Bowser's Fury: tips and tricks to 100% complete the new Super Mario 3D World mode


Bowser's Fury: tips and tricks to 100% complete the new Super Mario 3D World mode

We give you a list of the best ideal tips to start playing the unique Bowser's Fury expansion.

Along with the relaunch of Super Mario 3D World, the expansion called Bowser's Fury is also included , which is a totally new game that combines the gameplay of the different Mario installments, and best of all, we have greater freedom to move around the map and operate the camera.

Bowser's Fury is what makes sense of this relaunch, and it can even feel like a totally independent game where we will be able to explore, eliminate enemies, find treasures and many more.

How to start a new Mario adventure is not entirely easy due to the wide variety of possibilities we have when it comes to controlling the character, we have decided to create this guide where we are going to point out the best tricks and tips that we have found so that you can start enjoying it to the max.

Bowser's Fury: tips and tricks to 100% complete the new Super Mario 3D World mode

Collecting Fragments of Feline Suns

Basically we can collect a lot of fragments in each of the levels, but basically the suns are the most important because they will allow us to continue advancing through the levels. Note that each main island contains five of these fragments but there will likely come a time when you will not find any more fragments and you do not know how to advance.

What you basically have to do is leave an island and then return to it, because thanks to this some additional sun will regenerate.

You will be able to know whether or not you are inside an island according to the music that is playing.

Taking advantage of the towers

At the top of the tower you have a small shiny area that you can hit to get a boost. You can accumulate power-ups with what is ideal to advance safely in the games.

It is as easy as observing if there is something shining on top of the tower since it will indicate the presence of an enhancer. Mind you, they don't stack on top of the tower, so don't forget to hit them before you lose them.

Beware of Bowser's Fury appearances

Every few minutes Bowser's Fury appears and will begin to attack us, and if you don't know how to calm him down, it's as easy as collecting fragments to make him disappear momentarily. If you do not have enough walls, you will simply have to evade it for a while, and you will see that it will end up going. Remember that defeating him will allow us to reach more areas of the island, but sometimes it is good to wait a little longer.

Bowser's amiibo

The Bowser amiibo can be used in this expansion, but first you must locate some steel boxes that have the face of this character that are on the islands. To break them you have to fire them. What this amiibo does is spawn Bowser's Fury.

Pay attention to Bowsy

He is our companion in this adventure, and even if you are playing you should only try to configure it.

You can choose to help you "a little", "a lot" or "absolutely nothing" in the games. This will depend on whether this secondary character catches the coins for you or hits the enemies.

Obviously when you are accompanied by another human player, communication will be much easier.

Basically what we do will determine how often it will end up helping you by highlighting blocks, hidden items, collecting coins or hitting enemies.

We advise you to customize it to "a little", since this character will have some participation in our games, but he will not be too clever either. If you already have experience in the license, we even advise you to put it with a resounding "no", and do everything in the game.

Nothing happens to die

Unlike other Mario titles, there are no lives here, and simply if you die in the game you will lose coins.

With this try to do risky pirouettes and do not be afraid to go through a series of platforms since it may surprise you how fast you can move if you are brave.

You can't get all the feline suns up front

Don't worry, because until you've finally defeated Bowser's Fury, you won't see all of the feline suns that are scattered throughout the game.

This way, you can't get all of them before the final showdown. Just collect what you can to keep moving forward, and then you will have to redo all your steps to collect the rest.

As you collect the suns, islands are unlocked, but you will see that Bowser's Fury will appear much more regularly in the games and will be much more pissed off, so we advise you that those suns that you see that are complicated but that are already visible, collect them now yourself and don't wait for later.

Now you know the best tips to start playing Bowser's Fury. 

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