CoD Black Ops - Cold War: Get a machete - that's how it works


CoD Black Ops - Cold War: Get a machete - that's how it works

The new melee weapon machete is now unlockable for all players in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. In the following we will tell you how to get the weapon.

At the start of Season 2 in CoD Black Ops Cold War there are not only two new weapons, the LC10 and the FARA 83, but also a new melee weapon: the machete. More weapons will be added over the course of the season. In addition to the knife, sledgehammer and wakizashi , the machete is the fourth melee weapon in the game.

Unlock machete - that's how it works

The melee weapon is now officially released, you can see it in your Cold War menu. You can find them in the secondary weapons in the Melee tab. To  unlock the  machete , you have to complete the following challenge :

  • Achieve a traitor medal in 15 different games (melee kill from behind).  Note: Remember that you must not hold down your melee button behind the player, otherwise you will execute an enforcer.

To complete the challenge quickly, you should especially play small maps like Nuketown. In addition, you should use the Wildcard Extra Greed during the challenge   so  that you can use Ghost and Ninja as  Extra 3 (yellow) .

Extremely important:  Normally, after you have achieved a traitor medal, you could leave the match and go straight to a new game, so that the progress goes faster. However, when other weapons were unlocked in the past, for example the street sweeper shotgun   , this procedure led to a reset bug in which your progress will be reset to an earlier point in time. To be on the safe side, play every match until the end. 

By merging Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, you can also unlock the new melee weapon in Warzone. Open Warzone and play either Battle Royale or Loot Mode. To end the challenge, you should rather use the loot mode, there it should be easier for you.

Important:  You must have equipped a melee weapon from Black Ops Cold War in the Warzone menu in order to receive the Traitor Medal. You can recognize a correct melee weapon by the logo in the menu. We show you in the following picture:

You can tell from the logo which game the weapon comes from.

If you attempt the challenge with a melee weapon from Modern Warfare in Warzone, you will not make any progress. Once you've completed the challenge, you should receive a notification in Warzone.

Unlocking the machete also gives you new camouflage challenges for the melee weapon. So you can complete more challenges and get additional XP to advance your Battle Pass in Season 2.

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