Among Us: The Secrets of Polus, the discarded trap doors in the wall


Among Us: The Secrets of Polus, the discarded trap doors in the wall

Among Us has no secrets for theirs, and while we are pending in this agonizing wait for The Airship, his team continues to give us little pills in which to know how their maps were created , and everything that could be and was not.

If not long ago we knew  the origin of Mira HQ , now we can do the same with  Polus , with a clear sketch of what it was intended to be and the direct comparison with what it is now. Something that, in a rudimentary way, made it very clear what he wanted the idea of ​​the planet to be, appreciating that roughly we enjoyed it almost as it was conceived in its beginnings.

Some things seem to have been clear from the beginning, like the refueling of the ship's engines in order to feed that intrahistory about the abandonment of Polus. The narrow corridors that separated certain areas from the outside also seemed a necessity. And some corrections that ended up occurring are seen as a detail, such as replacing the 'shields' with the repair point for the sabotage of the reactor in the towers, which at that time was only one (and did not require teamwork).

Others, however, have changed drastically, such as the inclusion of the lava pool that is the focus for the elimination of suspects (regardless of the evidence placed there). The drastic and natural change of many of the rooms such as the medical or the security one.

But if there is a curious novelty that was never carried out, it was the detail of the wall hatches that would connect adjacent rooms. A new resource that remained on standby, but who knows if we will soon have new maps, because except last minute surprise, in The Airship they will be the same as until now. 

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