COD Warzone is a title that was able to captivate us right away. The period in which the Call of Duty battle royale landed on our platforms was very difficult and Warzone helped us pass the time. Almost a year after its release, the title has seen some really good things between minor updates and radical changes. Today we are talking about the second of this case, or the arrival of the second season of Call of Duty Cold War. Since the release of the last effort by Treyarch and Raven, the battle royale has adapted to the development by introducing the typical weapons of the new multiplayer. We have already talked about the content dedicated to the battle pass in other articles and today we want to focus on the new arrivals of the classic Verdansk. By now we remember the latter by heart and before being invaded by a wave of undead in the next few days, it has already changed morphology for the occasion. Today we will see specifically the new bunkers and their content, as interesting as tactically useful .

The first bunker will contain lots of useful weapons to better start a lasting survival on COD Warzone. We are talking about the starting center for a nuclear warhead, located exactly in the southwestern part of the map, under Hills. Here we will find many speakers and a strange orange monitor with a percentage written on it next to the drawing of a skull. This will indicate the level of Verdansk Zombie infectionwhich will be destined to grow in the next few hours. We sincerely hope you are prepared for the worst because the undead usually leave no one alive. Two more bunkers will be located just west of Boneyard. The first of these two will only be useful for camping as, apart from a few crates, we won't find much loot. The second one will be blocked by a door with code, an object that we must be lucky enough to find during looting.

The fourth precious bunker will be located in the snow-covered area of ​​Verdansk , or in the north-west. Starting from the fire station above the bridge, go into the frozen lake and advance until a huge monument stands in front of you. This one will contain another nuclear warhead that we can safely ignore. Once we are inside the underground building, look around because the available weapons will be everywhere. Here too we will find the strange monitor of the first bunker that will indicate the level of Zombie infection of the map. It also seems, but this is not certain news, that the weapon we are holding begins to flash, simulating all the upgrade with the Pack a Punch present in Zombie.

Trying to talk about the latest easter egg in COD Warzone, we advise you to move on to Malloppo. The latter mode will allow continuous respawn and therefore is excellent for facing this challenge. You have surely all heard of this terrifying boat, but not everyone has yet had the courage to face it. The zombies present will not be very strong and can be activated via a terminal in the center of the first floor. Given the air of novelty, expect fleets of players who will try to kill you and try to camp at a high point. After you kill sixty zombies you will be rewarded properly, if the tons of experience of the other players were not enough. The challenge ends here for now, but remember this is just the beginning of the brand new infection-themed event. Unfortunately, this guide ends here, we invite you to follow us on social networks so as not to miss all the updates on our OkayGotcha contents . Even if you know it very well by now, for the record we link youthe official site to download COD Warzone.

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