Complete solution to world 1 (all stars and stamps) | Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

 Welcome to our walkthrough for Super Mario 3D World . In short videos we show you how you can master all levels quickly and find all green stars and blue stamps. We're referring to the Switch version, which is available with Bowser's Fury. If you play the Wii U version, our solution is of course also suitable.

Complete solution to world 1 (all stars and stamps) | Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

General tips and information for the 100%

Super Mario 3D World is not only a very varied, but also an extremely extensive jumping adventure. In 12 different worlds you have to collect stars and stamps in over 120 levels. You need the stars to unlock new levels and you can use the stamps in snapshot mode (control pad below). If you want to complete the game 100%, you have to unlock 5 golden stars on your score profile . You have to do this:

  • You will receive a star when you complete the first eight worlds and thus end the main story.
  • If you manage to collect the green stars in all worlds (with the exception of "World Crown"), you will receive the second star.
  • The third star is there when you find the stamps in all worlds (with the exception of “World Crown”). There are no stamps hidden in “Welt Pilz” and “Welt Blume”.
  • For the fourth star, you have to jump to the top of each checkered flag (with the exception of “World Crown”).
  • And you get the fifth and final star when you complete each level with all five playable characters. Initially, only Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad are playable. Rosalina unlocks her after completing World Star-2. This task is quite time consuming. The fastest way to do it is to play Super Mario 3D World with four people in multiplayer.
Four of them not only have the most fun in Super Mario 3D World, you also reach 100% much faster.

  • You unlock the bonus world "World Crown" with the most difficult level of the game when you have collected all the stars, stamps and checkered flags in the previous worlds.
  • The cat bell is the best power-up and makes most levels much easier for you. If you want to reach well-hidden green stars or the top of the target very easily, you should always have a cat's bell as a second power-up in your hindquarters.
  • The Switch version is identical in content, but there are a few changes that noticeably affect the gameplay. Overall, the game happens faster because your characters accelerate faster. You can also like B. perform a very useful dive jump in Super Mario Odyssey (in jump ZR + Y).

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