Clubhouse - what is it?

Clubhouse - what is it?

 The new guide on our site is dedicated to the Clubhouse social network. We will tell you what this network is.

What is a Clubhouse?

Clubhouse was born quite recently - in the spring of 2020, that is, there is no social network for a year. Its main feature is that there are closed “virtual rooms” here. In them, users can communicate using exclusively voice. And in this network you can find interlocutors according to your interests, with whom you can talk live.

Clubhouse is developing very quickly, the cost of the network has already reached $ 1 billion. Another feature of the Clubhouse is that you cannot just get there. You can join this network only at the invitation of someone who is already there. At the moment, the social network works only on devices with iOS on board, but a version for Android is also being developed. At the moment, most of the users of the social network are Americans.


This is all the basic information about what a Clubhouse is.

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