Console commands (cheats, codes) for players and admins in Valheim - immortality, teleportation, skills and much more


Console commands (cheats, codes) for players and admins in Valheim - immortality, teleportation, skills and much more

Valheim is a new adventure game dedicated to the life and mythology of the Vikings. If you have created your own server, you can manage it through the console. In this guide, we will list all the commands available to the administrator, as well as the cheat codes.

To hide the user interface, press Ctrl + F3 at the same time. You can open the control console using the F5 key.

List of available commands:

  • help - show all available commands;
  • kick [player name / player ip / userID] - kick ( kick ) a user;
  • ban [player name / player ip / userID] - ban a user;
  • unban [player name / player ip / userID] - unban the user;
  • banned - show the list of banned;
  • ping - send a ping to the server to increase the time between user actions and reactions to them in the game itself;
  • lodbias [number] - change the value of lod. It is responsible for the image of highly detailed objects at a distance. The default is 1.5;
  • info - show information about the system;
  • imacheater - enable cheat introduction mode.

The latter command allows you to play unfairly. After you enter it, you will be able to use cheats that will give you an edge in Valheim. Note that for such manipulations you can be banned on the server.

List of cheat codes:

  • help - show a list of cheats;
  • god - enable immortality (god mode);
  • pos - show the current position of the player;
  • goto [x, z] - teleport to the specified point by coordinates;
  • killall - kill all nearby enemies;
  • exploremap - open the entire map;
  • resetmap - cancel exploration of the entire map;
  • tame - tame all the animals in the area that can be made pets;
  • location - create a new location;
  • freefly - a free camera that can be useful for photo mode;
  • ffsmooth [set value] - make the movement of the free camera slower and smoother. By default, this value is 0.
  • event [name] - start a new event (event);
  • stopevent - stop the current event;
  • raiseskill [skill name] [value] - change the skill parameter, for example, raiseskill run 100;
  • resetcharacter - reset character characteristics;
  • save - save the current parameters of the world;
  • removedrops - remove all dropped items in the area;
  • resetwind - restart wind parameters.

If you want, you can use the trainer for Valheim. You can download it here. If you want to create a dedicated server, use our instructions.

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