Control: how to solve Luck and Probability puzzle (golden suit)


Control: how to solve Luck and Probability puzzle (golden suit)

In this Control guide we explain how to solve the Luck and Probability puzzle (the one with the casino roulette wheel) and get the golden suit for Jesse.

Control , the original Remedy game, is now available on all platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC , and now also PS5 and Xbox Series X with the Ultimate version . Wherever you play it, an adventure like no other awaits you, filled with intense shootouts with telekinetic powers ... and very cryptic puzzles too.

Many of these puzzles are secondary, and you may even miss it if you go too fast to pass the story. One of them is the Luck and Probability puzzle , with which to get one of Jesse's suits: the golden suit.

This puzzle is located in the Luck and Probability room, right in the room next to the Research sector checkpoint . The objective is to get a seven on a casino roulette wheel, which is in an adjoining room, separated by transparent walls. To do this, different actions must be carried out between the two rooms:

  • Turn on all the lights (4) in the room where the roulette wheel is.
  • Interact with a horseshoe in the next room and turn it "face up", as seen in the image.
  • Activate the lucky cat to raise and lower the arm
  • Activate Newton's two pendulums : one next to the elephant, the other next to another horseshoe in the same room, at the back (it is very dark, but you can see the interact icon)
  • Bring the clover that is in the pot to the dark room, and place it in the pot that is next to the TV next to the roulette wheel.
  • You are also supposed to transport the fish statue with your powers in the dark room and place it next to the roulette wheel, inside the red carpet, but the truth is that we did not need it to achieve it.
When you do all this, you will be able to interact with the roulette wheel. But be sure to position yourself outside the rectangular dotted area . Look at the TV, you will see how it falls on 7 and you will automatically get the golden suit and two skill points. If you did it wrong, the fire extinguishers in the room will explode, go back and make sure everything is in order and hit the roulette again.

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