Clubhouse: A social network to chill with Musk, Zuckerberg and Jared Leto. But you won't be allowed there - and here's why


Clubhouse: A social network to chill with Musk, Zuckerberg and Jared Leto. But you won't be allowed there - and here's why

Clubhouse appeared back in March 2020. However, if few have heard of it in our country, then in Silicon Valley, the social network immediately became a sensation. Not so long ago, the popularity of the application skyrocketed, because it was there that Elon Musk told how he implanted a chip in a monkey's brain and taught it to play video games with the power of thought. It looks like a lot of new, no less impressive events should be expected in the Clubhouse, which means it's time for you to register there... If you have an invite, of course.

What... you... are you?

Social media and messengers are the perfect place for an introvert. Here you can silently study memes with Alsina Dimitrescu on Instagram, read and comment with a few words on the news in your favorite Telegram channel (until it was finally blocked ) or quietly watch stupid videos on TikTok. The Internet is not in vain full of memes like "why are you calling me if you can write?" It seems that voice communication is almost dying out. However, it is the voice that is the only way of dialogue in the Clubhouse. Social media doesn't allow you to stay in your comfort zone and rewards those who are willing to communicate. How did the talker app get so popular? Very simple.


Clubhouse was created by former Google employees Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth just under a year ago. However, instead of starting to actively attract users, they made the social network closed. The application will not open its doors to those who have not received an invite from an already registered user.

As a result, in May 2020, the Clubhouse had only one and a half thousand users, but many already then recognized the potential of the project. By that time, its estimated value was one hundred million dollars! The reason is that the functionality was actively used not by mere mortals, but by famous speakers, writers, businessmen and venture capitalists.

Elon clubhouse tweet

While some were looking for an opportunity to get into a closed club and reach influential users, others did not even hear about the application. The breakthrough came in late January when Elon Musk announced a podcast at Clubhouse. As a result, thousands of people joined in the conversation of the genius, who told incredible things about his project Neuralink. It was then that the world learned that the experimental monkey had learned to control video games with the power of thought. The incredible news spread all over the Internet, and it seems that everyone found out about the new social network. A couple of days later, the app had two million users.

What does “closed” mean?

To get into the Clubhouse, you need to have not the oldest iPhone with iOS 13.0 or higher (Android is still in flight) and, which is somewhat more complicated, an invitation from an already registered user. Each lucky person who gets to the club has the opportunity to send two invitations and, with proper activity, will receive new ones. If you are unlucky with friends who are ready to share an invite, you will have to pull out your pass almost with your teeth.

The most enterprising comrades have already organized the sale of invitations, and prices sometimes reach indecent heights. How do you like the idea of ​​paying a couple hundred dollars for the opportunity to chat with Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg? Not really, considering that everything is free by default. Telegram also has chats where you can get an invite for free. They work in a live queue format. Sooner or later, everyone will receive the coveted ticket, and will be obliged to share their two invitations with the rest. Cheating will not work: as soon as a couple of users complain, and you will immediately go to the ban.

The instruction is simple :

  • Go to the required telegram channel
  • Downloading the application
  • Register in the Clubhouse (the phone number in the social network must match the number in the messenger)
  • Fill out the form
  • Go to a special table and put the YES mark in front of your nickname (it is recommended to repeat the action every ten minutes)
  • Waiting for an invitation
  • Use your invites for two other chat participants
  • You can enjoy your own elitism, but keep your fingers crossed


Even if you follow the rules of the chat or buy an invite from the ban, you are not insured. Clubhouse strongly opposes commerce and manipulation of invitations. Moderators monitor the observance of the rules, so any fraud can cause persecution. Also, according to the commandments of the "Little Prince", you are responsible for those you tamed. If the user you invited violates the rules of the social network, then you will also have to be responsible for his misconduct.

If you still made your way through the thorns to the stars, then all that remains is to have fun. There are really a lot of interesting things here!

Let's chat?

What to do at the Clubhouse? Listen and communicate! When registering, you talk about your interests, then subscribe to the rooms you like (the recommendation network works well) and enter into a conversation. Each room has its own theme and purpose. People talk about work, startups, games, technology - and they know their stuff. Any community on a social network is manually approved by moderators. The creator must prove that he is good: submit an application, and then hold three chats, and then wait for the decision on "professional suitability". This helps to keep only quality content.

Clubhouse Screenshot

Each audio chat is a live communication. You can be a regular listener or ask for a virtual microphone. After the moderator approves your intentions, you will become an equal participant in the dialogue. At the same time, no one forces you to look at the screen: you can safely put the gadget on the table, listen, answer and go about your business in parallel.

Some users make real presentations out of their chats. Before the New Year, a group of creative comrades, after numerous rehearsals, staged a real theatrical performance in the Clubhouse, which everyone could look at. Here they meditate together, sing, evaluate the novelties of gamedev and even help each other in the fight against addictions, arranging analogs of the "twelve steps".

Many celebrities have already signed up for the app, from Jared Leto to Oprah Winfrey. In theory, it's easy to get on their podcast and even get a vote there. This closeness is simply amazing.

Clubhouse screenshot

Many, instead of having fun, try to spend time usefully: find an investor, talk about their startup, or present themselves as a cool programmer. Some headhunters keep a close eye on the app while maintaining its elite status. In their opinion, now there are many talented people who can make a good offer . Maybe someone will notice you too?

But the Russian-speaking audience has a serious problem: on the social network, only one community conducts conversations on the great and mighty, and a couple more are on the way. However, you can have fun even now: for example, play with compatriots in “What? Where? When?". Despite the fact that the moderators still prioritize the American communities, the appearance of a large number of ours is only a matter of time.

By the way, everything that happens in the Clubhouse remains in the Clubhouse. Recording chats is strictly prohibited. Did you miss Musk's story about Neuralink's successes? It's a pity, we can't help you. The social network constantly reminds that it is a closed club, from which nothing can be taken out.

It is also worth noting the inconceivable culture inside the application. No, you will not be contacted by "dear monsieur", but given the strict selection and severity of the moderators, it is unlikely that your appearance in the chat will be met with sarcastic comments. Most likely, you will be greeted kindly, brought up to date and gladly given the floor. It is not worth being rude here, a couple of complaints from users will entail a trial and a ban.

Clubhouse will "kill" other social networks?

Of course not. It is obvious that the application will gain popularity, but the aim of audience engagement, dialogue and intelligence will become a tangible barrier for the masses. The social network will not replace the ability to quietly flip through the Instagram feed, it does not pretend to be laurels of news and "meme" channels in Telegram. Clubhouse is like a new hobby that many people would prefer to watch an evening series or another skating rink in a session shooter.

At the same time, the social network can become a real salvation for those who lack live communication on interesting topics in a difficult coronavirus reality. Some audio chats create the feeling of friendly gatherings with dear friends, and this is truly priceless. Neither TikTok, nor Instagram, nor other networks and instant messengers are capable of this.

Clubhouse has a great future. The app offers a unique experience, immersive content and attracts the attention of many of the brightest personalities from a wide variety of backgrounds. Of course, it will not be easy for a user who does not understand English well by ear (although the application can be regarded as a way to improve the language), but this problem will hardly be relevant for a long time. Well, sleds, as they say, are best prepared in summer.

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