Assassin's Creed Valhalla: River Raids - All rewards and areas


Assassin's Creed Valhalla: River Raids - All rewards and areas

Since February 16, 2021 you can start river raids in Assassin's Creed Valhalla in several new areas. We explain what you have to consider and what rewards you can expect.

This is how you start a river raid

In  Hraefnathorp you will find a longship on the south-east bank of the river , near which Vagn awaits you . As soon as you have spoken to him, the Jomskai will be built , from which you can start your river raids.

On your first foray, Vagn will take you by the hand to teach you all the basics. Once you've completed the raid, you can always return to Vagn on Jomskai to start more river raids.

Which area: Exe or Saefern?

There are two areas to choose from for your river raids. At the beginning it doesn't matter which area you start with. In order to complete the associated quests, however, you have to visit both regions regularly .

Parts of St. Georgius' armor are hidden in both Exe and Saefern . You can find these in the large soldiers' camps . In the monasteries you will also find hints on where exactly to look on the map. Bring these clues back to Vagn to mark the locations on the map.

Change regularly between the areas : As soon as you have attacked Exe or Saefern, the vigilance in the corresponding region increases. You can expect greater resistance on your next river raid. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out your next looting in the other area so that vigilance can drop again.

Yomswikings: hiring, training and death

In order for your river raids to be successful, you need to hire skilled Jomsvikings. To do this, first build the Jomswikingerhalle next to the Jomskai . At the beginning this is only visited by weak Jom Vikings of level

1. As soon as you have collected 200 foreign goods on your raids , you can upgrade the Jomswikingerhalle to attract stronger fighters.

Note that high-level Jomswikings also cost more pay . If you don't like any of the available fighters, you can ring the bell next to the Jomswikingerhalle to summon new recruits.

Level 1 Vikings cost little, but they can also be easier to fight. Deceased Jomswikings cannot be resuscitated . However, if fighters on your team go down during a fight, you can save them by healing them in time. So always keep an eye out for the red warning symbol.

River Raid: All rewards

You can build foreign goods on your raids , which you can exchange for goods and upgrades in Hraefnathorp. We recommend upgrading the hold of your ship and the Jomswiking Hall before buying decorations and tattoos from Vagn.


  • Level 1: 100 foreign goods
  • Level 2: 200 foreign goods

Customize River Heist Ship

  • Improved cargo space: 450 foreign goods

Goods in Vagn's shop

Longship embellishments

  • Design: Jomswikinger-Stevenkopf - 200 foreign goods
  • Design: Jomswikinger hull - 200 foreign goods
  • Design: Jomswiking sails - 200 foreign goods
  • Design: Jomswiking shields - 200 foreign goods
  • Design: Jomswikinger-Heck - 200 foreign goods


  • Draft Yomswikings (arms) - 150 foreign goods
  • Design: Jomswikinger (back) - 150 foreign goods
  • Design: Jomswikinger (head) - 150 foreign goods
  • Design: Jomswikinger (hull in front) - 150 foreign goods

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