12 Destruction AllStars Tips and Tricks to Help You Win More Games and Play Better


12 Destruction AllStars Tips and Tricks to Help You Win More Games and Play Better

We offer you a list of the best tips and tricks that are working very well for us to win games in Destruction AllStars.

If you are a subscriber to PlayStation Plus you have surely already downloaded Destruction AllStars, an arcade title where we will take control of crazy racers in convoluted modes in different arenas, and surely you are going to need tips and tricks.

In addition to knowing how to play with friends , it is recommended that you be clear about a series of tips to try to win the maximum number of games, something that you will surely want to achieve from the first moment ... but it will not be easy for you.

Many of the following cheats for Destruction AllStars are basic, but there are also other advanced ones that will help you make the best decisions in each of the games.

12 Destruction AllStars Tips and Tricks to Help You Win More Games and Play Better

  • Starting with momentum: Although you may have already figured it out, pressing the circle at the same time as you hit the ground from a big jump will gain a small speed boost that can be used to take a small advantage over your rivals.
  • If it didn't go well at first, don't worry, and dedicate yourself above all to collecting all the fragments on foot and increasing the car meter. If you start collecting parts from the beginning, we will be able to unlock the special version of our car more quickly so that in the last part of the game we will be able to excel.
  • If a character jumps on you to try to steal your vehicle, you must shake the left stick as fast as you can, while the attacker will have to press the buttons correctly. Here the driver has the upper hand if he is fast.
  • A very good way to ram the rest of the vehicles is by keeping the right stick up, something that will allow you to hit them for much longer than if you do nothing. It is especially useful if an opponent tries to escape us.
  • To more properly locate the rest of the opponents, the normal thing is that you use the right joystick backwards to look back, something that is not told in the tutorial, and that is much more effective than for example making a turn with the handbrake.
  • Instead of pressing the X button to perform a jump when you are about to be run over, we advise you to better use the circle to avoid it, and if you are fast, hit the triangle to try to steal the opponent's car.
  • You must be aware that there will come a time when you will have to abandon your precious vehicle, so be attentive to the signals that dualsense itself throws at you and also to the health of the car, and keep an eye on another that you could end up stealing.
  • To reach some of the windows that are too high, it's so easy to get thrown out of your own car to gain the necessary momentum.
  • Although it sounds like a very bad person, destroy all the vehicles that you see abandoned on the stage, because this will prevent other people from getting them, and at the same time you will get points.
  • It is recommended that you use the training mode to find out which are the best characters that adapt to the way you play.
  • When you are climbing a wall with the character, you can press the circle to jump and then press the X when going over the wall to gain momentum.
  • Attention to the circles that are in some levels on the ground, because if you run along them they will rise and you can avoid that other cars that wanted to run over you from reaching you.

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