CoD Warzone & Cold War: Outbreak Event - All Rewards & Challenges


CoD Warzone & Cold War: Outbreak Event - All Rewards & Challenges

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War players can unlock new blueprints by participating in the Breakout Event 2. In the following we show you which challenges you have to complete.

At the start of season 2 there are not only new weapons, the LC10, the FARA 83 and the machete , but also the new outbreak event and the game mode "outbreak".

Play breakout - that's how it works

"Outbreak" is a new open world game mode within Black Ops Cold War. However, you can also select it in Warzone, but you need the "Cold War" game for this. Depending on which game you want to start the mode in, the procedure is slightly different.

If you want to start "Outbreak" in Black Ops Cold War, you just have to select Zombies in the main menu and click on "Outbreak" in the next menu on the left. It looks different in Warzone because it is a bit hidden there. Open Warzone, switch to the "Breakout Event" tab above and click on L3 / LS (PS / Xbox). To be on the safe side, we show it in the following picture:

Play breakout - that's how it works

Unlike the other zombie mode, in Ausbruch there are no set paths to the goal. You can take your time to explore the area. You can either search for rewards in loot chests, encounter world events or activate a test computer.

In addition, at the start of each round you will receive one of four different missions that you play on the maps of the "Fire Team: Dirty Bomb" mode. After completing the mission, your squad must go to a beacon. There you can then decide whether you want to end the mission or travel through a portal into the Dark Aether, where further tasks and greater rewards await you.

In the course of the outbreak event , however, zombies now also appear on the  Verdanks warzone map. In the southeast is the new shipwreck of the tanker Vodianoy, there you will also find undead enemies.

All challenges and rewards

For the outbreak event you can unlock 2 blueprints, for this you have to complete different challenges. You can see the challenges in the menu under the tab "Breakout Event". There are a total of 18 pieces, 9 challenges for the breakout game mode and 9 challenges for Warzone.

All challenges & rewards in outbreak at a glance

In Outbreak there are a total of 9 challenges to complete during the Outbreak event . In the following we list all challenges with their rewards:

  • Perform 3 successful evacuations in Outbreak - Reward: Gas Mask (Epic Talisman).
  • Eliminated 250 Zombies in Outbreak - Reward: Amigos (epic sticker).
  • Eliminated 10 Elite Units in Outbreak - Reward: Dark Aether (Epic Clock).
  • Open 25 boxes in Outbreak - Reward: Snap for power (rare sticker).
  • Complete 3 world events in Outbreak (start dragons, hunt hordes or open golden boxes) - Reward: Absolute Agony (rare talisman).
  • Warp 10x in Outbreak - Reward: On the Move (Epic Business Card).
  • Eliminated 3 special zombies in Outbreak - Reward: Special Eliminations (Epic Business Card).
  • Kill 100 zombies with vehicles in Outbreak - Reward: Not the last one (epic emblem).
  • Shoot down 10 targets in Breakout - Reward: Sewn together (rare talisman).

If you complete all 9 challenges in Outbreak, you will receive the epic "Gray Cells" blueprint.

All challenges & rewards in Warzone at a glance

For the breakout events there are also a total of 9 challenges  to complete in Warzone. You can find the zombies in Verdankst currently in the southeast of the map, at the new shipwreck. Note:  The rewards can have different names depending on whether you are viewing the challenges in the Cold War or Warzone menu. In the following we list all challenges with their rewards:

  • Kill 10 zombies with headshots in Warzone - Reward: Closer than ever (rare business card).
  • Eliminate 20 zombies in Warzone - Reward: detergent (epic talisman).
  • Use primary equipment in Warzone to kill 8 zombies - Reward: Strange Emission (rare emblem).
  • Use vehicles in Warzone to eliminate 3 zombies - Reward: Survivor Skull (rare emblem).
  • Kill 5 zombies 3x in one game in Warzone - Reward: Smoking head (epic sticker).
  • Use shotguns in Warzone to kill 8 zombies - Reward: Chaos on the zebra crossing (rare business card).
  • Kill at least 2 zombies twice in quick succession in Warzone - Reward: Legion 2.0 (epic business card).
  • Use pistols in Warzone to kill 8 zombies - Reward: Sacrifice (epic emblem).
  • Eliminate 8 zombies before the first circle closes in Warzone - Reward: Almost Dead (Rare Business Card).

If you complete all 9 challenges in Warzone, you will receive the rare blueprint "Turquoise Drop".

By the way, you can track your progress in the individual challenges in the menu. To do this, simply select the "Outbreak Event" tab. Important:  The  event ends on March 11, 2021  and so far there is no guarantee that the rewards will continue to be available after the event. So hold on and complete the challenges by March 11th.

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