Destiny 2: So you get all the new stasis aspects and fragments of season 13


Destiny 2: So you get all the new stasis aspects and fragments of season 13

In Destiny 2 the Season 13 is started. From now on you can also further expand and individualize your newly acquired stasis powers with new aspects and fragments. OkayGotcha shows how you can get them and what they can do.

What's going on in Destiny 2 right now? On the evening of February 9th, the new season 13 started at Bungie's action MMO . This brings new content as well as all sorts of innovations and changes in general - including for the stasis element .

Just recently, Guardians were able to acquire and improve the new icy power in the expansion "Beyond the Light" , which ran parallel to Season 12. But that didn't stop there. Because in the new season 13 you can now expand stasis and customize it better.

Expand stasis in Season 13 - Here's how

All in all are waiting for you in season 13

  • 3 new aspects of stasis - one for each of the three Guardian classes
  • 4 new stasis fragments that you can use with any class

How do you even get stasis? You get the icy powers when you have played through the campaign of the Beyond Light expansion and mastered some other tasks. Then you can unlock further specializations of this power and align stasis to your play style.

With Season 13 you now get new possibilities to further adapt the stasis element to your needs or preferences - thanks to new aspects and fragments.

Note: This customization system is currently only used in Destiny 2 for stasis. All other foci still use the old system, which offers far less freedom in the composition.

This is what aspects and fragments do : The special stasis aspects have a drastic impact on the way your guardian plays. They either change existing stasis skills or bring a whole new skill with them.

Fragments modify the individual aspects. They give them bonuses on damage or influence your stasis skills with other buffs. Some even have powerful, positive and negative effects. Each aspect offers space for a different number of fragments.

This is now new in Season 13: In Beyond Light and Season 12, every aspect still had to be individually unlocked with the corresponding Guardian class, so the whole thing happens account-wide in Season 13.

In other words: If you have completed the quest for the new aspect of Season 13 with one character, you can basically simply pick up their own aspects with your other characters (classes). That saves a lot of time and nerves.

The 3 new stasis apects of season 13

The new aspects can do this in detail:

  • Dark Harvest (Hunter, 2 fragment versions)
  • Twilight Guardian: (Warlock, 1 fragment version)
  • Howl of the Storm: (Titan, 2 fragment versions)

      This is how you get the new aspects: The new stasis aspects come from the quest "Aspect of Influence". You get this from the foreign exo, who is waiting for you at the lower landing area of ​​Europe and is marked accordingly with a quest marker.

      She asks you to investigate the emergence of entropic fragments in the “Wells of Infinity” area. The objective of the mission is marked on the map. The principle there is to destroy small floating pyramids with the exotic stasis grenade launcher "Grasp of Redemption" and ultimately master a boss.

      You can see the exact route and procedure here:

      • Then you have to master a heroic exo challenge, which you can also find on the map of Europe.
      • Once that's done, you go back to the Exo Stranger, which will then send you to the nearby ziggurat in the Beyond area (also marked on the map).
      • There you will be ported inside and just have to pick up the respective aspect.
      Remember: The quest completion now counts across all accounts. If you have picked up one of the 3 new fragments with the corresponding class, you only have to pick it up on the other two classes (if available). Go to the Stranger Exo and she'll send you straight to the ziggurat, where you can pick up the appropriate new fragment.

      The 4 new stasis fragments of season 13

      What the new fragments can do:

      • Whispering Chains: While near a Frozen target or allied Stasis Crystal, you will take less damage from targets. Also gives +10 to recovery.
      • Whisper of Torture: Every time you take damage from enemy fighters, you gain grenade energy.
      • Whisper of the Rift: Your melee energy will recharge faster when you are near 2 or more fighters. There is also a penalty of -10 discipline.
      • Whisper of the drive: When you deal damage to targets with stasis melee, this reloads your stowed weapons and grants you a temporary boost to arming.

      This is how you get the new fragments: As before, you get these via the self-explanatory fragment quests, which are also available from the Exo Stranger. There you can choose whether you want to complete these task palettes in PvE, PvP or in Gambit. Two quests per week are possible per account.

      If you have completed such a fragment quest, you can in return unlock a fragment at the Exo. These are then available for all characters and classes across the entire account.

      What do you think of the new stasis options from Season 13? Is there anything there that you can already identify as particularly strong or particularly weak? What do you think in general of the idea that the stasis focus can evidently be expanded over time? Given this development, how do you view Destiny 2's old focuses?

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