All seven starfall fruit locations | Stardew Valley

 All activities in Stardew Valley use up precious energy that you can replenish by eating and sleeping. To increase your maximum energy, you can collect the so-called Starfall Fruit, which you can find all over the map. The stardrops are useful fruits that you can use to expand your energy bar. In this guide we show you the locations of all seven starfall fruits and the tasks you have to complete for them.

All seven starfall fruit locations | Stardew Valley

You chop down trees, collect the best fish of each season or take care of the most productive seeds and crops on your farm. All of this consumes energy, which you can increase with the help of the Starfall Fruit . You start with 270 available points and can improve your bar up to 508 points if you visit the locations of all seven stardrops. However, you have to complete some tasks beforehand in order to get to all stardrops. Read here what you have to do for it.

Seven starfall fruit locations in Stardew Valley

Getting to all of the Star's Fall fruits is not that easy. Some require certain quests or have to be purchased for a lot of gold in the sewer.

Starfall Fruit # 1 in the mine

Go into the mines and reach level 100 by clearing numerous monsters out of the way. Here you will find a box with a Starfall Fruit in it.

Starfall Fruit # 2 from Old Master Cannoli

Go to the Secret Woods and offer old master Cannoli a sweet gemstone berry. As a reward you will receive a Starfall Fruit.

Starfall fruit # 3 for a close friendship

Marry any partner and raise your hearts with him or her to the maximum - means: 13 of 12 hearts. One of seven stardrops is your reward for a strong friendship.

Starfall Fruit # 4 in the sewer

Unlock the sewers by receiving the rusty key. Visit the friendly monster named Krobus here, who will sell you a Starfall Fruit for 20,000 gold. You can also purchase other rare items here.

Starfall Fruit # 5 as a reward from the museum

You have to donate all 95 items to the museum and unlock the achievement "A Complete Collection" . Another Stardrop goes into the inventory for your efforts.

Starfall Fruit # 6 as a reward from Fisherman Willy

Catch any fish type in Stardew Valley at least once and grab the success of "Master Angler" . You will then receive a letter from Fischer Willy and an additional Starfall Fruit.

Star fall fruit # 7 at the Sterntautaler Volksfest

Take part in the Sterntautaler Volksfest (16th day in autumn) and do a few mini-games in the amusement park until you have collected 2,000 silver star tokens. You can use this to buy another Starfall Fruit.

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