Bowser's Fury: Playing as a couple, this is how you activate the co-op multiplayer guide


Bowser's Fury: Playing as a couple, this is how you activate the co-op multiplayer guide

Bowser's Fury is a brand new game included in the Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario 3D World . In it Mario gets to do with the gigantic anger-Bowser and has to search an open world for numerous insignia. You can play the new Mario adventure solo or with a friend. In this short guide we tell youhow toactivatethe co-op multiplayer in "Bowser's Fury".

Guide: Bowser's Fury co-op multiplayer explained

Mario is not alone in "Bowser's Fury". In the game, the plumber Bowser Jr. stands by the side, the scion of Bowser. If you play alone, Bowser Jr. is controlled by an AI. But if you want to play in co-op, your friend will take on the role of the turtle.

How many players can play Bowser's Fury together? You can do it alone or in pairs . The first player bounces around with Mario while the second player controls Bowser Jr. Unfortunately, three or more players are not supported.

Does the multiplayer also work online? No, only couch co-op is available . That means you can play together on one console . Only one of you needs the game, but each of you must have your own controller.

Which controllers are supported? Actually all controllers common for the Nintendo Switch are supported. You can play with two Joy-Con, just a single Joy-Con or with the Pro Controler.

How to activate the co-op multiplayer!

First of all: you cannot jump into the adventure for two at the start. Only a player with Mario will have the first scene with anger Bowser survive and then hit Bowser Jr. . Only when the Koopa son has joined you in his clown carriage can the multiplayer start.

From this point on it is possible for your buddy to join the action at any time in the game. It's very easy to do while the game is running, you don't have to go back to the main menu. Call up the game menu with the plus button and you will see the button "2-player mode". Click on the button and you will be asked to register the controllers for both players. This is very easy by following the on-screen instructions.

If each player is assigned a controller, the game continues directly. Your friend now controls Bowser Jr. and can support you.

What can Player 2 do as Bowser Jr.?

In the co-op multiplayer of "Bowser's Fury", both players have different skills. Mario and Bowser Jr. control each other completely differently. While Mario's move set mainly includes jumps, Bowser Jr. can fly in his clown carriage and collect items or even cat insignia.

If you see a scribble (often a question mark) on a wall , then your buddy as Bowser Jr. can swing his brush and make an item appear from the marked spot on the wall. Of course, Bowser Jr. is also capable of striking with the brush and defeating opponents .

In addition, your buddy can provide Mario with power-ups that you have collected. At the push of a button, a selected item appears from the inventory. Then the Mario player doesn't have to worry about it himself.

Fortunately, Bowser Jr. is invulnerable : You can therefore simply let your little brother control the controller without having to worry about being defeated by an opponent.

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