Ark Survival Evolved Survival Guide - Do's and Don'ts if You Explore Its Open World With Dinosaurs

 The Studio Wildcard game is full of dangers and we tell you the basics for the first few hours.

Ark Survival Evolved Survival Guide

If we look back and see what happened to Fall Guys , Among Us or Rust , it is clear that the strength of content creators to promote a video game is huge. Its influence leads many people to know a game and want to play it , and there is nothing wrong with that. Thanks also to them, there are titles that have lived a second life and their developers are even surprised, as happened with those of Rust .

Some of the most important streamers in Spain are going to start a series in Ark: Survival Evolved , the game from Studio Wildcard . Willyrex has organized this new production and has called it Arkadia , where creators such as Ibai Llanos, El Rubius and Cristinini will participate. Since many players will want to enjoy this survival game again, we want to give some advice to new ones.

Ark is available for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch , PC and mobile devices (where it is one of the best open world games you can try ). As if this were not enough, it is also in the extensive Xbox Game Pass catalog . This open world survival game introduces us to a hostile scenario where we will have to live with dinosaurs, and even tame or raise them.

In these types of games in which we start with nothing, it is important to know what we have to focus on in the first hours, especially if we are in an online mode. In OkayGotcha we have gathered 8 things to do and 5 others that you should avoid . The second part of Ark is already in development for Xbox Series and PC , and if you like this type of video game, we recommend you check out these 6 survival games that are yet to come .

What to do when starting in Ark

It starts in the south

After creating your wonderful character, you have to choose where to spawn for the first time. If you want to get off to a good start, we recommend that you do so on the south coast of the mapping. It is a place where resources abound and wild creatures are less dangerous than elsewhere. This can help make your first few hours less frustrating, because getting started in these games is always difficult.

Wood, straw, stone ...

It may seem obvious, but there is no other: the first thing you have to do is collect resources to begin to be less defenseless in the world of Ark. It is important that you focus on collecting wood, straw and stone, in order to start making tools and weapons. It will also be important that you get flint.

And now, to craft a peak

If we have to recommend a tool to make you the first, in the case of Ark it is undoubtedly the peak. This is how you will get flint more effectively, which will help you later create spears or torches. An ax is also interesting for beginners. By the way, it is important that you use the tools correctly to loot efficiently.

Pezqueñines ... yes, in this case yes

You will see later that we recommend you go from the beasts at the beginning, but what you can do is kill the smallest and most harmless creatures on the island. Dodos are good examples of easy specimens to kill and will give you useful resources, also to be able to eat. We know it is not pleasant, but you have to survive. In addition, it is essential that you have controlled water supply, stay hydrated, although that also serves us outside of Ark. Drink water.

Use engram points well

Engrams are permanent building recipes and are unlocked as we earn engram points. It is up to the player to assign those points and it is important that you know where to go. At the beginning, we recommend that you get the stone ax, the bonfire and the sleeping bag. The box is also recommended to store the objects, although it can always be broken.

Shelter, beds and living

Once you are more or less settled, the first thing you will have to do is build a shelter in which to live. Do it somewhere hidden, between trees; do not be in sight of all. It is also important that you make several beds, not just one. The reason is that beds, in addition to serving as spawn points, are useful for quick trips between zones, so it is interesting to have a few.

Better in company

Ark is intended to be enjoyed alongside other players, so that facing the dangers of the island is not only more fun, but also safer. It may be difficult, but it is important that you join a tribe (basically a group of players who come together to accomplish goals together), or create one with your friends. This will also help you to better defend yourself from other human rivals.

Tame dinosaurs

This will cost you a bit more, but to close all these tips to start a game, we recommend that you tame some dinosaurs to start doing some things in a better way. Each creature has its own abilities and discovering what you can do with each one is another of the great attractions of the game, but they will certainly make your life easier.

What to avoid when starting in Ark

Don't anger the beasts

No, don't even try. If you want to get off to a promising start, stay away from the creatures you see around the map. As we have said, killing the smallest dinosaurs is recommended (and necessary), but the map is full of beasts that will kill you in the blink of an eye.

Don't build in spawn areas

It is important that your buildings are hidden so that other players cannot easily explode them, and something to keep in mind is that it is better to do it far from areas where players usually appear. The reason is simple: in these places you will be the object of more attacks and you will be very exposed.

Avoid water

It can be very appealing to swim or build a house next to the beach, but we recommend not doing it. Some of the most dangerous creatures in the video game are marine and can make your life miserable… or kill you instantly.

Do not clash excessively with other players

In these video games, maintaining cordiality with the rest of the players is important. Although sooner or later you will get into conflicts, it is important at first that you run away from them. What's more, as a long-term advice, try to be nice to other users, and kind to new users. Some of the veteran players will repeatedly come after you if you behave really badly.

Don't skip the server rules

Sometimes the servers have unique and special rules that all players must adhere to. Some, in fact, go so far as to change the way a game in Ark is set up. If you enter a server with certain rules and do not respect them, you will be expelled. Some of the best games can be played on this type of more personalized servers, but you have to respect the stipulations.

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