Bay Doe Guide in Genshin Impact: Best Builds

 IN Genshin impactBei Doe is a decent 4-star Electro-type two-handed sword-wielding character. In a team, she can play the role of a primary or secondary damage dealer (deals damage). In this guide, we'll share her best builds, weapons, and artifacts.

Beidou abilities and traits

This heroine, with certain assemblies, shows herself well both in battles with bosses and in battles with large groups of ordinary opponents. It has the following significant advantages:

  • Can deal Electro area damage when counterattacking.
  • When an elemental explosion is activated, a powerful Electro aura appears around her, causing damage to all surrounding enemies.

However, it was not without a couple of shortcomings. The fact is that in the presence of a level 4 constellation, it must definitely take damage to maximize its DPS (damage per second). In addition, while using an elemental skill, Bei Dou cannot move.

How to play as Beidou

Choosing the right moment is the key to victory

Bay Doe Guide in Genshin Impact: Best Builds

Despite the fact that we are talking about a damage dealer, Bei Dou relies heavily on his defense, countering enemy attacks with it, and then inflicting huge damage on opponents. Her elemental ability, Summon Wave, is most effective when it is correctly timed to use it with a perfect counterattack.

Use the explosion of elements to quickly destroy mobs

Storm Crusher is a powerful offensive ability that should be activated immediately after using Wave Call. This skill allows her to deal Electro damage after each hit, while reducing the amount of damage taken. Use it when facing a lot of enemies.

Simplifies the exploration of the world

One of the passive skills of this heroine reduces the stamina cost of the active character while swimming by 20 percent. So we recommend that you definitely keep this young lady in the team if you plan to soon try to swim to a remote island.

Passive skills and talents

To open passive skills, you must elevate the character. Bei Dou can unlock the following passives:

  • Retribution - with a perfect counterattack carried out by "Wave Call", the heroine receives the maximum bonus to damage.
  • Thunder and Lightning - With a perfect parry by Wave Summon, Bei Dou will have 15 percent increased attack speed, as well as damage from charged and normal attacks, for 10 seconds. In addition, the time required to use charged attacks is reduced.
  • Vanquisher Won - Reduces swimming stamina cost by 20 percent.

As for the talents unlocked by "character luck" that drops out after receiving copies of the hero, they look like this:

  • Predator of the Seas - after activating the "Storm Crusher", a shield appears, absorbing all damage in the amount of 16 percent of the heroine's health scale for 15 seconds. Absorbing Electro damage is 250 percent more effective.
  • Thunderstorm of the Seas - the chain lightning that occurs when using the Storm Crusher can hit 2 more opponents.
  • Call of the Storm - Increases the level of Call of the Wave by three.
  • Deafening Vengeance - after receiving damage, Bei Dou begins to inflict additional Electro damage in the amount of 20 percent with ordinary hits. The effect lasts 10 seconds.
  • Scarlet Sails on the Horizon - Increases the Stormbreaker's level by three.
  • Bane of Vile - After activating Stormbreaker, enemies' resistance to Electro damage is reduced by 15 percent.

Best Builds for Beidou

Basic Electro DPS

After unlocking the first and second passive skills, the damage dealt by this swordsman is significantly increased when the exact timing of the counterattack by her elemental skill is. The weapons and artifacts listed below are aimed at further increasing the physical damage it inflicts.

As a two-handed sword, Wolfbane is best suited to her, however, if you cannot get it, you can replace it with other options indicated in the list below:

  • Wolfbane (5-Star) - Increases attack power by 20 percent. If you hit an enemy whose life scale is below 30 percent, then all team members' attack increases by 40 percent for 12 seconds. The effect occurs every 30 seconds.
  • Rain Cutter (4-Star) - Increases damage by 20 percent when fighting enemies under the influence of Electro and or Hydro element.
  • Bell Sword (4-Star) - When the hero is damaged, the sword creates a shield that absorbs damage for 10 seconds. The effect occurs every 45 seconds. The character deals 12 percent more damage while protected by a shield.

As for the set of artifacts, we recommend using the following sets:

  • Gladiator's End (2) - Increases attack power by 18 percent. Can be obtained by fighting elite bosses .
  • Blood Knight (2 items) - increase physical damage by 25 percent. Can be obtained in the Clear Water and Mountain River dungeon .

Secondary DPS

Bei Dou's elemental skills not only reduce damage, but also inflict powerful Electro attacks, which makes her an excellent electrical secondary damage dealer. The weapons and artifacts we have marked increase the damage done by these skills.

  • Wolfbane (5-Star) - Increases attack power by 20 percent. If you hit an enemy whose life scale is below 30 percent, then all team members' attack increases by 40 percent for 12 seconds. The effect occurs every 30 seconds.
  • Prototype: Archaic (4-Star) - Deals an additional 240% damage to nearby enemies with a 50% chance of a successful normal or charged strike. The effect occurs every 15 seconds.
  • Celestial Majesty (5-Star) - Increases damage dealt by 8 percent. When using an elemental explosion and successfully hitting normal or charged hits, creates a blade that deals 80% damage to all enemies in its path. The effect lasts 20 seconds.

If we talk about a set of artifacts, then we recommend using two sets:

  • Loud Roar (2 items) - Increase the bonus Electro damage by 15 percent. Can be obtained in the July Gardens dungeon.
  • Gladiator's End (2) - Increases attack power by 18 percent. Can be obtained by fighting elite bosses.

Combination with other characters

If you plan to use Bei Doe as your main damage dealer, you can put together the following command with her:

  • Primary DPS: Beidou
  • Secondary DPS: Xing Qiu (his elemental explosion increases Bei Dou's damage and triggers elemental reactions)
  • Secondary DPS: Xiang Ling (you must have two Pyro heroes in your team to get bonuses from elemental resonance that increases attack power and the "Reload" effect)
  • Support: Bennett (his elemental explosion further increases attack power and heals the team)

When using Bei Doe as a minor damage dealer, you can form the following squad with her:

  • Main DPS: Dilyuk or Klee (needed to create "Reload" and get an elemental resonance).
  • Secondary DPS: Beidou
  • Secondary DPS: Chun Yun (if Dilyuk was taken) or Mona (if Klee was taken)
  • Support: Bennett (his elemental explosion further increases attack power and heals the team).

Beidou boost

How to improve skills

To do this, you need to collect certain materials, namely:

  • Teachings, guidelines and philosophies about "Gold" are mined in the Taishanfu underground on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Treasure Thief, Silver Raven, and Golden Raven Seals are dropped by Treasure Thieves or are crafted through alchemy.
  • Dwalin's Sigh - Dropped by Storm Dread.

How to elevate a character

You will need many different items. Below is a complete list:

  • First Ascension (Level 20) - 1 Vajrad Amethyst Shard, 3 Midnight Jade, 3 Treasure Thief Seals
  • Second Ascension (Level 40) - 3 Vajrad Amethyst Fragments, 2 Lightning Prisms, 10 Midnight Jades, 15 Treasure Thief Seals
  • Third Ascension (Level 50) - 6 Vajrad Amethyst Fragments, 4 Lightning Prisms, 20 Midnight Jades, 12 Silver Raven Seals
  • Fourth Ascension (Level 60) - 3 Pieces of Vajrad Amethyst, 8 Lightning Prisms, 30 Midnight Jades, 18 Silver Raven Seals
  • Fifth Ascension (Level 70) - 6 pieces of Vajrad Amethyst, 12 Lightning Prisms, 45 Midnight Jade, 12 Golden Raven Seals
  • Sixth Exaltation (Level 80) - 6 Vajrad Jeweled Amethysts, 20 Lightning Prisms, 60 Midnight Jades, 24 Golden Raven Seals

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