FIRE. Press ATIVATE to teleport along the thread
Q Spatial Drift⁠— Selects a mask that allows you to see through the dimensions. Press the FIRE button to move to a dimension in which Yoru is invulnerable and invisible to enemies.

How real are new Valorant leaks?

Although there was no official confirmation of the leaks ⁠ - the new images match up with the older revelations we saw earlier.

Late last year, Riot posted a short video on @VALORANTBrazil that seemed to show how to get a glimpse of Agent 14. In-game frame on the select screen, an unfamiliar face was seen next to Sage, Brimstone, Raise, and Raina.

The screenshot showed a mysterious man with blue spikes and a jacket. While no one knew the new character Valorant at the time, he fits perfectly with this new Yoru agent from this week's leaks.

In the latest teaser, Riot also said that Agent 14 will "rip" Episode 2. Yoru seems to be controlling portals and opening rifts with his Ulta, so the leak certainly fits the bill.

The 14th Agent Valorant will be released as part of the first act of episode 2  . The next major update will be released on January 12, 2021. Riot Games is expected to officially unveil the new Agent a few days before the game's first event in 2021. 

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