Anthem's fate will be decided this week


Anthem's fate will be decided this week

According to recent reports, EA will discuss the current version of Anthem and decide whether to continue working on it or the entire project will be canceled.

Three sources familiar with Anthem's development spoke to Bloomberg about the status of the problematic multiplayer game and said EA executives intend to discuss Anthem Next , a reworked version of Anthem this week . Should EA decide to continue working on Anthem Next, the current 30 development team will need to triple. An alternative option is to cancel the restart, writing off the work done to date at a loss.

Although Anthem became the fifth best-selling game of 2019, generating over $ 100 million in revenue in its first month of sales, BioWare eventually admitted that Anthem was “ not working ” and promised to release a new, updated version.

Since then BioWare has made very few public announcements about the game. The game's first anniversary passed without notice on BioWare and EA's official social media. Several key Anthem team leaders have left the studio, including lead producer Ben Irving in August 2019 and executive producer Christian Daly last December.

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