Bowser's Fury: We would have loved to know these 10 tips and tricks before we started playing - Beginner's Guide


Bowser's Fury: We would have loved to know these 10 tips and tricks before we started playing

Useful Tips and Tricks for Bowser's Fury - Guide

In this beginner's guide we give you useful tips and tricks to get you started. Much of it doesn't even explain the game to you and we really would have liked to have known it earlier.

I: Even more insignia: leave an area and then come back

Right at the beginning of the game you want to run from lighthouse to lighthouse with Mario to activate it. But when you've found a lighthouse insignia, don't run away - well, at least not too far.

If you leave an area and return there, there are even more insignia to collect. Sometimes the island may even have changed for it. A new course has appeared, a shadow Luigi is waiting for you or other challenges are now offered that were not there before.

There are a total of five insignia to collect per lighthouse. And in line with the motto of another well-known Nintendo franchise, it's finally: Get them all!

II: Quick Item Selection and Bowser Jr.'s Delivery Service

Power-ups that you collect can be hoarded. At the bottom right of the screen you can see your inventory of available items. You can access it at any time at the push of a button.

The item menu: With a short press on the upper arrow key you can then switch to the inventory and select your desired item directly. If you press the button for a long time, the item that is currently displayed in the quick selection will appear immediately. Or rather Bowser Jr. throws you the power-up directly. Bowser Jr.'s free delivery service, so to speak.

In the two-player mode, a buddy in the role of Bowser Jr. can also take care of providing you with items. Then you can devote yourself to the jumping passages and fights.

III: Wall doodles bring you power-ups and gold tubes (This is how you control Bowser Jr.)

You have probably noticed one or two wall scribbles: Usually a question mark is emblazoned on a facade. You can't do anything with Mario. Fortunately, Bowser Jr. is there to help.

By pressing the R button you can activate a cursor and Bowser Jr . guide to the question mark so that he can swing his brush there and leave a small work of art. Then a power-up will appear for you or - if you are lucky - even a gold tube . It takes you to a secret room full of coins.

This also works in co-op multiplayer: In two-player mode, a buddy takes control of Bowser Jr. and can also activate the question mark doodles.

IV: Climb a lighthouse and get a power-up for free

If a lighthouse was freed from its slimy ceiling by picking up an insignia, it shines again in its old splendor. Then you can climb it (using a glass tube) and enjoy the view. At the beginning of the game, a lighthouse even gives you one or two clues about the game .

But that's not all: if you jump to the highest point of the lighthouse and perform a stomp attack , a random power-up comes to light.

Bowser Jr. can also make the power-up appear with his brush. For example, if you play in co-op multiplayer.

V: Don't be afraid of a game over

Even if it's hard to believe given the terrible face of Anger Bowser, the game is really really nice to you. If Mario dies, it doesn't really matter.

What if Mario dies? You will immediately get back into the game where you left off. Game Over? There is not any.

There is no life to lose and your inventory remains untouched. You only lose up to 50 coins. And that's more than bearable given the amount of gold you collect in the game. After all, the only purpose of the coins is to give you a power-up (for every 100 talers). If you are bankrupt, you will not even lose anything.

Nintendo is pursuing a very similar strategy to that in Super Mario Odyssey : Even in the video game icon's great Nintendo Switch-exclusive adventure, you only lose coins if you die.

VI: Shoo away anger bowser immediately

Anger Bowser is coming at a very bad time or you just don't want to deal with him? There is a possibility how you can banish him immediately to the depths of the Cuddly Cat Lake (as always only temporarily). All you have to do is collect an insignia and Anger-Bowser disappears immediately.

There is only one exception: shortly before the final battle, i.e. when you are close to 50 collected insignia, or when his life energy has fallen below half, anger Bowser gets so mad that even insignia and the light of the lighthouses no longer help . Nor does it go away by itself after a certain period of time. Then you have no choice but to process the lizard into kindling with Giga-Katzen-Mario . You can just die (there are no real consequences), but Anger Bowser doesn't have to keep that off your neck for long.

VII: You lose your cat ability in the fight against Anger Bowser? Look for more giga bells!

If you are hit by one of his attacks during a fight with Anger-Bowser, you lose the Giga-Cat ability again.

But don't worry: Look for another Giga-Bell in the area and collect it. It gives you brand new cat powers again.

Fortunately, they glow brightly and make loud, meowing sounds so you can easily spot the bells.

VIII: The Bowser amiibo is of great help

Bowser's Fury supports amiibo. With the collectible figures from Nintendo you can usually make random power-ups appear. However, there is one character that has a really practical use, even if it sounds absurd at first.

What does the Bowser amiibo do: The figure immediately makes angry Bowser appear.

“Why should I want that ?!” you might ask yourself now? The answer is as simple as it is ingenious. In the open world of Bowser's Fury there are Bowser blocks - easy to recognize with the likeness of the giant tortoise. These blocks can only be destroyed by the attacks of Rage Bowser and they house insignia .

The strategy: If you don't want to wait for the next appearance of the angry monster, then just use the Bowser amiibo , let angry Bowser destroy the gray blocks and quickly grab the insignia . This means that Anger-Bowser disappears just as quickly as it came!

IX: Anger Bowser can never be completely defeated, so don't try!

If you thought that you 'd rather concentrate on the battles against Anger Bowser and flatten him as quickly as possible so that you can later collect all the insignia in peace, then we have to disappoint you. There's a final battle against Anger Bowser when you've collected 50 insignia, but even then there's no rest.

The dangerous colossus appears after the credits as usual after a few minutes. So you will never have complete rest from him. So just collect every insignia you can get your hands on.

X: It's impossible to find all of the insignia before the final battle and that's fantastic

You cannot collect all of the insignia and then face Anger Bowser in the final battle.

Why? Because after the final battle, many additional tasks will be unlocked that will reward you with insignia. So there are numerous insignia that you couldn't get before. That opens up a lot of fun collecting campaigns for you.

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