Cold War Zombies with the new Epidemic mode has managed to enter the hearts of all of us fans. A challenge free from the constraints of a claustrophobic map and open to the choices of each player is what the saga needed. However, another sensation also came together with freedom, that is the sense of loss given by a huge area full of things to do. Take a person used to living in a tiny and isolated village, put him in a big metropolis and you will see how confused and disoriented he will feel. We have come to your aid to clarify and show you guidelines on how to start and make a lasting advancement in the different levels of difficulty.


The feature that most of all surprised in Cold War Zombies is the possibility to choose a starting equipment. This is very important and can easily turn the tide of a very long game. What not many people know, however, is the possibility of changing the field upgrade during a survival. If you want to do it, just switch to another class, very useful on different occasions. In our experience, the equipment we recommend, at least in the first three levels, is the HAUER shotgun, equipped to take as many items as possible, and the Ether Shield. The weapon in question will always be very strong and able to melt any type of enemy in the first level, the one that will keep us busy the longest. The Aether Shield, on the other hand, will be too useful to correct our errors of judgment and to move at best completely undisturbed.

Now that we've done our Cold War Zombies class, let's jump right into the first available map. Regardless of what happens to us, things to do will always be the same, don't worry. At the first level there will be no electric spirits that will destroy our vehicle in one hit. So jump right into a car, sleigh or van, essential until we take the Stamin-Up. Once we have our mobility fixed, head to the challenge terminal, and start completing them. These will serve not only to guarantee us perks, but also to fix our equipment. Do whatever is asked of you, settle for only the legendary rewards, and try to stay around the terminal. When we are asked to kill the enemies in a certain way, throw yourself on the objectives and complete them to take you forward. Now we will talk more about the objectives, but remember, without the challenges it will be very difficult to obtain the Wonder Weapons, essential for the next levels . So, to avoid any problems, take a look at this other guide, where we talk about it in much more depth.



The map is large, we realize it too, but this is no excuse not to explore at its best. If you really want to totally avoid wasting time, wait for the challenge of the windows and doors and start looking for the speakers. These can be small, medium, large and gold and indicate the rarity of the possible loot in ascending order. Contrary to what many people think, you are not looking for epic or legendary weapons, because your Wonder and Hauer 77 are better than all other choices, you want the materials . The more you get, the longer your climb will last, as they will be used to enhance your entire arsenal. Starting from the armor up to the rarity of the weapons, passing through the supports to be built such as the helicopter or the monkeys,the materials will be really too important and there are several ways to get them . The most consistent will be the objectives that you will find on the map.

These will be of four different types and will provide four possible loot. We list them for convenience, attaching a series of valuable tips to overcome them to the fullest.

  • Dragon to feed: this will be indicated on the map with a symbol of a dragon inside a circle. Once you reach this strange machine you will have to pay 500 points to activate the challenge that will consist in feeding the creature. As soon as it starts, a circle very similar to the Ring of Fire will form in front of the head in which you have to kill as many undead as possible. Each of these will be eaten by the Dragon but it will not remain in that spot for very long. A red bar will be represented under his head which, once exhausted, will lead to the demise of the challenge with consequent reward. At the base of the strange machine you will also see two strange containers with a purple light inside, which will indicate the fill level of the Dragon. If you complete this indicator or run out of time,Watch out for the mini bosses that spawn during this challenge , kill them immediately and then deal with the zombies. Try not to use the Aether Shield as it will waste too much time, and always aim for the head to score as many points as possible.

  • Chest of Trial : This target will be indicated on the map as a bolt hitting a chest. Here we don't have much to say, since interacting with this chest we will only have to survive a wave of more or less strong enemies to get a gold chest. Go there fully equipped with the field upgrade ready and you shouldn't have any problems. Once the enemies are finished you will get the reward.

  • Requiem recordings : the target in question will be represented on the map as a skull with recording tapes underneath. Going there you will hear the last words of requiem agents who have been annihilated in the past, and your task will be to avenge them. Then look at the map, and head to the point with the same icon as the objective and make a clean sweep. In addition to the materials of the enemies killed, from this challenge you will get a random drink ; so go there when the specialties start to cost a lot of points.

  • Sphere of Aetherium : This particular objective will be much more difficult to achieve, as it will not be indicated on the map. To find it you will have to simply have luck or use the launch to manually inspect the map more quickly. The goal will be to shoot into a sphere of dark ether that will release us, initially, many points, and finally materials and series of points. After the very first shots, the sphere will migrate to another position and we will have to follow it without losing sight of it, as it will disappear after a short time. If you don't notice it anymore, help yourself with the trail that it carries and try to shoot inside it as many shots as possible.


We don't have much to say about these, but a dedicated section seemed a must. The available tests will be different and will be indicated on the map with a black star. To progress through the levels we will have to complete them, but in your mind they must show up only as mines full of points . In all objectives you will have to kill many zombies, and in the end you will be rewarded generously. The prize will grow with the difficulty and start with 5000 points, then become 10000 and so on. All these resources will be essential to create our final setting, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

What you need to have with you are 2 monkeys, the helicopter support and all the drinks. For weapons, on the other hand, we have to open a big parenthesis: remember to immediately do a nice Pack a Punch to your Hauer 77to make its power and utility grow exponentially. Each loaded cartridge will give us four hits, and close-up damage will be able to instantly kill any enemy. Remember to raise the rarity at the end of each map, so keep the rare materials. After so many challenges, however, you have come to have two Wonder Weapons, the RIP, and a weapon of your choice between the RAI K-84 and the Ray Gun. Both will need to be upgraded immediately without the thought of materials, and will only become essential from level 7 onwards. Up to that point, gradually upgrade your shotgun. As a mod of bullets we recommend the brand new explosion, as it will drastically damage everyone who is armed with armor, like the new fearsome Panzers and the more classic Laceranti. Even on those who aren't directly vulnerable, this mod will do its dirty work, killing dense hordes of undead in no time at all.


Lastly, we would like to recommend an effective way to spend the new Refined and Pure Aetherium crystals . Aim initially to maximize the Stamin-Up, as it will allow you to run endlessly in the huge map, and the Elemental Pop. The latter drink has never shone for usefulness, but with the latest upgrade, very similar to the classic Electric Cherry, it can save you in situations that are not exactly rosy. Now put your focus on the Aether Shield, which at the maximum level will allow you to store two charges at the same time, as useful as it is essential. Turning now to the weapon classes, the ones you immediately need to max out are the special category(dedicated to Wonder Weapons) and shotguns. Later, if you have any crystals left over, think about the melee as well. Trying to say a word about mods, bring them all at least uniformly, perhaps concentrating on the one you like best to use. These will be used at your level if you have upgraded Elemental Pop, so you have no reason to ignore them anymore.

The last piece of advice we want to give you is to explore as much as you can and to delve into the various maps, because trust us, they deserve it. For other original content stay connected with us here on OkayGotcha  and follow us on our social networks . The event will be playable even if you don't own the game until March 5th, check out the official Cold War Zombies website for more information.

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