Curse of the Dead Gods - How Curse Works

Curse of the Dead Gods - How Curse Works

 Curse of the Dead Gods is an action roguelike that uses a unique "curse" mechanic. Curses change the temple around you and have a detrimental effect on your hero, for example: increases the damage of the enemy, reduces your damage done or imposes a debuff on you. In this article, we will tell you how the curse works, their types and how to remove.

Curse of the Dead Gods - How Curse Works

These curses make each playthrough a new one for incredible replayability. But how the Curse mechanic itself works can be a little confusing. So let's start in order.

What curses

In Curse of the Dead Gods, there is a corruption bar next to the health bar. It starts from zero, but as soon as the corruption reaches 100, then you will be damned.

The corruption scale increases after performing certain actions, for example: passing through a door, receiving special hits from enemies, and when purchasing new items. The curse remains for the entire run or until you remove it.

How to remove the curse

In Curse of the Dead Gods, there is only one way to remove the curse. And it consists in killing the boss. As soon as you reach the end of the map, then you will face a boss. Killing the leader will remove the curse. But you can only choose one curse you want to get rid of, so choose wisely.

Types of curses

There are currently five different types of curses in Curse of the Dead Gods: general curse, jaguar temple curse, serpent temple curse, eagle temple curse, and final curse. What curse will you receive when your corruption bar rises to its maximum?

The answer is any, except for the final one. The final curses take effect when your corruption meter reaches the fifth and final stage. The final curse is especially dangerous as it greatly affects the gameplay.

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