Community Day in Pokémon GO with Roselia - This is how you use it

Community Day in Pokémon GO with Roselia - This is how you use it

 In Pokémon GO, Community Day with Roselia starts this Sunday, February 7th. We'll show you the Shinys, bonuses and tips for the event.

What is a Community Day? Community Day takes place once a month in Pokémon GO. A Pokémon will appear particularly frequently in the wild for 6 hours. A matching bonus and lots of Shinys round off the event.

February is all about Roselia . The Plant and Poison-type Pokémon then appear everywhere and can increasingly be bagged as Shiny.

Community Day February 2021 - Start Time and Bonuses

What?  Community Day with Roselia
When?  On Sunday, February 7, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time.
Pokémon of the day:  Roselia appears more often in the wild.
Exclusive attacks:  Globular Seed (instant attack) and Meteorologist (charge attack)
Bonus:  The distance to hatching eggs is reduced to a quarter
Bonus:  Three hours of smoke
Bonus:  You can use Roselia Develop up to 2 hours after the event so that Roserade learns the Globe Seed and Meteorologist attacks

As usual by now, Community Day runs for a full 6 hours this month. This means that you can catch enough Shinys even from home.

This is available in the in-game shop: This month there are also very special offers for Community Day in the in-game shop. Also includes:

  • For one euro there is a special research on Roselia in the in-game shop
  • For 1,280 coins you can buy a box containing the following items: a Top-Sofort-TM , 4 smoke, 4 super incubators, 30 hyperballs

This is the best way to make the most of Community Day

Make these preparations: Before the Community Day starts, you should fill up your items. We recommend at least 300 balls. Roselia likes to be harder to catch, so in the best case scenario you should collect some better balls.

Also sort out your Pokémon box diligently in advance. So you can catch in the event undisturbed and don't have to send Pokémon over and over again.

Finally, you should make sure that you don't have any eggs in the incubators before Community Day. Only when you put the eggs in the incubators at the start of the event will the distance be quartered. So you should use this bonus.

Use these items in the event: hatching Pokémon is particularly worthwhile here. So use some incubators so that you can hatch eggs from a short distance. 

You could also consider using Star Pieces on Community Day. The spawns are increased during the event and you could catch numerous Pokémon. With a star piece, the stardust per Pokémon is multiplied by 1.5. So there is at least 150 dust per Pokémon. With the large number of monsters that you can catch, it's definitely worth it.

How to play effectively from home: Those who do not want or are not allowed to play Community Day outside due to the Corona crisis can also benefit from the event relaxed from home.

The smoke is improved and attracts more monsters. This allows you to sit on the sofa and still catch Roselia diligently.

Should you take advantage of Community Day? Roselia has been caught in the dazzling form since 2018. Some trainers should already own the Shiny. Other trainers should use the event if you want the Shinys.

Roserade, the evolution of Roselia, is quite useful. It's the best plant attacker in the game and well worth it. So you can diligently collect candies or even XL candies to push copies to the maximum level.

Nevertheless, it must be mentioned here that Roselia has not really been that rare. So many coaches will already have enough candy. So you should weigh up whether you actually need more sweets.

Shiny Roselia and Roserade

This is what the Shinys look like: The differences in the Shiny are particularly noticeable in the flowers that Roselia wears on her arms. These have a different color in the shiny form:

Shiny Roselia and Roserade

How likely is a shiny? The chance of a Shiny Roselia is probably 1 in 25. So it has always been at the Community Days. Usually this rate is around 1 in 450. So you can look forward to a significantly improved chance.

What do you think of Community Day in February? Will you play actively or will you bag one or two copies from home? Let us know in the comments!

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