Among Us: How to play the Doctor, Guard and Captain mod

 In the wide world of  Among Us mods , one is shining above the rest in recent days, especially as streamers around the world activate it for their games, making it known to the whole world. This is the mod that allows us to play with new options and new roles such as the  Captain, the Doctor and the Guard .

Once again, the YouTuber SocksFor1 was one of the forerunners when before Christmas he was already experimenting with the beginnings of a mod that has already been tested and improved for a better gaming experience. Three roles that are added to a mod that already included interesting options such as Imposters can  drag bodies in order to try to mislead or that any crew member use the ventilation hatches.

How to play as the Medic, Guard and Captain in Among Us

The mod can be found on Discord servers such as All Of Us: Among Us , having to download and install it over our original game file , so it is important (as always in these cases) to know the location of our game on the PC, and once installed run it from the platform that we have it normally. We will find the new options in the Game options section.

  • Captain : From time to time you can see the full map in real time, zoom in on certain areas and see everything that happens. Likewise, you can activate the emergency button from wherever you want.
  • Medic : Has the power to  revive fallen allies before they report them. They come back to life and therefore expose their murderer. Although before they must  drag him to the medical room to be able to bring him back to life.
  • Guard : You can see the cameras from wherever you want.

Of course, when changing the rules of the normal game, it is almost an unwritten mandatory rule to  always play it with friends and never with anyone else outside. Since we could screw up your gaming experience and incidentally play us a possible report. In this way we can also apply our own internal rules to balance play with these very broken roles.

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