Clubhouse - how to increase subscribers?

Clubhouse - how to increase subscribers?

 At Clubhouse, the growth of subscribers means an increase in the number of invites that this social network gives you. But how do you increase the number of online subscribers? We talk about this below.

How to increase subscribers to the Clubhouse?

In fact, the recipe here is almost the same as in any social network:

  1. Your profile should be as interesting as possible for third-party users
  2. Be sure to add links to Instagram and Twitter
  3. In the profile, all the most important should be in the first two lines, if a person is not interested, he will not read further
  4. Add keywords in your profile description that people might use to find you
  5. Don't forget to subscribe to interesting speakers
  6. Also subscribe to the clubs that interest you the most
  7. Create your own rooms on topics that excite people and invite others there.
  8. Finally, don't ignore the quiet rooms - they are specifically needed for exchanging contacts.
  9. Ask interesting questions and do less self-promotion.

And that's all you need to know about how to increase your Clubhouse subscriber base.

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